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  1. Big mechanical prefiltration for large setups/systems or ponds. I was running 9k-10k gallon per hour through it on one of my ray systems. Just replaced that system with two 1k gallon systems so this is no longer needed. Works fantastic and has all pieces from the factory included. asking $500 OBO (retail is $1,600). There are two holes drilled that you can run either open or closed, they are for more flow but do not effect the filter in any way.
  2. Will also trade for a submersible pump over 1500 GPH
  3. Located in Battle Ground, couple minutes north of Vancouver.
  4. Two matching acrylic tanks 40”x18”x20” (60 gallon), 1/2” acrylic. Seams in great shape but there are scratches that need it be sanded/buffed. See pics One has holes drilled in back, the other has a hole in the bottom. $100 for both, not interested in separating. Only trades I am interested in are working higher wattage UV (25watt or +)
  5. Appreciate you letting me know. Looking forward to meeting up. Thanks again
  6. Oh yeah I remember that one. Clear on all but a side overflow? I did check last week but they don’t have anything that gets me excited at those prices. I’ll likely just move forward on my project
  7. Figured that would be the case but was worth a shot. I swear every time I build another large tank there’s two that pop up for sale after I’ve been looking for months.
  8. Before I spend a ton on materials for the next build, I want to see if anyone is aware of any large acrylic tanks that are used and/or reasonably priced? Leaks, scratches, seams, repairs needed etc.. are no problem, my son and I like to restore tanks anyway looking for 8x4 or larger (any size with 48” or more width). No need for a show tank. Cash in hand.
  9. Sorry for the delay, been under the 600 for a while. Not pretty but we are it’s back online. I want to to say a sincere thank you to all of those who offered to help, especially these guys!! You guys are awesome for stepping in to help a stranger. @markvo @Jeremevans & @Optimusprime3605
  10. Looks like I am picking up two pumps this evening. Fingers crossed! I will update the thread either way this evening.
  11. Screenshot from the Apex. Both pumps run around 550 watts combined. After the power outage on the 30th, you can see a massive spike in watts (1345 at max) for no reason and then all over the place until the second burned up (very last spike). I sent you a PM as well but I would love to get that blue line if for nothing else but to get me through Reeflo rebuilding these. Especially being local,. Thank you so much again for the quick responses guys!!
  12. PM's have been sent, thank you sincerely for your reply. Hopefully we can make something happen.
  13. The outage was on Friday. A transformer down main street blew. The first pump died that day. The second was jumping up and down in wattage between 400-1100 last night then just died. Both pumps were run on an Apex Fusion so that may have overloaded the Apex or something. The other three Reeflo in the same room are just fine.
  14. The power outage in Battle Ground fried both of the Reeflo's on my 600 gallon and it is on emergency submersible pumps.. Does anyone have any spares I can purchase? Cash in hand but will have to purchase today or tomorrow. Dart model preferred but could also use a Snapper (*same body/different impeller), Barracuda or Hammerhead.
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