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  1. I was here late and just thought I would start this off by saying...first things first....read as much as you can about starting a saltwater tank. I downloaded the book, "Saltwater For Dummies" 2nd Edition, and am still learning from it. That is just one of many that you can gain knowledge from. There are tons of questions that can be answered by reading and researching. This forum has a lot of information in it already as well. There is a lot out there, if you google search the type of inhabitants you want in your tank, you will get an idea of whether or not they can go into your tank. Welcome to the forums and don't be discouraged from what I say, there is a lot friendly helpful people that will help you every step of the way. (soon to follow I'm sure )
  2. Jules

    Arg, I have mojanos........

    True peppermint shrimp...one of my lfs sell them and actually feed them aptasia and ever since the little bugger died, i have it coming up all over now....(unfortunately the first rock I ever bought came from there too) Lysmata wurdemanni is the name of them.
  3. Jules

    Adding a 20g

    Update Just a couple updated pics, everything is doing really good, have yet to get anything new or start my upgrade but the corals I have now are doing great. This polyp is splitting I think... This feather duster just showed up, I think it was hitchhiking on this snail that is now just an empty shell
  4. Jules

    Clay,s Itty Bitty RBTA!

    I take that back then. That nem is so big I didn't see it.
  5. Jules

    Adding a 20g

    Thanks! Jabba eats just about anything i put in there now, not so much the greens on the clip as he really likes the frozen food, including the meaty food I put in a net for the hermits to eat, he goes gets some too. Of course he has to compete with the clowns, they try to get every morsel that falls, he is getting better at getting in there too. He seems to be happy, but I'm sure he will be happier once I get him into the 55g.
  6. Jules

    Adding a 20g

    Okay, thanks! Not sure when we will be up that way next but when we are I will shoot you a pm. Will be at least a couple weeks.
  7. Jules

    Adding a 20g

    Updated pics My dog Toby loves to watch the fish and hermit crabs This photo, it was a gsp that didn't do very well, I don't know what is going on with it now, if that is red bubble algea growing there with it or what. It is coming back since I placed it in there with the new lighting but if anyone can tell what that is with it feel free to let me know. There is a big sponge growing on the bottom of the rock it is on too but I buried it in the sand.
  8. Jules

    55 Gallon with stand and lights

    I sent you a pm
  9. Jules

    Hard times sale!

    I am interested in the lonely acan, #6 if I can talk my bf into making the trip for me to get more "fish stuff" hehe I love those. I think they are my favorite so far.
  10. Jules

    Clay,s Itty Bitty RBTA!

    It needs a clown to cheer it up! LOL
  11. Jules

    WTS/WTT Green Bubble Tip Anemones

    How well would they far in a 20g tall? I Doubt now would be the time, my tank is pretty new, but am considering getting one for my clowns.