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  1. Less than a year old.....Baldor motor. $150 . Also have an AO Smith Snapper for $75. Skimmer is 150 gallon rated...$75 503-559-0493....calls only please
  2. 414driver

    Moving....90 gallon Tank and all the trimmings

    This unit is sold!
  3. 4' glass tank drilled for returns and overflow. Powered by Reeflo Dart Hybrid 1 year old with a Reeflo Snapper for backup. 30 gallon double sock sump. ASM G Series skimmer, 2 media cannisters, Elite 6 bulb t-5 fixture. Brute 30 gallon tub on wheels and a nice RO unit with new filters. Will separate only if absolutely necessary. Asking $750. Includes a custom built oak hood. A nice well maintained tank. I also have the following livestock: 2 double hand sized bubble tips nems...they have been real consistant splitters on are on the pinkish side...$45 ea. plus the rock at $2 a lb 2 single hand sized reddish orange bubble tips with the greenish cast body...also consistant splitters...$35.00 ea plus $2 a pound for the rock they are on 1 fat and sassy skunk clown...$20 1 cleaner shrimp $8.00 Lawnmower blenny $8.00 1 firefish...$10.00 Snails and crabs galore rock with shrooms, ricordia Please text 503-559-0493 with questions, comments and for pictures.
  4. 414driver

    Birthday sale!

    Happy birthday Garrett!
  5. Works perfectly....the outlet pipes new are $14.00 each. All for $45.00
  6. 414driver

    1" SCWD (pretty much brand new) JBJ auto top off

    Pm sent on ATO and Squid!
  7. 414driver

    Out A Stoner!

    Hey Garrett.... You might need to start bartering....that way you'll have something for everyone!!!
  8. 414driver

    Out A Stoner!

    Ok folks...for the last time........... Dave's NOT here!
  9. devils hand leather....briareum....sinularia....here in Salem
  10. I just noticed that one of our members left a negative ITrader feed back for me, so I thought I'd respond with the "real" story. I responded to a classified ad on this forum for frags...kinda rare to find an ad for frags in Salem! I met the person and viewed some corals in a small tank that appeared to not be the recipient of good husbandry. The seller proposed selling me some 1 polyp frags of zoas...which of course hadn't been fragged yet....and have a very poor survival rate in the best of circumstances. In an attempt to quietly remove myself from the unwholesome environment without hurting feelings I told the person to send me some pictures in a few days after the frags had healed, and if I liked their looks I would take them. The very next day I received a phone message....no pics....that the frags were cut and could I please pick them up right away....acting like I had definetely agreed to purchase them sight unseen. As this person was obviously ignoring our original meeting of the minds I waited for the pics to arrive. That has yet to happen! Now you all know....and I am on the wall of shame!
  11. 414driver

    Quiet Skimmers

    I got ahold of a used BubbleMax built by some local dude named Rueben....dead quiet and works very well. Wish Rueben was still around!
  12. 414driver

    Calcium chloride?

    Don't forget your local Spa and Pool Supply dealer!
  13. 414driver

    starting over

    You'll like the Aquavitro....I've been using their salt for about 9 months and just started using the "Fuel". Everyone's happy!
  14. 414driver

    Welcome Baby Isla !!!

    Dude....congrats.!!! Now where's my Romeo & Julietta tubo????
  15. 414driver

    Nem parasite

    #$$, grass or gas....nobody rides free!!