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  1. ryan in salem

    September and October Meeting

    I think it's a great idea-I'm in.
  2. ryan in salem

    2012 PNWMAS Disc Golf Tournament

    I've been practicing Josh-your going down hahaha. See you at the meeting if not before then. Ryan-
  3. ryan in salem

    August meeting save the date!

    I'll be there and I'll bring some grub
  4. ryan in salem

    40g donation for TFT?

    The inside dimensions of the tank stand are 48" wide by 18" deep. I have a standard 55 that's in ok shape that I would trade for 40. It's to long at 48 inches.
  5. ryan in salem

    40g donation for TFT?

    bump for a good cause
  6. ryan in salem

    40g donation for TFT?

    Hi, Thanks again for everyone who has helped out with my classes TFT tank. It's coming along. It needs a lot of work but I'm making progress. I'm still in need of a sump. Let me know if you have a 40g breeder or even a taller 55g that you would like to donate. I can even pick it up in most cases. Thanks, Ryan
  7. ryan in salem

    PNWMAS Tanks for Teachers program donation help

    Thanks for the offer. I have all the lighting and a heater. What size is the sump?
  8. ryan in salem

    PNWMAS Tanks for Teachers program donation help

    Bummer, I missed that one Donations are coming along. I still need a skimmer, salt, a return pump, and a 40 or 55g sump. The 55g sump that was donated is to long for stand. I'm willing to travel to pick up goodies.
  9. Hi fellow PNWMAS members, This is ryan (AKA ryan in salem on the forum) and I’ve been involved in the Tanks for Teachers program for the past year. I was fortunate enough to have a 29g tank for my class last year. The kids loved learning about the tank and it created a lot of interest in the hobby for students, parents, and fellow teachers. This is where I need your help. I was even more fortunate this year to have someone donate a 90g tank, 55g sump, and stand. I am conducting a fundraiser to be able to purchase the needed items to complete this tank. I’ve been a reef tank enthusiast/addict for many years with my own home tanks and really need your help getting this tank up and working. I work in a charter school, am raising a family, and make about half of a standard teacher so unfortunately I can’t purchase all of what I need. I plan on spending quite a bit of time sanding, painting, and building a hood with my own funds. Let me know if you can donate anything for the cause. Specifically, I need a skimmer, return pump, lighting for softies, salt mix, and a heater. It would be nice to have some kind of wave maker, extra heater, a reactor for GFO, GFO, and carbon. Thank you, Ryan Comer Tanks for Teachers 503-510-1210
  10. yep, I wold love to have the 55 for the sump. Thanks again for all your help with the TFT program
  11. I want to thank mrwheeling, steelhead77, and kilmca for the sweet TFT donations. A special thanks goes out to mrwheeling for donating the tank and stand. My class is going to love this setup.
  12. ryan in salem

    Free to Anyone

    I could use some xenia for the tft tank. I'll swing by the shop Sunday.
  13. i like how you think-a disc golf tourney is a great idea! What do you think Kim and Roger?
  14. Thanks for keeping you eyes open. I still have time. I'm just dreaming of that person who has a 125 with overflows that's taking up to much room in the garage
  15. Does anyone have something bigger? I'd really like to treat the kids to a larger variety of fish and sea life