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  1. When I broke down my reef I said I wouldn't set up another tank u till I had room for a 400 gallon shark tank. I desperately want a Epaulette shark, in a thousand gallons you could have a pair! Sounds like you're on the right track with the frag tank and a shark tank; have you considered having the thousand gallon and a hundred gallon reef tank? Then you get the best of both worlds without worrying about the Sharks getting stung or eating all your inverts. Have you seen the shark tanks with live plants growing in them?
  2. 1000 gallons is amazing!!!! #GoBigOrGoHome I'm super excited for you and more than a little jealous. That being said I feel compelled to make myself into something of a wet blanket, a damp blanket if you will... My concern is that a 1000 gallon tank is a huge undertaking!!! I know you have done your research, so I'm sure you know that (it could even be part of the reason your undertaking this challenge.) What I hope you will consider is that by starting so big you are in many ways locking yourself in. If you build a system perfect for large predatory fish it will most likely not be optimal for coral, I would go as far as to arguee that it would almost certainly not be. My advice is simply to entertain the idea of starting out with a smaller system (or two.) I hope you don't take my advice because I want to see pics of a 1000 gallon build!!! Welcome to the hobby, your going to love it!!!!
  3. LOL. I wish Kim; my landlord is anti aqua though, I can't understand it but... I plan on building a shark tank once I buy a house.
  4. Thanks evilfish, they served me well; I'm done with 60 hour weeks though.
  5. I wish I was back!!!! My new landlord isn't too crazy about fish tanks so I'm laying low for now; I scored a 5 bedroom in L.O. though, so I'm happy.
  6. I have some really nice tools I haven't been using since I left the industry. I have a 12" Brown and Sharp non ferris calipers. 0-6" Starrertt blade micrometer with 4" base. $150 for the calipers (my calipers have the black face, with red needle) :http://www.use-enco.com/1/1/27259-599-578-12-1-brown-sharpe-non-ferrous-alloy-dial-calipers.html $250 for the depth mic: http://www.starrett.com/metrology/product-detail/1-Precision-Measuring-Tools/11-Precision-Hand-Tools/1101-Micrometers/110105-Depth-Micrometers/449BZ-6R I can text pics
  7. I have a really nice refractometer I have held into for way to long. $40. I can send pics through text.
  8. Bummer man, hopefully you will still be on the forum. It wouldn't be the same with out you. :(
  9. Sorry, I guess it's too soon. :( Bump.
  10. Can I take now, not pay later? LOL. Bad joke sorry.
  11. Awesome, I was going to send you a PM to see if such a thread existed. I can still remember watching your fish go crazy for this stuff.
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