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  1. I put a poor coral banded shrimp in there and the purple ninja quickly proceeded to pick him up off the rock that he landed on...sped to full speed toward the back wall...and slammed that poor shrimp to pieces. I'm tellin ya this thing is mean.
  2. I like the idea of the nori with a weight.
  3. I'll put my ninja purple pseudochromis against your rogue emerald any day. He's meaner than hell
  4. With those antibiotics, they are worried more about MRSA than zoa juice. You wouldn't use that with a typical zoanthid juice (Palytoxin) injection. You would use a steroid and antihistamine. Palytoxin effects the sodium potassium pump in your cells that believe it or not can lead to paralysis, respiratory depression and even death. It's crazy, but true. Thanks for reporting the story. Sorry it had to happen to you. Hopefully we can all learn from it. Sheesh. I always tell my students that learning hurts lol.
  5. Thanks a ton for shipping the zoas to me. They arrived safe and sound and opened right up except for the angry ones lol. I really appreciate you including the extra zoas. That was above and beyond. I'll snap some pictures and post them up as soon as I can. I'm just knee deep into my Thesis right now and time is such a dang problem. I know the threads are worthless without pics. Thanks again Bob!!!
  6. If you haven't sent my frags yet, I'd take one.
  7. It's coming along nicely Gill!
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