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  1. mattv

    Looking for larger rimless tank

    Contact James and get the size you want built and will out last most.
  2. mattv

    Sale weekend!

    Very nice selection!
  3. Saw this on fb today and it looks like they voided all the existing permits?
  4. mattv


  5. mattv

    Fragging Question

    From my experience they don't glue down and need to naturally attach and that can take some time. Place it in a bowl with some rubble so it can't be blown away and just wait till it grabs onto the rubble then glue that to the plug.
  6. mattv

    Anyone do acrylic work?

    I have one Zen reef magnetic shroom box left they are $60 but i won't be back in town till next week.
  7. mattv


    This is almost like talking politics. Lol I'm still a firm believer in the Dutch Method of supplementing verse changing water. I have been doing this for years and will continue to do so as it works well for me. I too have had my fair share of issues this last year but that was due to Portland changing its water supply and flooding my system with high tds and me not keeping an eye on my tds meter when making top off water. Funny thing is when everything went south I scrambled for answers and even sent out for a full triton test that came back almost perfect. Remember what works for some may not work for you.
  8. mattv

    DA Reefkeeper Elite FS

    Dropped to $100
  9. Head unit, remote display (not pictured) and some misc. modules. $100
  10. Was alot of fun and great to see some old faces! Thank you everyone that came out!
  11. mattv

    Frag fest food

    Oh baby!!!! Thank you sweetie!
  12. mattv

    RAP was AWESOME!!

    Thank you for stopping by! It was great seeing some NW people there.
  13. I went for the basic strip down model, just has a dial to control the feed rate instead of the fancy digital ones.
  14. I.picked up a used masterflex off eBay for $250. Highly recommend you look there.