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  1. Emerald525

    Some pics

    Everything is looking healthy Brandon a challenge for sure in a nano! Nice job!
  2. Emerald525

    You're welcome

    Someone posted it on the FB site a while back and they are all awesome but I think the Frogfosh was my fave.😀
  3. Emerald525

    Frog fish

    Check with Cuttlefish and Coral. I know he’s ordered them for others.
  4. Emerald525

    Zoa packs up for grabs. $100 each

    Sorry to hear that hope all is well. We did find Dakota last Monday after being out and about for 3 weeks. Bump for a good deal!!
  5. Emerald525

    Zoa packs up for grabs. $100 each

    What’s going on with the cats?
  6. Emerald525

    Zoa packs up for grabs. $100 each

    Pretty good deals Cody!!
  7. Emerald525

    Out-of-hobby garage sale - Saturday July 14

    I hope someone got video evidence Who won? And geez people it’s not worth fighting over! Let’s not get all Black Friday Wal-Mart style.
  8. Emerald525

    WTB for pectina

    Hoarding is not a good quality for a coral store. Is it a store or a museum??!!!😀 Time to make like Frozen and ....
  9. Emerald525

    Planned power outage

    I think you will be fine too. I get periodic timed power outages too. The house usually will stay cool enough if you keep the blinds closed for a 4 hour outage and a tank of that volume will be fine with no flow for 4 hours. My frag tank did just fine when the power was cut off for most of the day. As a precaution you could keep the lights off for the day and toss in an ice pack. Sps has been the only coral I have had that has suffered with heat and this was when I had a way too powerful metal halide combo light over a 30 gallon cube. You have a decent size tank and volume helps with a lot of issues.
  10. Emerald525

    New pick up...

    It's all about marketing my friend! You get some of the nicest no name stuff! Let's keep it no name so we can all afford it! You have a good eye!
  11. Emerald525

    New pick up...

    Very nice! Looks like a morph of the spacemonster! Gotta love names!
  12. Emerald525

    Teacher looking to start a classroom reef tank

    If you want to go bigger there is also this tank
  13. Emerald525

    Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    It was a nice lake! No motorized boats and the water was deceptively shallow! It is and for the most part RV people are super friendly and helpful! It was awesome! We even found a Blockbuster video in Bend and were able to rent a movie!😀
  14. I love camping but as I get older the idea of sleeping in a tent on a air mattress no longer appeals to me. I have a Chevy Colorado diesel with a tow capacity of 7700. In the past I had a Terry trailer and a Keystone. The Keystone was poorly made in my opinion. I would rather spend more and have a quality RV that is going to last a while then get a poorly made trailer with all the bells and whistles. I was looking at the Forest River Rpods. Looks like a decent size and seems to be nicely made. I could also purchase a vintage one cheaply as it is sitting in my brother's driveway and have it fixed up. Any thoughts ? Also does anyone know if there is a class I can take to actually learn how to pull and hook up a trailer because I know NOTHING about any of this but am wiling to learn. (As in FYI @Sirena is the handier more mechanical minded one of the group here. I just get by with my charm...)
  15. Emerald525

    Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    Thought I would share some pictures of our third trip! We are loving the Minnie Winnie! We were in La Pine and it was easy to spot out RV in the sea of white! We are getting faster with hitching it up. Our next purchase will be a kayak rack but Sirena did a good job strapping them down. The Colorado Diesel pulls it without any problem! We went kayaking at Sparks lake and even saw an eagle.
  16. Emerald525

    CNC is famous

    No I haven’t seen any stores that carry them.
  17. Emerald525

    CNC is famous

    https://www.coralmagazine.com/ Great magazine with informative articles. They have also supported and sponsored our club for years.
  18. Emerald525

    CNC is famous

    That’s so cool! I love all the pictures in the magazine.
  19. Emerald525

    June POTM Winner - Random

    Congrats Kingfisher that was an awesome picture and got my vote! Great fun category Miles!
  20. Emerald525

    New to reefing -- Recently set up a Reefer XL 425

    Very nice! Glad you found us here ! I love the Red Sea Reefers. I had the reefer 250.
  21. Emerald525

    CNC is famous

    Here’s the picture in case you don’t own Coral Magazine
  22. Emerald525

    Happy 4th of July!

    Happy fourth everyone ! Be safe !
  23. Emerald525

    CNC is famous

    Congrats Jeff! It’s about time you got some national recognition !
  24. I think they are just one of those zoas that's very touchy when fragged. Mine is doing well but the minute I say that it will probably close up and die lol. Mine seems to do better in a lower light flow area in my tank.
  25. Emerald525

    June Hatfield Marine Science Center Meet 2018

    The ribs were delicious ! Thanks again Brandon and also for stepping up and being a board member. Thanks Sid for the talk and being such a gracious host !