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  1. Live Rock

    I have some live rock for sale, $1.50 per pound. call or text 503-901-4240
  2. Live Rock

    Still have this for sale how about $1 a lb 503-901-4240
  3. Live Rock

    I am in Gresham
  4. Live Rock

    I'm not sure what kind of rock it is, some tower like pieces and some flat table top rock. I will try and get some good pics up.
  5. For all gun enthusiasts

    Check out FPSRUSSIA on youtube, this guy is entertaining.
  6. Check this out--> Specials!!

    Man I really need to see if I can get there before Tuesday. Great sale.
  7. For all gun enthusiasts

    He has to get paid. The weapons he shoots are not exactly accessible.
  8. This week

    What's rolling for specials this week. Will be driving down Tuesday.
  9. I need some scraps. 13 x 18, and 2 12 x 18 pieces.
  10. Looking for some acrylic scaps.

    Anyone have some laying around.?
  11. smallish overflow boxes wanted

    Private mail
  12. Phosphate.

    So I have never had phosphate issues, however after adding some dry base rock I now have hair algae and phosphate issues. So I want to try some GFO in my reactor. I'm sure the rock is the source. Anyone ever have sillier experience? And if so what's an estimate of how long rock can leech phosphate into your tank?
  13. Unreal Rainbow acans

    They are plain acans. Im sure they were in the $20 bin.
  14. Phosphate.

    10 lbs rubble from BRS, and about 10 to 15 lbs from seahorse.
  15. Aquarium Engineering, that sounds right. His name is bill right?
  16. Phosphate.

    Wouldn't bleach have the same effect as muriac acid?
  17. There is a guy in wisconsin that makes some like that.
  18. need help moving/120 weight advice

    I can help out. Can get a truck as well.. pm or text me.
  19. free live rock corals shrimp

    I can grab it.
  20. WTB RTB 100

    You can get it at grainger.
  21. News reports informed us last week that three of the five hospitals where the victims were taken have said they will absorb most, if not all, of the cost of their care if they don’t have insurance
  22. Anybody like Acans?

    Pictures just don't do those justice. They are sweet, and if they looked better than they do now only one word amazing.
  23. Transferring stocks to frag tank

    Lol I would most happy to hold some "broken coral"
  24. The Premium Aquarium ROCKS!!

    As far as I know if you take one bulb out, the other on that circuit will not light. I have a 4 ft 8 bulb tek light. If I take out 1 bulb 2 go out.