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  1. Someone was looking for a dosing pump in web section.
  2. still looking for a piece of live rock with some coraline and some critters, bristle worms, mini stars what ever you have.
  3. I have a new brs doser for sale i have it listed in the for sale section.
  4. I don't currently drive and would need to find a ride.
  5. I forgot to say I'm in Gresham
  6. i need a piece of live rock to help seed my tank. Looking for something with a lot of life on it.
  7. BrianB


    I only have some from spawn and some mushrooms. I don't keep sps just softy's.
  8. BrianB


    What would he the best for a 4ft 90 gallon tank?
  9. BrianB


    I am outta the loop what is the newest jeabo pump that compares to the older wp-40. Looking to replace my dead power head.
  10. So about 3 years ago I bought some reef rock and I can't think of where I got it from, he also sent a bag of sand with each order. Does anyone remember the name of the place, I think he was located in Florida. If anyone can remove that would be much appreciated.
  11. Awsome, thank you I will keep my eyes open.
  12. Looking for some shrooms on the east side. Gresham area. Not really looking for oranges. More greens, blues, striped. Yummy. Etc.
  13. Where do you live, I would be interested in some $10 corals but I am east in Gresham.
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