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  1. Frag show is over Man was that fun! But Wait there is more! This is always one of the best meetings of the year! There will be awesome raffle prizes similar to what you saw at the frag show! Great venue too! When: Saturday Dec 2 Time : To be determined Where: Kennedy School NE Portland If you have never been to Kennedy School this is an awesome venue! We will provide food and soda and water. You can buy beer and other alcoholic drinks
  2. Thanks Dodge for also being so willing to help out! I will be more organized next year with delegating tasks to the volunteers..! You and Bret were missed Naomi. I sure wish you could have been there. I also wanted to send out a thank you to you as well. I know you were helping Bret with the web page and getting the vendor applications over to me. Everyone was asking about you both. You were missed.
  3. Love your write ups!! That was a great show!! Special thanks to Miles, Bert and Andy for getting up at 330am and making the long journey. I know they always have me covered with set up and clean up! Bert you are truly one of a kind! Also Sean thanks for taking charge and covering the raffles , IT, and setting up! Zoolander made the flier and the logo. Holly made the signs. Joanne Vega the president of the SPCDA gave me lots of advice on how to make this happen and also let us use a square reader. Gumby and Stylaster did much of the preplanning for set up as we could not access the club! Cherany did an awesome job with the raffle announcer! Sirena was my right hand woman who helped me in so many ways to make this event happen! Spectra helped with food and made some amazing beans!! Karen and her friend manned the check in all day and made sure everyone paid! Cuttlefish donated lots of raffle prizes! Rudy Batara of Golden Basket was a wealth of information on how to make this run !! I had several meetings with him and he is always generous with his knowledge. I am also thanful for the vendors up north who took a chance and signed up for the first annual frag fest! Mr Bret put up the web page and helped acquire many of the sweet raffle items!! so who wants to see another frag show ???!!!
  4. Big mama has baby

    Nice collection of mushrooms there Tom. I know you want to give them to me to join mine!
  5. Nwfragfest Guest Speaker! Laura Simmons!

    Yes Jorge you and your muscles were missed. It really wasn't the same without you , Jeff and Bret. I sure hope you all can make it to the next show!
  6. I am excited to introduce you to our guest speaker Laura Simmons! We are flying her all the way out from Austrialia and it is an honor to have her here! She's a busy lady and did a talk at Macna in August and has recently returned after going on a VIP trip to Fiji with Mr. Saltwater. She is currently at MACA (the Australian version of Macna). Now is the chance to see a Macna level speaker right in your own back door! Laura is the Curator at Cairns Marine in Queensland, Australia. She spent her formative years in Gainesville, Florida where she gained her love for all things wild, wonderful and aquatic. She has a BS in Zoology from the University of Florida. Her aquarium career began with Anheuser-Busch. She worked for Sea World of Florida for nearly 10 years and moved on (across the street!) to open then manage Discovery Cove’s Aquarium Department for 6 years. From there Laura was hired by Landry’s Restaurants to establish the Life Sciences Department at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. During her 4 years with Landry’s she oversaw the development and opening of 2 large aquaria that are focal points of the hotel. I have seen them personally and they are amazing!! Cairns Marine recruited her to join their team in 2010 to oversee their facility and husbandry operations as well as be their point of contact for their public aquarium and research clientele. Her interest in fisheries management and sustainable animal sourcing made the position a perfect fit, despite being half the world away from family and friends. She now oversees a team of 35+ staff within the land-based facility and works closely with the company’s maritime operations to ensure excellence in collection, handling and supply for the 1200+ species Cairns Marine provides. Laura is passionate about all aspects of her work, admittedly an aquarium geek, but her other interests include travel (exploring), food (eating), music (especially live) and the aerial circus arts (silks). She’s convinced that she’s at her best when she’s either under water or in the air!
  7. Nwfragfest Guest Speaker! Laura Simmons!

    Oh great I'm glad you were able to see it!
  8. Nwfragfest Guest Speaker! Laura Simmons!

    In follow up of Laura Simmons’ talk this is the foundation she recommended that supports sustainable fisheries and the native people collecting the fish: https://www.facebook.com/LINIfoundation/ For those of you who missed the talk she mentioned that this is a good organization to support as they are also supportive of the ornamental fish industry. She mentioned that places like the Humane Society are interested in shutting down the trade altogether which is what is happening in Hawaii. This is not a good thing because Hawaii had sustainable fishery practices and this has not only affected hobbyists but also people who make their livelihood with collecting these fish.
  9. I wanted to give a special shout out to @Sirena I could not have pulled off this show without her. She worked all day and then had to make multiple trips to the grocery store. She was up late Thursday. She took the day off Friday and spent the entire day preparing the beef and chicken on the Traegar. If that wasn’t enough she also prepped and made dinner for all of the volunteers and some of the vendors. She was the smiling face that met you at the show when you were hungry and stood the entire time! I believe you can feel when Love ❤️ is put into food and she put lots of love into that food! We were up until past midnight shredding chicken and meat and then up at 430am to make it to the show. We came home didn’t unload the truck and she was so exhausted she slept from 7pm to 7am the next morning! She really is one of a kind!
  10. Nwfragfest Guest Speaker! Laura Simmons!

    Thanks for trying. Too bad it didn't work for you.
  11. New Red Sea display!

    @CuttleFishandCoral Laura Simmons was very impressed by your shop. She has been all over the world and really was impressed with the room and how everything was laid out.
  12. Shout out to Sirena Long the Taco Lady

    I also wanted to shout out to @spectra who had the most amazing beans. I hear the salsa was good too but I am one of those rare unfortunate freaks that Cilantro has a soapy taste for me.. Sirena was most impressed with your culinary skills and your take charge attitude. The two of you made a fabulous team. I know you don't like too much public accolade which is why I have not posted up your own thank you thread. Same goes for Jim Armstrong @Gumby. But both these guys have a heart of gold and are hard working and will never sing their own praises. Spectra as many of you know was also the reason I originally checked out this club and wanted to be a part of it... Please don't hold that against him!

    The meeting places vary and have been as far north as Longview Washington and as far south as the Oregon Coast. This year the December meeting will be at the Kennedy School in NE Portland!
  14. Thanks again vendors, volunteers, members!! You all made this event a success! Final tally going to Tanks for Teachers is 2963.62!! Sure we could have probably just gotten by with donations and raffles and no frag show but we wanted to do something fun, positive , and bring the community together! Thank you all who came and participated!! I will post up what we end up doing for The Boys and Girls Club! Below is the breakdown of costs and without donations of time, money and supplies it wouldn't be possible!!!

    We have a great group and since it appears that you are lucky at the raffles you may want to check out our December meeting. This is typically when we have the best raffle prizes!

    It was nice to see a lot of new faces! Congrats on the win! MP40s rock! I have one on my Red Sea!
  17. New to the boards

    I'm surprised you even remember that. I approached several of the vendors and staff and got barely an audible response LOL as they were so road weary and not quite awake. I'm the morning person who is bright and chipper and alert at 5am that you dread!
  18. Nwfragfest Guest Speaker! Laura Simmons!

    Here is the link for her talk. There were some updated parts but most of it was the same. Great information:
  19. Issues with my tunze ATO

    I have heard other people have had similar problems with the sensor. There is a tunze sponsor forum on Reef Central that might be of help to you.
  20. Exquisite acro

    Gorgeous Roy but that's not a surprise! Roy was at my house Friday and with 2 minutes spotted the high end stuff that was crammed in the corner of the frag rack! You definitely have an eye for the good stuff! If Roy really likes something you should get it!
  21. Shout out to Sirena Long the Taco Lady

    I did not know her back then but I imagine that what you say is very true!
  22. Shout out to Sirena Long the Taco Lady

    Sirena mentioned to me that she helped you out many years ago too! Small world Jeremy!
  23. New to the boards

    Nice to meet you Zach at the show! You were working really hard. Setting up a show is hard work. Remember folks these vendors have to get up like 3 am drive down and then set up a tank in 2 hours or less. No easy task!! Most of the time they are lucky to break even and do it for the love of the hobby. This was our first show so I really couldn’t tell them how many people would come and they eagerly signed up anyway! Unrivaled Reefs definitely has my business! Great forum name wantanewtank as that will never go out of style!! Please support these vendors if you can and with Unrivaled Reefs it’s easy! Check out their Facebook page! He’s got some nice high end stuff as well as some old school favorites of mine!! All of it was high quality!
  24. New Red Sea display!

    Epic Build!
  25. Special thanks to the following vendors: Barrier Reef Cy Forrell and Natalia Washington Captive Reef Paul Hamby and Ed Hahn Golden Basket Reef Rudy Batara Pacific Corals Roy Seine Stumptown Corals Matt Van Devender and David Arguello Tampico Corals Kyle Woekel The Photic Zone Colin Apt The Premium Aquarium Garrett Munoz Unrivaled Reefs Gene Friend Together with cash and donations they contributed over 3 grand !! Also thanks to Cuttle Fish and Coral and Jeff Slemp who could not attend but acquired 1000 dollars worth of donations. Special thanks to the SPCDA and their president Joanne Vega for your volunteers and technical support and guidance. Thanks also to Rudy Batara for all of his sage advice on how to make this show happen. We couldn't do this without all your support. Vendors and members alike!! Final tally is coming soon but please support these vendors. Much of the time they are lucky to break even at these shows but do it for the love of the community!!