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  1. Down here in Eugene for the Ducks game today but figured I’d do my annual post to the forum since the NFL season is coming up. Lets GO COWBOYS!!
  2. Yeah that’s a bit of a problem..😂😂 only one does
  3. Will bump this once in the hopes someone wants them here. Will be posting them on Facebook tomorrow. Just want my saltwater stuff gone.
  4. Sounds good man. I’m in town for another week and a half. Let me know when you want to drop by. It’s a new place since the last time.
  5. Pretty sure it’s a Gen-x pcx-40 external pump. For you I’d sell it for $30. It’s just collecting dust in the garage. Got a lot of other stuff I would give you too saltwater I’d give you along with it chemical wise.
  6. How big of a pump do you need? I’ve got an external pump laying around I’d sell for cheap.
  7. Depending on the size of your tank I think Stu was selling one recently a 1/10 hp.
  8. Free water jugs. Slowly still cleaning out my garage. These are going to go in the garbage if nobody wants them. Located near columbia river river high school in Vancouver
  9. This was taken last summer so it doesn’t look like this now but overall been pretty happy with the pond. Not on here too often at all but if anyone has a pond I will likely be getting rid of some of the koi in the late spring. Not sure what I will charge for them but it will be cheaper then the stores for sure
  10. Finally got rid of the tank but still have the stand taking up space. It’s free to the first person to come grab it. Was used for a 75 gallon tank. Located in lakeshore area of Vancouver
  11. I had a feeling you would be there. What a game! By far one more thing off my bucket list. Not just a Cowboys game, but opening day!
  12. Always some haters lingering around on here. Got to meet Tony Cassillas today. And walk the field at AT&T stadium! Bucket list for sure. Love my job! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Another year has gone by and I finally get to go to a Cowboys game!! Been working in Dallas the past week and scored a ticket for this weekends opening game!! Go Cowboys!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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