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  1. Reefworx just announced it’s on Feb 23rd... probably good to space this out a bit
  2. i love trading/buying/selling.. so I’m in as long as I’m in town! I missed the first half+ of the meeting (mom and hour late returning my son lol), but I thought it was great! Most people are probably running around prepping for Christmas 🎄
  3. I’ll be there by 4! Hope I don’t miss out on too much
  4. I’ll be there with the little boy.. You have to let me buy you a beer!
  5. @Jeremevans. I’ll take some setosa, I can pay or cut you a frag of some colorful zoas. Also can you send me info on your ricordea @badxgillen interested in you rainbow Yuma and OME, can you pm me info?
  6. I can cut you a chunk of neon green birdsnest if you want?
  7. I'm looking for WWC RED Shortcake, Pink Lemonade, Ricordea florida, blastos, and bright colored shrooms (game over, candy crush, those sort of things). I have some jawbreaker babies to trade, they're still small but were naturally split (not cut). I have some zoas too, I'll try to get some pics.
  8. I'd love one too if I can get it at the holiday party! I like 'em chunky
  9. You're in or near pdx right? I'm ok to wait a bit [emoji106] Looking/open to any trades? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I'll also confirm they have some great stuff in there lately!
  11. Sounds good Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Sure! But which shroom- yuma or digi? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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