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  1. okay i really hate that i have to sell this but i have no choice. im forced to downgrade my tank due to financial issues this unit is about 11 months old with about 8 hours a day of use. this plasma light single light covers my 5'L x 3'W x 2'D tank just fine with plenty of light to spare. i modified the unit to fit a lumenarc reflector. i also have the original reflector. i have this light balanced with 2 48" reef-brite actinic blue leds to give it a 12-14k look can through those in as well for an additional $350. with out them it has a 10k look. here is a link for this light 1 year of solid use out of it. its dimmable as well. very little heat not like metal halide i can touch the glass after it has been on all day. http://straylightoptical.com/products/aquarium buyer will pay for shipping and paypal fees just plasma with lumenarc and original reflector for $800 reef brights alone both for $350 or $175 each these are both only 5 months old. or get entire set up for $1000 with the 2 48" reefbrights. reef brights alone both for $350 or $175 each these are both only 5 months old. here is what it looks like on my tank. this is an amazing light and i have a ton of growth from this . but like i said im going to downgrade to a 29g bio cube :sad1: and this light will be just way to much light . contact me via text is the easiest for me 61nine 78eight 200three if you have any questions or if you would like more pictures. if i dont sell this i will probably use it for my turtle tank
  2. thatguy559

    Custom Glass aquarium builders

    does he work with glass? or acrylic
  3. thatguy559

    Custom Glass aquarium builders

    does anyone know of anyone else
  4. thatguy559

    WTB scratched and dented 55-75 gal aquarium

    i got a 100g with stand for $100 im a bit of a drive though
  5. thatguy559

    LF external pumps

    250g 60"x36"24"
  6. thatguy559

    LF external pumps

    im looking for a good pump for a closed loop system
  7. thatguy559

    Hp touch laptop $475

    still got this willing to trade for a 300g rated skimmer let me know pm is key!!!!!
  8. thatguy559

    Tankerald's 150gal SPS tank build

    are you talking about the 90 on the input side of the pump? if so there is nothing bad there i have ran all my reeflo pumps with a 90 on the inlet never had an issue
  9. thatguy559

    Post Pics for your Feburary POTM

    branching hammer, war coral heres mine
  10. thatguy559

    Tankerald's 150gal SPS tank build

    agreed also do this to the top of the "T" to fine tune the airflow this is on my 120g
  11. thatguy559

    Hp touch laptop $475

    this is 1 year old. Hp 12.1" laptop model number TX2510us. has an upgraded hard drive to 500gb's here is the specs on it 12.1-inch (Diagonal) Widescreen Integrated Touch Screen, Convertible Display 1280 x 800, Panel Rotates 180 Degrees and Folds Flat 2.10 GHz AMD Turion X2 ZM-80 Ultra Dual Core Mobile Processor with 2 MB L2 Cache 3072 MB DDR2 System Memory, 250 G B Hard Drive, ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics RS780M with 64 MB DDR2 with up to 1470 MB Total Graphics Memory Light Scribe Super Multi 8X DVD±R/RW with Double Layer Support, Wireless LAN 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth. Windows 7 64 bit the only reason why im selling this laptop is because i go a macbook pro for christmas. it also needs a new battery charger due to my dog chewing the cord. thats why its so cheap will ship for free
  12. thatguy559

    red bubble algae or ?? ID help please

    siphon the free floating to get the stuff on the rock simply drill a hole in the center a brush like this the size of you hose you are going to use to siphone with use the brush to scrub while you siphon makes for a cleaner display
  13. thatguy559

    The 250g DD Experience

    that clear tubing you got running to your sea swirls are gonna get built up with algae..... might want to change that......tank looks good though. great job on the stand
  14. thatguy559

    WTS Male Blue throat trigger

    how can you tell the differences? i have one that has yellow on the tail and a light blue jaw.