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  1. This guy is beautiful and healthy and loves to eat starfish. If you have Asterina taking over your tank, he will definitely clean it up for you. $20 He doesn't touch my brittle starfish, but any other kinds that you may have will probably become food. Text 503-828-5245
  2. Val

    Jebao WP-60

    Pretty stupid mistake on my part. I was ready to drive out to your place to refund you and still will if you want. They sure don't make it obvious what pumps they are.
  3. Val

    Jebao WP-60

    If I really made that mistake, I am very sorry and I will be more than willing to refund your money. I honestly thought I had the bigger ones and the manual's instructions were for the WP-60's. You have my phone number, let me know what you want to do.
  4. Val

    Jebao WP-60

    Oregon City address, but out by Carver
  5. Val

    Jebao WP-60

    Not sure about the plug. I just know the wp40 moves about 13,000 L/hr and the wp60 about 20,000 L/hr
  6. Val

    BRS 2 Part Dosers

    I have 1 new (never unpacked) doser and 1 slightly used doser. 1.1 mL per min. Sells for $79.99 at BRS...you can get these for $50 each.
  7. Val

    Jebao WP-60

    I have 2 slightly used Jebao WP-60 water moving, wave maker pumps. Excellent condition, work great! Only used a few months and then I down sized and no longer need them. $40 each
  8. Val


    I have a slightly used Hydor Smart Level Control that I would sell for $60. BRS has them for sale for $94.99. It works great, I just don't need it anymore.
  9. This protein skimmer is rated for 300 gallons and worked great on my 150 gallon tank with sump. The only reason I'm selling it is I have downsized and no longer need it. Excellent condition. $250 Check out the Craigslist link for pictures. Also this YouTube video has a lot of good information. http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/for/5218646467.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JunFLa_u1AE
  10. Val

    Fungia baby on the way?

    I bought a farm, but then I had one that was on the sand that looked like it died. I left it in the tank and it started sprouting several tiny fungia all over it and became a farm. I can text or email pictures if interested.
  11. Val

    Fungia baby on the way?

    I have 2 Fungia farms that I would be willing to sell if anyone is interested. I'm not sure what a fair price would be, but I have about 10 on the sand and a butt-load of them that are developing and still attached. (approx. 16-20) A great way to help finance this hobby... These are the green w/ purple mouths. I would appreciate some input on a fair price.