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  1. Yes he did. Very generously I might add. Some of the corals in the prop trough were his too.
  2. Yeah, that is Doug's old skimmer. The other one went to Oregon Coast Aquarium.
  3. Sid is still there, but I've moved Missouri for an Aquarist position at an aquarium that opens in Spring of next year. I'm working on building a 3500 gallon reef tank and some other odds and ends currently. Can't take pictures, but I'll try to share some when we open. Sid works for Hatfield and the AQS program, so he may be able to get you a tour of both facilities.
  4. Or you could buy fish from Hawaii...
  5. I've got a white AI Sol Nano that I'm looking at selling. I need gas money for my internship with Quality Marine. The light is something like 2-2.5 years old, and only used for a little more than 2/3rds that time. Works like a champ. I paid $250, like to get $150. Don't have time to run all over Oregon. I'll be in Eugene a bit over the next week, but I leave for a conference on the 28th and leave for LA on the 6th. Let me know if you're interested.
  6. Eric is an interesting guy. He's really old school in his methodology. Not a huge fan of any of his tanks, but they seem to run well enough.
  7. Housing depends on your finacial situation. Little Creek Apartments are nice and the run $725/mo, there are a few other spread through the town. I would check craigslist for housing. The program is awesome. It is primarily focused on public aquarium work, but we do take some classes focused on research husbandry and aquaculture. People think that this program is easy because it's fish and people do this for a hobby. Let me just say that the program is very intensive and there are students with Bachelor's and Master's degree in biological science that struggle with the course work. You'll never hear me complaining about it because they are the most interesting class I've ever taken by far. The facility is top notch, the staff is top notch, the information is top notch. The people you will meet going through this program will amaze you. For example, not only am I on a first name basis with Charles Delbeek (Assistant Curator at Steinhart Aquarium and co-author of The Reef Aquarium), he asked me why I did have him on my list of recomendations and insisted that I put him there. Overall, great program, great people, great town if you can take the weather and small town atmosphere.
  8. I ordered a couple seives from them for school and they took 3 months to get back to me. I ended up cancling the order. I had ordered from them a few times before and never had a problem though.
  9. I'd try some Stress Coat, Polyaqua, or any other synthetic slime coat product. Pull her out, do a bath and leave her alone. As long as she's eating she should be ok. Watch for fungal or bacterial infections. Also, if the tissue dies and become necrotic, she may need to have the wound debrided and cleaned with Betadine, Chlorhexidine, or Silver Sulfadiazine.
  10. What's wrong with 1000x turn over with softies? No, I'm getting stuff for OCA. Sent from my SCH-I510 using Tapatalk 2
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