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  1. MadMax

    Marine Aquarium Expo 2012

    MACNA has a booth at our event, as we do at their's.
  2. MAX 2012 is HERE!!! MAX 2012 Exhibitors MAX 2012 Floor Map MAX 8-foot Children's Touch Tank MAX 2012 FinZone Contest MAX 2012 Commercial MAX 2012 Hotel Reservations - Double Tree Club Hotel and the Ayres Hotel & Suites - Only $95 per night plus tax - Free Breakfast, Free WiFi, Free Parking, Free Shuttle Service - Literally less than 2 miles from OC Airport and the OCFEC - Click the following link to go to our Hotel web page and register: http://www.marineaquariumexpo.com/travel/Hotels.html MAX website
  3. MadMax

    SEA-MAX 2011 Video

    I gotta tell you guys, we absolutely fell in love with Oregon while traveling through to/from SEA-MAX! We had blown a couple of trailer tires (trailer WAY overloaded) on the way home, limped into a local tire shop. I can't remember the name of the town, but it had the traveling 9-11 memorial there that weekend (late July) in one of the parks we passed by. Anywho, as we pulled in, lowe and behold a half dozen young-caucasian-kids-in-crew-cuts jumped on that trailer like it was an Indy pit crew and had us back on the road faster (AND cheaper/No sales tax WhoooHoooo) than you can say Whasahaphapee (i just made that word up) it was totally awesome. Felt like we went back in time to the fifties in terms of service. Speaking of which....they pump your GAS in Oregon!!! LOL, and hell, I haven't even started on the nature's beauty part yet.....yea buddy, I'm sold.
  4. MadMax

    SEA-MAX 2011 Video

    Missed SEA-MAX last July? See it now on Mr. Saltwater Tank TV: Direct YouTube Link: See the official SEA-MAX 2011 Photo Slideshow HERE: http://s261.photobucket.com/albums/ii46/reefmeister2/SEAMAX 2011/?albumview=slideshow And don't forget MAX 2012 coming this Spring! Direct YouTube Link: MAX 2012 Promo -01.mpg - YouTube
  5. MadMax

    Seamax pics?

    Official Photo Thread started here: http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?28536-The-Official-SEA-MAX-Photo-Thread
  6. MadMax

    Seamax pics?

    Here is a link to our SEA-MAX 2011 Album (so far only 35 photos, but many more to be loaded soon) http://s261.photobucket.com/albums/ii46/reefmeister2/SEAMAX%202011/?albumview=slideshow Just for comparison, here is a link to our MAX 2011 Album from earlier this year: http://s261.photobucket.com/albums/ii46/reefmeister2/MAX%202011%20Photos/?albumview=slideshow I fully encourage anybody wanting to experience a larger expo come and see our main Marine Aquarium Expo here in SoCal March 30-April 1, 2011 It is even cheaper at $15 per adult and only $89 per night hotel rates (everything withing two miles of John Wayne (SNA) airport) so easy traveling. Kevin
  7. MadMax

    ROLL CALL for SEA-MAX Volunteers

    Hi all, Can you believe it is FINALLY HERE??? Thank you to all who responded to our inquiries at: info@MarineAquariumExpo.com Thus far, this is who has responded and is officially on our volunteer list: 1) Mark Reimer (avail. Fri.Sat.Sun.) 2) Micah Buster (Breakdown) 3) Marshall Trautman (Fri.Sat.Sun.) 4) Devin Osborne (Breakdown) 5) Jacob Hall (Breakdown) 6) Clynn Wilkinson (Breakdown) 7) Jaclynn Wilkson (Breakdown) 8) Shawna Broughton (Sat. TouchTank) 9) Matt Reed (Setup) 10) Eric Ward (Setup) 11) Seth Bare (Setup) 12) Kris Falgout (Sat.Sun. FinZone) 13) Mike Smith (Sun.) If you wanted to volunteer but are not on this list then we do not have enough information to add you. Please forward 1) your contact information (full name, e-mail, phone, address, etc.) 2) age and year's experience in hobby (mention any specific skills, if any) and 3) Day(s) you are available: a. Friday Setup, b. Saturday, c. Sunday show, d. Sunday Breakdown. The Deadline for volunteer submissions is Tuesday July 19 at 12:00 Noon Please Note: we do not monitor web posts and PMs and will not respond to them for these proceedings. This is going to be an Epic event and am very happy to share it all with you. We look forward to meeting all of you at SEA-MAX 2011! Warmest Regards, Kevin T. Adams
  8. MadMax

    It might be time.........

    OMG, no wonder i havn't heard from you in awhile! (sad) Not sure of the details involved with your decision, but can only offer my own story as a rebuttal: Over the memorial weekend I got really snarled up with SEA-MAX organizational issues, dealing with clients, preping equipment, etc. etc..... I Currently have my 300-gallon reef setup in garage, full of livestock and running at 100% capacity, awaiting a near-future move into the house after some retrofitting. Scene: Doing routine maintenance one night, feeding, changing filter sock, checking parameters, and topping off with RO/DI.....(phone call comes in/distraction) Flash forward to next morning (7 am): waving good bye to wife as she heads off to work... "honey, why is there water coming out from under the garage door?" OH MY FREAKIN'.....(scary) Flash Backs ensue: - Last memory: toping off water (manually from 300 gallong RO/DI reservior) - New memory: Staring at snot-like water; basically now a 300 gallon Freshwater tank (Total destruction /estimated loss: $5k in livestock/incl. some coral colonies over 10 years old) - Reaction: absolutely numb - Decisive Action: place emergency call to local shop/aquarium service. 1) I have no water to make up saltwater (all drained) 2) I can't bear to see (much less remove) creatures I've taken care of for years. - Aftermath: Now a 300-gallon liverock display tank (with a couple hardy tangs who somehow managed to survive) that is it. - Lesson: None (absolute carelessness and incompetency) - Corrective Action: remove direct plumbing from reservoir to display - Moving Forward: This is probably the most important point of my entire story: The successes in life are not what defines you, but how you react in the most challenging of circumstances and overwhelming duress. Given one man's humble observations: This hobby means more to you than you think. you will be back. So...walk away for awhile, if you must, but return to what you love. Do yourself a favor: Sell the cat / keep the protein skimmer KA
  9. CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS! :spy: CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS! :spy: Thank you so much for those of you who offered to help with the Seattle Marine Aquarium Expo. We are now finally geared up to start the volunteer process. We can use up to about a dozen people each day but we certainly do not expect this to happen. Here are a few job functions that we could use some help with: - Set-Up and/or Tear-Down Helper: Very important function. Helps in getting the gear and equipment ready for the show, or in help tearing it down on Sunday. - Exhibitor Liason: communicates with exhibitors and asks what can we can do to help (ie, load in, load out, breakdown of tanks, water, etc.) - SEA-MAX Handyman: Jack-of-all-trades who can help out with any electrical problems, plumbing issues, etc. - Children's FinZone Director: Similar to a substitute school teacher. Helps and directs kids activities such as drawing, games, contests, etc.) - Children's Entertainer: We are looking for a artist/Face Painter, a professional Baloon artist, Magician, etc. or a recommendation could be just as helpful. - Children's Touch Tank Teacher/Monitor: This overseer of the touch tank will introduce livestock and various marine species to young kids and even adults. - Door/Exit/Entrance monitors: Basically watches over the crowd, building, and the entire venue to help make sure no losses or risks are happening - Standard Helper/Driver/Courier: This is an all-around helper who can run errands for the staff and crew when needed and help with misc. things in between. There are four basic time slots available: 1) Friday Setup: 12:00 Noon to 8:00PM 2) Saturday Show: 10:00AM to 6:00PM 3) Sunday Show: 10:00AM to 6:00PM 4) Sunday Teardown: 5:00PM to 12:00 Midnight We are looking for volunteers who can work ONE FULL SHIFT, which then frees up their other day so they can hopefully attend and enjoy the show as a regular attendee. The hardest work is obviously during setup and teardown, so..... - Those who work the entire day for Friday Setup, will receive one free pass to get in either Saturday or Sunday's show - Those who work the entire Sunday Evening Teardown, will share in some free give-aways (such as Children's Touch Tank livestock, etc.) - Those who work the entire show Sat. or Sun. will be given something to show our appreciation too (pending) PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP AT: Info@MarineAquariumExpo.com to register as a volunteer Helper for SEA-MAX 2011! Thanks again for your generosity and desire to help! Warmest Regards, Kevin T. Adams SEA-MAX 2011
  10. MadMax

    "SEAMAX" in Summer of 2011?

    Deadlines coming up! Hotel: Please note that there are only a few days left to book your room at the Courtyard Seattle Downtown/Lake Union and get the discounted group rate and other perks associated with our room block. The initial cutoff date has passed however the hotel staff have elected to extend the offer for one additional week, until July 8, 2011. Please go to the bottom of the SEA-MAX web page and book directly from our websit to qualify. FYI, - We now have more frags, corals, fish, inverts, and other livestock available for sale than you've EVER seen in one place! Over a dozen livestock dealers are at SEA-MAX - You won't believe the thousands and thousands of dollars worth of raffle prizes we will be raffling off both saturday and Sunday. FAR too many to list here (seriously) - Don't forget our very popular, signature 8-foot Children's Touch Tank at SEA-MAX, complete with plenty of marine animals for your youngster to get aquainted with. - There is also a children's contest both days not to mention face-painters and balloon artists, etc. We will even have a "Flying Over SEA-MAX" Paper airplane contest! - We have no less than 6 great speakers (three per day) to share with you their vast knowlegde and experiences. Now see Bob Fenner BOTH days! - SEA-MAX is a very FAMILY FRIENDLY event, so bring the entire crew! Remember that kids 12 and under are admitted absolutely FREE at SEA-MAX! These are just a few of the great reasons NOT TO MISS this unprecented event! July 23 and 24, 2011 at the Seattle Center - Exhibit Hall, 305 Harrison Drive, Seattle, WA. Pre-Sale Discount Tickets: Discounted Pre-sale Tickets ($5 off) are only available through July 15, 2011, and then its cutoff due to crew travel time to Seattle. Paypal or Credit Card and two ticket minimum. Contact us at: Info@MarineAquariumExpo.com (each ticket is good for one day admission) We'll see you all at SEA-MAX!
  11. NOTICE OF POLICY CHANGE After hearing requests and feedback, we have decided to lower the minimum ticket purchase to TWO admission tickets. Now through Thursday, July 14, we will accept Pre-sale Ticket purchases at the discounted rate of $20 per Adult ($25 at the box office) All other information is current and correct (Paypal and credit card purchases only) - Paypal $20 per ticket to: quidproquo820@aol.com and be sure to include a full name and mailing address during the transaction. - Credit Card purchases may be requested by e-mail to: Info@MarineAquariumExpo.com (we will e-mail you a simple cc authorization form) REMEMBER, ALL CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 12 ARE ADMITTED ABSOLUTELY FREE! WE FULLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO BRING THE ENTIRE FAMILY!
  12. MACNA is $125 EACH PERSON Incidently, we will be exhibiting in a front/center booth at the next MACNA in IOWA to promote our 2012 Marine Aquarium Expo in SoCal.
  13. Hi Everyone, We would like to announce a change in the Speaker's Schedule for SEA-MAX 2011 Mark Vera, who was scheduled to speak Sunday, July 24 @ 12:00 Noon unfortunately had to cancel due to a business-related emergency. Bob Fenner has therefore aggreed to Speak on both Saturday and Sunday for us! Bob's two topics may seem related but are indeed different for Saturday and Sunday.... so if you are going to SEA-MAX on both days, be sure to sit in on both of Bob's lectures as he is one of the best in the industry! We look forward to seeing you all at SEA-MAX!