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  1. Mohaynow's 150 Gallon

    Here's a poorly shot video I took a while ago. High definition but no camera skills lol. https://youtu.be/XJzfOiVwFRI
  2. Mohaynow's 150 Gallon

    Thank you, I know who has the colony if you are looking for a piece. Most of the documentation of the stuff i had on here was lost with the hack a handful of years back. I work for FedEx now and I've been delivering corals in West Linn pretty regular for the last couple weeks to the same guy, its been bringing up old memories, good ones.
  3. Mohaynow's 150 Gallon

    Feeling rather nostalgic today. I miss my tank.
  4. Sunlight Supply Aqua... going away

    The aquarium supply line of there business is just a small fraction. I would imagine that a lot of their ballasts and fixtures will still be available, as the use of them does transfer over to indoor horticulture.
  5. Sunlight Supply Aqua... going away

  6. Rent-A-Hare

    Wow! That guys a boss at algea decimation! Very nice of you to offer him up for others.
  7. Whos selling "bigger" tanks

    We got a real sweet 90 gallon setup at the premium aquarium! (whistle) tank with built in overflow, stand, sump, return pump, plumbing, and protien skimmer. Edit: and it comes with 3 koralia's
  8. Ordering more CUC, can one go overboard

    Personally, i would go with a sand sifting cucumber or two and four or five tiger conch. They all stay primarily on the sand bed and do a great job of keeping it clean. Nassarius snails are also an awesome choice.
  9. Mohaynow's 150 Gallon

    Re did some of the rock work. Heres a bad picture of it!
  10. Reef safe Angle

    dang it, one minute too late.
  11. Reef safe Angle

    If you wont deliver it I will deliver it for you. (whistle)
  12. any jobs out there??

    I thought you were moving to hawaii?
  13. Free

    Yea, I want some too if you got more. Do I need to bring a container?
  14. We also have some of that chaeto you are looking for.