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  1. Few items still available and will consider REASONABLE offers!
  2. Pretty sure they are all spoken for, I will check later today and see if I have more.
  3. Frag racks sold
  4. 2 new inland saw blades $40
  5. 4 racks pending and 4 still available
  6. Box of pumps pending
  7. Box of misc. Jebao stuff, some works and some doesn't but several heads are fine including the fairly new gyre style... Take it all for $sold Cadlights hang on mini reactor just needs new sponges and used once.$40 Adjustable light hangers 4 for $10 BNIB Ice Cap doser. $40 Aquatic Life regulator w/solenoid $40 Black frag racks 9"×14" $sold Will hold with payment thru PayPal only!!
  8. A little closer to adding water!
  9. Got some of the lights wired, all will be controlled by the new Digital Aquatics Archon.
  10. 3/4 of a tablespoon per gallon for 10 min.
  11. Ya they sell these but after dropping over $500 on the heads I can't justify $140 for two.
  12. Thanks and not sure on the gyre placement yet. Magnets are not holding thru the 1" acrylic very well.
  13. I had to add a second fan as one didn't keep up.
  14. Those are Rapid led onyx fixtures, some are going on 4 plus years now.