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  1. Awesome! They're great pumps @JeffreyH If they're in good condition and connecting to the AI software I'll take one
  2. Do they have the fish guard? What condition are they in?
  3. Blond Blue Eyed (BBEB) yes, but the others are CB Pink Diamonds.. here are some more pics of both
  4. Ugh I wrote a whole thing and don’t see it posted.. ok, short version- I don’t think I have and zoas with purple (assuming you’re referring to the Pink Diamonds which tend to look more purple in pics). The JF Freak Hair has a pretty purple base though I have lots of red, pink, orange, green, and blue.. but very little purple
  5. The SPS I got from Jim (Gumby) are so healthy. Look at the polyps our on this WD! Beautiful stuff, and be sure to get a piece of his Jimbo Mojo 🙌 IMG_8584.m4v IMG_8584.m4v
  6. Here’s a pic from 6 weeks ago, it’s doubled since then. I’ll get a current photo with lights on later
  7. Let me know if you want pics of specific ones... and apologies for my photo skills 😝
  8. Tank is starting to get a bit full so I’m gonna try a sale. We aren’t comfortable having people in the house yet so you can pick things up from my front porch (Lake Oswego) or I can meet up at Cuttlefish in Friday afternoons it anytime Saturday/Sunday. I know seeing people’s tanks is half the fun so I’m willing to try FaceTime if people want Heres the list (package deals possible) ASD Leprechauns- $70pp CB White Zombies - $50pp CB Walking Dead - $50pp (similar to zombies but color is more darker red, white, and mint.. really unique) OG Magicians - $20 for 5 polyps
  9. Totally a valid price. Way out of my range, but I’d love to see a photo! ... never mind, the video showed up after I posted 😍😉
  10. I'd love to get a Fox Flame and Pink Lemonade! Can you PM me with info?
  11. @bamburgb With the store closed Monday & Tuesday, and all day meetings today and tomorrow it's likely going to be Friday. But I do live about 10 minutes from CnC so if you're going to be in the area we can meet up if you need it earlier. Thanks!
  12. If the mp40s fall through I’ll take one
  13. Do the pumps still work? No rust?
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