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  1. If you want to run chaeto and skimmer, you could convert the ATO resevior into a little fuge and hook up a small pump to cycle water through it and then back into your sump. @SuncrestReef has a build thread somewhere where he did that with his ATO and I believe it worked for what you want. Might be worth investigating This is the page where he shows the conversion. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/suncrestreefs-red-sea-reefer-xl-425-build.358990/page-5
  2. I love how they host shrimp and lobsters and how they mimic the colors and patterns of the star hosting them. Amazing!
  3. Sorry to hear it BeardUp, I got a leopard wrasse from Cuttlefish a few weeks ago too, my Jewel Damsel was chasing it way too much and was relocated to the fuge to prevent stress to wrasse. Everything seemed well for a couple weeks, then this last Sunday morning to find my wrasse dead on the sandbed. It totally sucks and makes this hobby hard sometimes. It was such a cool fish. If you have a Damel, it was probably that one being territorial. I find my clowns are only territorial with the Damsel.
  4. My Curve 5 was the most moody skimmer I ever had. It took forever to break-in and had the overflowing foam forever too. Every time I would clean it, I had to deal with it all over again. I switched to a Reef Octopus and never looked back. Glad you got it dialed back, just know that it may go back to being crazy at any time.
  5. I recently upgraded from a Red Sea 170 to a 425xl and I'm selling the items I didn't bring over. I would like to sell it as a package or close to if anyone wants a bundle... if nobody is interested in that, I will sell things separately later. Here's what I have to offer: - Red Sea 170 with White cabinet, has all the original equipment (tank, stand, sump, ato reservoir) plus a rechargeable LED light with motion sensor in the cabinet. No scratches or chips. - Artfully Acrylic custom top for RS170. - Bubble Magus Curve 5 skimmer. - Ocean Revive t247 light. - 2x MP-10 WQD. Asking $1,100 for everything, which is less than half of retail as we all know how this hobby works. Everything is in great working order and I have an Eheim Jager heater I can throw in, so all you would need is a return pump. I'm cleaning it right now, so I should have photos later if it hasn't sold yet. Thanks for looking.
  6. Enso the blue is 3 and Moxy the brindle is 8.
  7. I have some rainbow bubble tips and one of them just happen to be moving positions on Monday, so picked it up. It's in a holding tank right now and is small, like a 1-1.5" in diameter.
  8. Love the blue cabinets with the dark island! Sweet tank too
  9. The lid is from ReefTops in the UK. They do all their communications through Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/ReefTops/ I have an Artfully Acrylic top on my 170 and I feel the ReefTops ones are a step above. He will customize it for any cutouts you want for auto-feeders, lights or whatever at no additional cost. They are both spendy, but if they keep any jumpers in your tank, I feel that are worth it.
  10. Was able to move over the livestock from my 170 in their new home today. Now time to plan out the new additions.
  11. Reefer503

    Pew Pew Pew

    I really thought this was a satire piece... these are really and can remove unwanted pests from your tank?
  12. I couldn't wait... I put in my order today. 🤣🤑
  13. Same, $500 worth of items in my BRS cart. Would do another group buy for those extra reefer points! Count me in if one is about to happen
  14. I bought a full spectrum screw-in LED light and flexible mount for the sump, was like $30. Hoping that works well, I was admiring the Tunze one since it's submersible
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