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  1. For sale 250w hqi retro kit x 3 with ballasts and bulbs

    No one needs lighting? Still for sale.
  2. For sale ice cap 660 ballasts

    Both are sold. Please remove
  3. For sale ice cap 660 ballasts

    Make an offer I can't refuse.
  4. For sale 250w hqi retro kit x 3 with ballasts and bulbs

    Make an offer I can't refuse
  5. Sump Builder

    Jason with clearfabrictions does awesome work at a great price. Can build anything.
  6. For sale ice cap 660 ballasts

    I have for sale 2 ice cap 660 ballasts. They come with wiring harnesses, heat sinks and a couple waterproof end caps. I believe there are 4 t-12 caps and 2 t-5 might have more. Selling as a set. Worked when removed from tank. Asking $100 for all. Can ship at your expense. I am in olympia.
  7. I have switched over to LEDs and now I have these lights to sell they are only a year old and come with the following: 250w hqi retro reflectors with glass x 3 250w hqi pheonix bulbs only 3 months old x 3 250w Sunlight supply galaxy dual ballast X 1 250w sunlight supply older ballast. Single unit. X 1 I will also include 2 or 3 extra bulbs wha ever I have left. This is a great set up and am not asking much for them. This is sold as a complete set. Also comes with all cords and plugs. I can't remember what length they are but they are long. Asking $350 cash. If this is too much then make me an offer. Will trade for silver or gold also. I am located in olympia but might be able to meet or even ship but shipping would be at your cost. System is a plug and play. Must be mounted in a canopy but all wiring is ready to go. If you want pics let me know and I can get some for you..
  8. eshopps skimmer

    Pm returned
  9. eshopps skimmer

    if you are looking for an eshopps hangon skimmer please pm me.
  10. 1/4 hp chiller for sale

    Bump for a good deal
  11. Need advice asap Drilling water storage

    my plants have never looked better. working out great.
  12. Need advice asap Drilling water storage

    i run my waste water out to the planter box and also set up a line that runs to the dogs bucket of water. :}
  13. Are these eggs?

    looks liek snail eggs. Also looks like some red slime there.
  14. any fish stores in Bend/Redmond

    that would be sweet. thanks
  15. any fish stores in Bend/Redmond

    thanks. i have been in there before but been a couple years. i just thought there might have been another store or two in the bend area but i guess not. i will definatly stop in as we will pass right by it going in and out. they still in the same location across from albertsons?