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  1. Mvincent

    Frags, black widow bta's, 18"+ snowflake eel

  2. Mvincent

    Tearing down my 93 cube.

    Tank is no longer available, thanks everyone for the interest.
  3. Mvincent

    Next meeting?

    Come to Salem!!! Just a shameless plug because I live here and Portland gets all the love.
  4. Mvincent

    Prize Coral Dead - RTN

    Have you done any water changes recently? Maybe added too cool water and made them stressed?
  5. Mvincent

    Prize Coral Dead - RTN

    From my research and limited experience the short answer is yes. However, that seems like a very drastic reaction to what is usually a slower process in which corals essentially fight it out for territory.
  6. Mvincent

    Tearing down my 93 cube.

    Anyhing better than my current 40gal breeder sump. Specifically I need something with designated Chambers to hold macro, filter media, and so forth.
  7. Mvincent

    Tearing down my 93 cube.

    Hate to bump, but need the 95gal gone asap for new build. Dropping price to $300 cash and open to trades. Looking for unique lps/sps, an mp40/mp10's, sump w/ adequate space and refugium, etc. Droppingprice on yellow tang to $65 or same trade items as above.
  8. Mvincent

    Tank turnover......baffled

    I had some issues resembling this, I had to drain the entire sump and refill it. Found a couple points where my chamber welds had leaked,. Caused a even water level through the whole sump.
  9. Mvincent

    Tearing down my 93 cube.

    Here's some pics of the holes and over flow box.
  10. Mvincent

    Tearing down my 93 cube.

    has an installed corner mounted overflow as well.
  11. Mvincent

    Tearing down my 93 cube.

    Oh right, sorry that would probably be helpful haha! the tank is 30x30x25 with x2 bottom drilled holes for drain and return (1 inch iirc), rimless glass.
  12. Mvincent

    Designer Clownfish

  13. Mvincent

    Tearing down my 93 cube.

    I'm getting rid of the tank in order to downsize for a bit. I'm replacing it with a couple 40s and a couple 20s, a friend is looking me up with. Accepting trades/cash. I paid 350 for it, but I'm easy come easy go, so don't hesitate on offers. P.s. Almost all of the stuff in the tank is up for grabs too, since I'm going to grab some designer clowns and do the new build around them.
  14. If you're near Salem and part it out, I'd be interested in a number of things.