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  1. My 2 liter phytoplankton bottle turned white and died. Does anyone (hopefully on the East-side) have a starter culture they would let me have? Brian
  2. Anyone interested in the paranormal?

    I know some people that swear there is a haunted wing at OHSU, (banging, screams, etc. from empty rooms) they go WAY out of their way to avoid it at night!
  3. Wow! I got some posts deleted from the "Tigger Pod" thread, and I noticed the one that started "it all" is still there! What's up with that? If some of us are gonna be censored, we should all be. That way we won't be left wondering if your post about that company and their willingness to give gifts is the reason they didn't get censored. 'Cause I don't think that would be right.
  4. Tigger Pods Deletions

    Here is my first deleted post: I've love to come get a starter culture! That would give me an excuse to check out the cold water system, too!
  5. Tigger Pods Deletions

    Really. You also deleted mine early on where I responded to his offer. I think I posted before Mr. Reed did, but I wouldn't bet on it.
  6. Share the love is back!

    Share the love! Glad to see it is back!
  7. I've love to come get a starter culture! That would give me an excuse to check out the cold water system, too!
  8. fiberglass tank

    Double-posted for some reason!
  9. fiberglass tank

    The guy at oregonreef.com has a huge tank that is similar to what you have in mind, other than what the tank is made of. GARF has a lot of experience with plywood and resin tanks; they have DYI at: http://www.garf.org/tank/BuildTank.asp It looks like a fun project!
  10. Justice For Caylee

    I agree. It seemed that he was more interested in making her look bad than in winning the case against her.
  11. Zoanthid Information

    I want to transplant some zoanthid to a piece of live rock. I am wondering whether to plant them at the top or bottom of the rock I want them to cover. Can anyone tell me which direction they prefer to grow? Brian
  12. Upside down Jellyfish

    I understand they actually have no brain ... be careful they don't head off to Washington D.C.!!
  13. Share the love is back!

    Share the love!
  14. Any other MC riders here??

    PLENTY loud! I think I used to see you cruise through my neighborhood every day around 5:00.
  15. WTB stand for tank

    PM sent ...
  16. Please put me on the waiting list! Brian
  17. You should borrow the new light meter and get a reading on it! I am anxiously awaiting the DYI post! Brian
  18. Saltwater Fantaseas-Down with the brown

    I guess because I lived in South America, I've never associated a "brown-out" with anything positive, but more of a manifestation of Montezuma's revenge!
  19. Quick setting concrete with color additive in marine tanks?

    Just a thought, what if you cured the concrete and then sealed it with the resin?
  20. Quick setting concrete with color additive in marine tanks?

    The guys at garf.org have done quite a bit of work with concrete, you may pick up some ideas from them. I liked the idea of adding rock salt to the mix to make a more porous final product after the rock salt dissolves during the curing process. They also cover the curing process in some detail. Brian
  21. Really sick Seahorse

    Ectoparasites (External Parasites) Cryptocaryon irritans, Amyloodinium (Oodinium) ocellatum, Brooklynella hostilis, parasitic crustaceans, gill flukes, Glugea, etc. Symptoms: visible parasites upon examination manifested as white spots, ulcerations, blisters, etc. Sounds like your pony is displaying an ulceration. You may want to look at Flesh Erosion disease also. I don't think the bubble diseases manifest in that way. Brian
  22. Really sick Seahorse

    Seahorse.org has a ton of great info in the library, including a section on common seahorse diseases. http://www.seahorse.org/library/articles/diseaseguide.shtml Good luck!
  23. WTB dwarf lion fish or Angler fish

    Woody at Seahorse had one last time I was in.
  24. Preferred platform

    Android tablets are inexpensive compared to the iPad, and much more useful than a reader. Tons of apps available and lots of support in the on-line community.
  25. As a newbie, I like how I can get questions answered. I really liked seeing the clown-house and meeting people.