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  1. salt

    Thin Clown Trigger

    i wouldn't be to worried personally...
  2. salt

    WTB a Dwarf Lionfish

    be prepared to supply it with live food the entire time you have it, it is possible to ween them onto frozen, however it is not easy or likely fwiw. I see them in the lfs' around town all the time. Just make some phone calls
  3. salt

    WTT for RBTA

    Trade has been made, hope the light works out for you thanks dennis!!! MODS PLEASE CLOSE THREAD!
  4. salt

    WTT for RBTA

    To be honest I was trying to sell the fixture for 40 dollars and couldn't everyone wanted it but then would back out. So to me this is a more than fair deal!! I do appreciate the concern though! Please close this thread as I have found what I am looking for thanks!
  5. salt

    RO/DI and chloramines

    It was my understanding that thats what the carbon is for, iirc the chloramine specific filters you can buy are just a higher grade of carbon correct me if i'm wrong
  6. salt

    WTT for RBTA

    dsoz, it is this model seen here. the bulb has 8 months use at 8 hours a day, I believe it is the 14k bulb as well. it is in good condition. http://www.marinedepot.com/ps_viewitem.aspx?idproduct=ES53601&child=ES53601&utm_source=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_medium=cse&utm_campaign=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_content=ES53601
  7. salt

    WTT for RBTA

    I would like to trade for a rbta I have a koralline biodenitrator w/ehiem or 150w coral life hqi. I also have a Korallin calcium reactor and co2 tank but would need cash along with the rbta for that, unless its a huge untra bright rbta thanks !
  8. salt

    $1 HDMI Cable?? For real?

    hdmi is just twisted pair.....for what its worth
  9. salt

    reef tank and equip for sale

    well everything is still for sale, had a couple people back out, and its been a busy week. I have a hard time doing anything after working a 10-12 hour day followed by cooking up dinner so hopefully I will have some better luck this weekend
  10. salt

    reef tank and equip for sale

    sale pending waiting for paypal authorization for entire package....that was quick
  11. Selling my reef tank! Willing to part out or sell as a package for $800. All items are OBO. I need this stuff gone ASAP as I need extra funding for a wedding, all corals have been sold or died. I am flexible so make me an offer! First come with cash first served, I will not hold items without prepayment! I will be available today and saturday all day and sunday-thursday after 6pm 90 Gallon reef tank with hood and sump area, oak finish in fair condition $100 PFO 2 X 250w MH ballast and cheapo reflector $100 ETSS Reef devil deluxe skimmer w/pump $50, or $75 with sump included Phosban reactor $5 Korallin C1502 Calcium reactor w/ newly replaced ehiem pump, 10 pound co2 tank, and 2 buckets of knop korallith media $150 korallin biodenitrator s-1502 w/pump $100 Aqua UV Sterilizer $40 DOW Industrial 5 stage RO/DI water filter with 75gpd ro filter $50 175w MH HQI coral life ballast and reflector $40 20 Gallon refugium $10 200+ pounds of live fiji and tonga rock for $200, or 2 dollars per pound Several Koralia's $20 Several pumps and plumbing including 1400gph magdrive $30 Lots of random aquarium supplies, supplements, test kits(salifert and elos) refractometer, digital ph tester $50 for all Six line wrasse, royal gramma, and coral beauty for $30