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  1. lewisriverfisherman

    Is there a fish trap around that I can borrow?

    That Vlamingi Tang cracks me up, I can't believe he went in that trap lol! Glad to see you caught your fish.
  2. lewisriverfisherman

    September Meet and Greet at Molokos

    Yahoo we got ourselves a meeting, thanks for posting this up Bert.
  3. lewisriverfisherman

    Coral for sale

    Tried to send you a pm, I am intrested in what color rics you have?
  4. lewisriverfisherman

    Cheato? AIO?

    Who says you can't grow cheato in an AIO. I haven't checked this for a bit and it was jam packed in the compartment. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  5. lewisriverfisherman

    Japanese Puffer Fish

    That's crazy kewl!
  6. lewisriverfisherman

    ATO Stayed on last night

    Woke up to ATO pump running and a empty resivor. My salinity went down to .024 from .026, So we will see what happens. The sensor was stuck.
  7. lewisriverfisherman

    ATO Stayed on last night

    Tune nano
  8. lewisriverfisherman

    15 minutes - bye bye corraline

    That's a lot of scraping Jeremy!
  9. I'll take a citrus mistress please
  10. lewisriverfisherman


    Blends right in!
  11. lewisriverfisherman

    Elephant ear mushroom coral

    Dang that's a big shroom! GLW rehoming
  12. lewisriverfisherman

    Equipment to donate/sell to the cause

    Tanks for teacher would definitely be interested in your reef equipment. Karen knight heads that up.
  13. lewisriverfisherman

    Lexinverts' Red Sea Max reef tanks

    Great pics Andy!
  14. lewisriverfisherman

    Some pics I took tonight

    A few pics just because, well I just feel like it. Hope you all are having a great evening! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  15. lewisriverfisherman

    Tattoo artist

    That's pretty kewl nice mandarin!
  16. lewisriverfisherman

    Meeting on August 25th!

    I wont be able to attend this meeting, sorry peeps
  17. lewisriverfisherman

    150 gal tank build

    ok here is some pics that i know alot of you have been waiting for. Im not gonna do them in order right now but just give you a taste of what it looks like until i get all my pics on my pc.
  18. lewisriverfisherman

    150 gal tank build

    Bumping this up....this was my old tank I had to tear down. The video in the 2nd post works but none of the other ones do, but some kewl pics. There is not a lot of equipment info but I was running dual 250 watt HQI with 14k Phoenix bulbs and a sunlight supply ballast, cheap dual hydor power heads, I believe a ecoplus 1285 return pump, and a Ruben Special skimmer, DA Reef keeper light, I had a 5 gallon deep remote sand bed that was plumbed into the sump. Enjoy, I'll see if I can dig up a few more videos
  19. lewisriverfisherman

    Share the Love

    I would be interested on the 40 gal tank with stand and canopy for tanks for teachers if it is still available?
  20. lewisriverfisherman

    Algae everywhere

    You can use a Turkey baster to help blow it off the rocks and then suck it out with a hose and use a filter sock then return the water to tank or just do a water change.
  21. lewisriverfisherman

    Next meeting?

    We are trying to get the August meet down south. There are no promises at this point, but hope to have an update soon!
  22. lewisriverfisherman

    Official CNC Zoanthid Grow Out Thread

    I'll take the ice cap salinity temp probe please and I assume pickup will be at Paradise Corals?
  23. lewisriverfisherman

    Feather duster?

    And the large ones we get are coco worms
  24. lewisriverfisherman

    Feather duster?

    I'm pretty sure they are feather dusters.
  25. lewisriverfisherman

    Anybody have superman monti?

    Anybody have either encrusting or branching?