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  1. will be posting the tank and rock on craigs list this week. if your intrested let me know!!
  2. still have tanks and the live rock!!
  3. hey tim. getting out for a while.
  4. hey MJ, it was great to meet you. hope you enjoy the fish.
  5. i am in Beaverton. just north of 26 from the Bethany blvd exit..
  6. still around, been coasting with the tank. need to tear down for new carpeting. may still keep the 60 gal to start up again. it was a good system small tank set up. hows your tanks doing?
  7. yourmedic 24 x 48 x 30 on the 150 gal, 48 x 15 x 18 on the 60 ( i was always told it was sixty) won a grow out compition with zoa's in that tank before it was pulled down. yes Kim, it is your old tank. still doing good.
  8. if someone is interested in the hippo tang, brittle star and the christmas wrasse, hit me up. any guidence on $$ for them? i will let tanks for teachers have them if they want. had two clown fish but ricky moved out and started a 40 gal tank and took them with..
  9. yes it is your old tank Kim. i only have a hipo tang, brittle star and a christmas wrasse left. my powder blue just died about a month and a half ago. had him for 3 years. have hads the hoppo tang and wrasse longer. i got the hippo tang from tim durring one of his cook out events. i hope all is well with you. Angel fish, the 150 is 48 x 24 x 30 tall. the sixty( i was told the size so it may be off a little) is 48 x 15 x 18 tall with corner overflow left rear location
  10. Howdy all. i have not been on for quite a long time miss alot of you. i am currently shutting down my 150 gal tank. i have 150 lbs or more of large live rock. the hood has 4 attinics with two MH. comes with stand, hood sump hang on back overflow. $250 obo i may be keeping return pump and skimmer. i also have a 40 bow front with base cabinet(i may be off on the 40) includes canister filter $40 two spair sumps with free bio balls. $15 each large live rock @ $3.50 per lbs i have a truveiw 60 gal with stand and hood $100 i will try to post picks
  11. Topher

    freind needs someone to watch tank

    thanks for the info. i think we found someone for him. i am going to show him this sight for him to join the forum
  12. Topher

    freind needs someone to watch tank

    thanks, but if i could i would have not posted this......(naner)
  13. Topher

    moving back and need a tank

    i have a few that i can let go.. glad to see you back in town. 60 gallon with hood two 250 watt mh and two 54 watt attinics. live rock , sump and such. pretty much compleate. need to replumb since we took it down.