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  1. I just sent my BRS temp controller back so they can check it as the temperature swing was 2-3 degrees when was supposed to be .3 degrees. I hope they can figure this out for me. The titanium heaters from BRS are small and nice though.
  2. Great little pumps. They are dead quiet and put up a lot of flow. I run them at about 50% at the moment
  3. Finally almost done organized all the cables and installed the Dos for the AWC and I love it. No more buckets to move around 😎 I used 55gallon barrels for the fresh and saltwater right underneath my little work bench in the garage nothing fancy but it works. I used kayak hatches on top for easy access.
  4. I’ve been taking it very slowly, but finally some updates. I don’t have many corals as I’m still working on getting a few fish. I have a flame angel that’s in the sump right now because he is a bully. He pick on all the corals including the leather coral. I was trying my luck with this beautiful fish and it has to go. Everything else is good so far.
  5. Simplicity 240DC. $200 Comes with an extra impeller. 3 months old. SOLD Skimz Mini SN143 $150 The pump has some issues but a Jebao pump can quickly replace it for cheap. Tunze 9004 $90 Ai Hydra 52HD $450 New as it has never seen water.
  6. I’ve got 250w halides literally taking space in my garage.
  7. It looks good. Here is a preview with my wire mess.
  8. I’m sorry to hear that. Talk to the electrician. Maybe you can figure something out with him (company).
  9. Welcome to this forum. You'll find great people here.
  10. Very nice set up you’ve got over there.
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