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  1. Reefer503

    Pew Pew Pew

    I really thought this was a satire piece... these are really and can remove unwanted pests from your tank?
  2. Reefer503

    BRS group buy..????

    I couldn't wait... I put in my order today. 🤣🤑
  3. Reefer503

    BRS group buy..????

    Same, $500 worth of items in my BRS cart. Would do another group buy for those extra reefer points! Count me in if one is about to happen
  4. Reefer503

    New Tunze refugium light review

    I bought a full spectrum screw-in LED light and flexible mount for the sump, was like $30. Hoping that works well, I was admiring the Tunze one since it's submersible
  5. Reefer503

    New Tunze refugium light review

    Nice, I was looking at that light recently and it's good to hear it works considering how much it cost
  6. Reefer503

    Red Sea Skimmers?

    Might have to come down and check them out in person.
  7. Reefer503

    Red Sea Skimmers?

    I'm looking to get a larger skimmer and currently have a Reef Octopus and it's been a great little skimmer. I was wondering if anyone has used any of the new Red Sea skimmer line and if they would recommend them or not. I like how they have the built-in head cleaner and waste removal line.
  8. Reefer503

    RS 425 Upgrade

    Thanks! Yeah, you have one of the best tank build threads I've seen. Can't wait to see your Peninsula tank you were planning out
  9. Reefer503

    RS 425 Upgrade

    After having my RS 170 for the last couple years, I decided I couldn't pass up the deal Jeff was giving at the Cuttlefish and Coral 7th Anniversary event. I picked up a RS 425xl and finally got it cycling this weekend. I'm trying the Red Sea Reef Mature kit this time around... I mean, it did come with the extras. Added some new rock that's been curing in the garage and will move the rock and livestock from the 170 over after the cycling. A huge thanks to Jeff at Cuttlefish!
  10. Reefer503

    Anyone know what these are?

    I used the name you posted and did some more searches and it looks to be Clathrina clathrus (http://species-identification.org/species.php?species_group=sponges&id=177). Should I be worried about them multiplying and taking resources from corals?
  11. I've noticed these in different areas of my live rock which started as dry rock about 3 years ago. They look spongy with flutes.
  12. Reefer503

    Duetto ato

    I have the JBJ ATO Controller which I use with an Aquatop MaxFlow Submersible Pump SWP-230. The whole setup was maybe $100. It's been running for over 2 years with no issues on my RS 170 with an external 5 gallon water jug.
  13. Reefer503

    Upgrade time!

    That looks sweet, very nice upgrade!
  14. Reefer503

    Fish room planning

    You always do such an amazing job planning out your projects. I am simply amazed with all the drawings and renderings you put together, great stuff. That looks like an exciting expansion of your home, can't want to see how it comes along.
  15. Reefer503

    Snorkeling in Costa Rica?

    When I was down there last, I was told by my Tico friends to watch out for salt water crocodiles. I don't think it makes much news, but something to think about when in the water. Loved it down there, such a beautiful place to visit.