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  1. Ku'ulei

    WTS - 3/4" Sea Swirl $115

    I am interested, do you still have it?
  2. Santa's Shopping List: 1. Full Set up tank, to be used for SPS frags (no fish). 2. Best Powerhead available for 75 gallon tank, rotating? 3. Diamond Goby 4. RO/DI system replacement filters 5. Aquariscope 6. 2 new halide lights 7. Digital PH tester/monitor? 8. Soundproof panneling 9. Frag rack 10. Big Fat snails that like to clean a lot 11. White Sand, sugar sized 12. New light bulb for sump 13. Fish trap
  3. Ku'ulei

    34 Gal Solana Tank FOR SALE

    Hi, I am interested. Can you let me know if you still have it?
  4. I am shopping for a frag tank and interested in your full setup. Can you let me know what you have left including fish, corals, live rock, equipment etc?
  5. Ku'ulei

    FoxFace For Sale

    Hi Everyone, I have a nice, healthy, small sized Foxface rabbit fish for sale in Eugene, OR. It has a yellow body and white face with a black mask over the eyes. The fish is up for $25 and has done a great job erradicating my entire tank of bubble algae. I just caught the little guy and the fish is ready to be picked up. If interested, please call me at 541-913-4419. I would prefer the fish be picked up ASAP to reduce any stress of being caged in my tank, and today is feeding day so you are welcome to feed it too. Thanks, Stefanie PS. I posted the original in the wrong place on the forum!DOH! Anyone know how I can delete that one?
  6. Ku'ulei

    What to use as frag plug

    Hi Mr. S, I totally am in need of some disks. My tank has out of control growth and frags everywhere with no home. Can I pick some up from you when you are in Eugene? My number is 541-913-4419. Do you use marine grade superglue to attach them to the disks?
  7. Ku'ulei

    FoxFace for sale

    **moved post to classified area** sorry.
  8. Ku'ulei

    Salt FS

    Update Sealed bucket is sold, have the other one left. I just opened it last week and took 2 measured pounds out. Leaving Beaverton to Eugene right now. Please call me if interested.
  9. Ku'ulei

    Salt FS

    I'll be in the Portland area today between 1:30-8pm
  10. Ku'ulei

    Salt FS

    2 Brightwell 5 gallon salt buckets, one sealed the other I used two pounds of salt. Asking $45 for unopened one and $40 for opened bucket. Traveling from Eugene to PDX today roundtrip- can deliver today; cash only. Call me at 541-913-4419.
  11. Ku'ulei

    Fish Trap

    Hi Clay, Thanks for the offer! I am totally there for taking you up on it. I didn't have time to build one yet or go shopping for materials. I will be in Eugene every day this week, can I pick it up from you somewhere? At your shop? Thanks, Stefanie
  12. Ku'ulei

    Advice on anemone behavior

    I have a long tentacled anemone, and what I did to get it not to move was to build a home for it. I placed rocks around it that were higher than its body to block the direct flow from the power head, but leaving a 'hole' right above it so it can have enough light. It doesn't move. Also, most of them like meaty foods periodically like silversides. If I don't feed mine often enough it will start to move or it starts looking sad and the tips of its tentacles 'shrivel' or fall off. But you can also feed it too much too, and will grow and grow, then they will split eventually.
  13. Ku'ulei

    Fish Trap

    Thank you for the ideas! I really like the picture too, it gives me hope because a flame fish is exactly what I want to catch. I noticed little white star fish in the picture, I have those in my tank too. Mine have separated many times and turned into new starfish but I cannot find any ID info on them. Do you know what they are called?
  14. Ku'ulei

    Fish Trap

    Does anyone have a fish trap I could borrow? The fish are now too smart for me and have learned all my tricks. Thanks, Stefanie
  15. Ku'ulei

    FS: Flame Angel

    sale is pending...