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  1. disease fish need id

    ya here are some pics, when in a acclimation container, i got a hold of it and got some good pictures of it.
  2. disease fish need id

    okay ill prob get some, been planning on it anyhow soon, but hopefully he does not pass away soon, cant get to the lfs for a couple days :/
  3. disease fish need id

    the eye is white, puss on the eye looking. flaking scales looking around the eye? trying to get a better pic jsut he hides alot
  4. disease fish need id

    so i have no idea what this could be sorry about the bad picture. the fish hides well. how to treat would be great also. i will look more around the internet, but this is prob the fastest way.
  5. dieing inverts

    the LFS give away rodi water. ya getting some brown algea but nothing crazy...yet. ill use rodi on my next water change. oww ya also, my well has a water softener on it, i ahve not looked to far into what type of filter it is exactly, look like a huge rodi system will have to look into it more.
  6. dieing inverts

    the LFS give away rodi water. ya getting some brown algea but nothing crazy...yet. ill use rodi on my next water change.
  7. dieing inverts

    well water, and what do you mean by dose? its a little over a month old, used live sand/live rock. 30 gal no sump, just hob. and a powerhead for water flow. heater, temp does not change much at all. maybe 1 degree though out the day. 1.023 saliently also.
  8. dieing inverts

    the snail wasnt a normally turbo snail. it was pink body with a blue line on the outer edge. wish i got pictures of it, also i tossed them, wish i kept them to bring back, but the acclamation could have been the issue but i thought i did it right ( first time)
  9. dieing inverts

    http://liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=597+2856+670&pcatid=670 looks like a small button coral, just all brown and small. not saficent light on the tank yet to support corrals but that guys seems to live
  10. dieing inverts

    yes it is glass, ill have to take the water in to get tested for copper, but i ahve some other inverts that have been in there since the start of the cycle that are doing fine. but ill have it checked to make sure. honestly i am hoping just for just bad luck with them and nothing wrong with my water. i like to think my water is good and am proud of it.
  11. dieing inverts

    not that, they have it down at the LFS just cant think of the name.
  12. dieing inverts

    also to add, i am getting a small hitchhiker coral ( brown polup) growing, so i know my water cant be hiding something i am not aware of or at least i hope.
  13. dieing inverts

    so my parameters are like so ammonia: 0 no2: 0 no3: 0 ( or super super low) ph its hard to read on my cheap test strips but seems like 8.2 ish The tank has cycled great. had snail and a few crabs live through the not so ruff cycling with live rock (fresh). i have never put copper in the tank, nor the water from the LFS. now i picked up a snail( unknown) big 2 inch beauty. 1 hermit crab, and one sally lightfoot crap. i got them all 3 together, drip acclimated them all 3 at once for oww a good 1.5 hours. on saturday First the sally light foot dies on sunday night or at least i noticed. then this mourning the snail has kicked the bucket. they where both actively eating and moving around the first day and the snail both days. and just found a dead small unknown crab hitchhiker the hermit looks fine, eating away and have 2 clowns in the tank + hitchhikers ( emerald crap and a cerith snail) that i have found. the tank peramaters have not changed since i put the inverts in. is there something i am missing. i got my water tested at the LFS when i got my invers and fish and both times it looked good (phosphate was tiny bit but nothing to worry bout is what i was told) need some help? just bad live stock? just unlucky? didn't acclimated long enough?
  14. new guy/tank

    well time to find a new lighting fixture. ill be looking around over the weekend, still on the cycling process. even though got the water tested and everything is perfect, well phosphate is a tiny bit up, but i mean minimal and will go away with water change. so lighting is not a rush. should be putting in a few fish next weekend so hopefully get the lights by then so i don't have to worry bout it after fish, even though its not a big deal for fish.
  15. new guy/tank

    ya ill see what my lfs sells for lighting, i like buying stuff in person rather then online since if it doesn't work i cant just go in and trade it, ill have to wait. the lfs may have bigger ones for there 75g set ups they sell as a package ty for the input