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  1. Welcome to the forum!
  2. Jfish

    Looking for anemones! What you got??

    I would love to trade a rainbow BTA for a green one if anyone has some out there.
  3. Jfish

    Midas Blenny/Ember Blenny?

    Yep, my two-bar rabbit and my twin-spot hogfish share nori everyday when he's not eating any spots of algae. Nori is an easy solution
  4. Jfish

    Midas Blenny/Ember Blenny?

    I have a tailspot blenny and they are not going to keep algae growth down... they just can't eat it fast enough. That's the reason I recommended the Rabbitfish I also have an RS 170 and if you can get a rabbitfish that is smaller, you'll be good for some time I feel.... but I've only had mine for 3 weeks now. I have no more hair algae though.
  5. Jfish

    Back at it... RSR 170

    My wrasse ate all my crabs too and I had green hair algae I could not seem to get under control, popped a Rabbitfish in there and he cleaned it all up in a week. I was able to get a smaller one knowing I will have to get a bigger tank later or find a new home for him if he gets too big. Best investment ever... just have to make sure I put out some nori now to supplement the shortage of algae.
  6. Jfish


    This has to be my favorite thread of coral photos. So much great stuff, keep it up man!
  7. Jfish

    What do you do?

    Hi, I'm Jeff, I've been around PNWMAS for years now mostly as a lurker. I'm ex-military and have been doing programming, mainly web development for the last 16+ years. I work mainly on very large scale, high-profile web properties and government sites. I'm terrible at aquascape despite also have a degree in art and design, so if anyone is open to giving tips on how to better arrange the random rocks in my tank, shoot me a message.
  8. Jfish

    503reeflands introduction!

    Wow, that looks amazing. Mine has been running for over a year and looks nothing close to as fancy. You guys must have the touch, those are some great looking corals.
  9. Jfish

    Anyone selling an RODI container?

    Maybe these are still available if those fit your need. http://www.pnwmas.org/topic/38713-55-gallon-water-barrels/
  10. I lost my Kole tang yesterday, and he had no real signs of disease other than a few white blotches on his front fins. Today, my Flame angel and clownfish have what looks like Brooklynella. I have called Cuttlefish, The Wet Spot and Pets on Broadway, nobody seems to have any formalin solution in stock. Does anyone in the NE PDX area happen to have some I can use and I will get you back. From what I have read, this will kill the fish within 72 hours if not treated and it's been at least 36 hours since the tang had signs of something wrong. If anyone can help, please IM me. Thank you!
  11. Thanks Sean, I'm trying Seachem's Paraguard with my clowns in a QT. The directions don't give you much information other than the dosage amount per volume of water, so I'm going to do the 5-days of treatment as you would with other medications and see how they are doing. They survived the night and the first dosage, hoping for the best.
  12. Jfish

    Kole Tang help

    Yes, I still have my pair of clowns, a couple chromis and a flame angel. Everyone is acting normal and I'm treating the tank to be sure.
  13. Jfish

    Kole Tang help

    I have a Yellow eyed Kole tang that's been in my tank for a couple months. After his acclimation to the tank, he's been a great fish. Very good color, always grazing and eating well, and loves to swim constantly. Yesterday he started hovering in a cave within the rocks, but came out to eat when I fed the others. Today he was laying on his side, I was able to get him moving again, but now he just hovers in the back of the cave and doesn't come out to eat or graze. He wont even nip on the nori clip in the tank. The water parameters are good and the last water change was last Saturday. I have two power heads for flow. He's been great up until now, not sure what to do and I feel like he's just slowly dying. Looking skinny and not swimming around. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. Jfish

    Kole Tang help

    He died... was such a cool fish.
  15. Jfish

    Kole Tang help

    He's breathing heavy now... color is still good, but some minor white blotches on his front fins. I have treated him with Mardel Protoshield, so I think I just have to wait it out and see if he comes around.
  16. Jfish

    Need help Dosing hydrogen peroxide

    I've heard that the algae consumes the phosphates, causing your tests to be inaccurate. I had a green hair algae outbreak and had ideal water parameter tests too. I added some more snails and hermit crabs to the tank and added a bag of Chemipure Elite in my filter sock. That fixed the hair algae issues over a week or two... definitely worth a try.
  17. Jfish

    Some Eye Candy!

    I'm going to have to get a bigger tank with all the great stuff you keep getting... addicted for sure!
  18. Jfish

    5 buck frags in keizer

    Would love to get a torch from you, can you please message me your availability and I'll try to figure out when I can get down there?
  19. Wow, very impressive... I wish I had room for something like that. Great job, I'm sure you'll enjoy all the time you spend hanging out in there
  20. Jfish

    2 Heat or not 2 heat.

    Heaters are needed, having your home temp at 68-72 as you stated will only bring the water down to a temp colder than your inhabitant would need. I keep my two heaters in the sump so there is no risk of it coming into contact with anything in my display and have temp probes in the sump and display tank for monitoring in case of failure.
  21. Jfish

    What are you using to post pics/videos

    Nope, works on Mac also. Just install it go to your Dropbox directory, right click on the image you want to share and you should be able to get a public URL from the contextual menu. Hope that helps.