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  1. Group buy or growout contest?

    Group buy for me.
  2. Thank you! |First Auction|

    Thanks Jeff for doing this. I look forward to seeing more of your great coral in auction.
  3. Hermit crabs or no?

    I have hermits in my tank, 2 red legs and a blue leg as well as an electric blue hermit crab. So far they have all been great for me, mine eat algea. Only complaint is me electric blue hermit crab likes to camp out on frag plugs cleaning them so the zoa ones stay closed longer than I would like. If you want my opinion on these guys I think most people put to many of them in a tank so some of them get starved and have to eat something. Just my 2 cents worth. Welcome back to the forum.
  4. Going Sockless

    Well in my case it's floss less lol. I am tired of changing the floss on my 20gal Nuvo so I have decided to not use it. I was not changing it every 2 days so it might of been holding some nitrates. I have put a small power head in the very bottom of my chamber area so detritus won't build up there. We will see how things go. Anybod else running sockless/flossless?
  5. Missing bags of frags

    It wasn't me it wasn't me. I hope they turn up.
  6. I tried to pull this metal cover off with no success, it looks like it is epoxied in. I just took a thick sandwich baggie and wrapped it up. This should work right?
  7. Daniel I was thinking it was my router as well. I actually had to call xfinity to fix my router and make my 2.4g signal recognzable. Once this happened it connected fine.
  8. FS: Zoas and more 10 percent to TFT!

    Lmao sure as long as I can frag' em!
  9. FS: Zoas and more 10 percent to TFT!

    I can't wait to see what the mystery freebe isπŸ˜€
  10. Bremerton newbie

    Welcome to the forum! There are some great people here with lots of knowledge as well. Your tank is looking good and that is 1 crazy looking clown fish! lol nice skunk cleaner shrimp btw 😁
  11. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    I really really really wanted to do this, I even found the perfect tank today but I had to say no to myself. All the tanks look great looking forward to all the progress and upcoming picks.
  12. Anemone good or bad

    They look like Rose Bubble tip anemone, clowns love them
  13. Frag Swap for March Meeting???

    Hey Sean I will take a chunk of your purple rim green cap and a chunk of your orange cap please and thank you.πŸ˜‰
  14. Hello!

    Welcome to the forum!
  15. FS: Zoas and more 10 percent to TFT!

    Ok I'll take the rest Kim
  16. How do you go about picking the non 5G network?
  17. FS: Zoas and more 10 percent to TFT!

    Pm sent and I will take the smaller frag of Rastas as well please.😁
  18. March meeting grand prize !!

    This is so cool, thanks Bret and Paradise Corals for hooking up the club!Bret has some nice looking corals out at his shop as I visited him over the weekend. I got a very nice piece of chalice for the Nuvo while I was there. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘
  19. Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forum! There are lots of knowledge able peeps here. Having just set up a 20gal Nuvo Fusion myself be prepared as larger tanks are more forgiving than these smaller ones are. For some reason I have trouble getting my salinity just right when I do water changes. I did a 4gal water change the other day and new salt water Sal. Was 1.024 and the tank was 1.025 so I figured end result would be closer to 25 but nope closer to 1.024 so I had to ad salt to the tank. I guess my point is a lot goes a long ways in these little tanks. Again welcome to the forum.
  20. Howdy Y'all

    Welcome to the forum Jeff! This is a great group of people that lurk here on pnwmas, with lots of knowledge. Looking forward to perhaps a build thread from you in the future.
  21. Lewisriverfisherman's 20gal Nuvo Fusion Build

    So my refugium chamber seems to be doing pretty good. I have cheato, a red macro algea, and looks like some sort of green hair algea that just started growing. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  22. Lewisriverfisherman's 20gal Nuvo Fusion Build

    Well here it goes..... To start of I got a used 20gal Nuvo Fusion from Paratore and heater. I understand that I am the 3rd owner of this tank. I am using a combination of live rock and dead rock, about 25 pounds worth. This rock came from stylaster and Emerald525 thanks to the both of you! I started the tank with cycled water from Roy's system, there is about 12 gallons of saltwater in my system after rock and sand displacement. I have about 10-15pounds of Caribsea special grade reef sand from pdxmonkeyboy washed in tap water and then rinsed in saltwater. Thanks Brian! The components are as follows.... 20gal Nuvo Fusion tank AI Prime HD light (white) 75W Cobalt Neo Therm Heater Uniclife UL400 return pump(upgrade later) Jebao PP-4 wave maker Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152 ATO IM Minimax Media Reactor 2 Spin Streams 2 IM Fusion In Tank Media Baskets Vertex Cleaner Mag Duplex IM Desktop Ghost Skimmer It's going to be a mixed reef. Since I'm limited on room probably gonna focus on higher end corals. I want to have a zoa and shroom garden. I was thinking about putting GSP on the back wall of the tank, but we will see. Fish list is kinda undecided yet for the most part. 1 fish that I know will be in my tank will be some sort of Mandarin Goby. I haven't decided which 1 yet but will probably be an ORA Tank Raised. My tank will be empty of fish for a while, I need to establish a pod population. There will also will be a high end wrasse of some sort like Rhomboid, Flame, Mystery or labouti. I really like the Potters Wrasse but I think my tank will be to small for one of those. Thinking about a Shrimp/Goby pair as well, just throwing ideas around at this point. Still have lots to research at this point. Sand bed Pic of the tank before I bought it Aquascape I just want to give a big shout out to all those that helped me with pieces of this build. Kim, Roy, Cody, Brian and rbusta thank you all so much!!!
  23. Nano breakdown! Cheap

    That's a break down alright, of communication! What's wrong with ppl
  24. 3D printed ato float holder

    Thats tight! Looks great.
  25. SPS For Sale! cut to order

    Ok i will take a pack of these please: Garf bonsai, Mattv golden topaz , bc spainbow, red dragon.