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    See Success at Every Level with Dr. Tim's

    Thanks for the video. We did get an emerald crab this weekend and it took to it immediately but I’m always leery of them because I have had a few start eating corals. I had heard in. Richard Ross talk a few years ago that there’s no proof that busting bubble algae actually worsens the spread. I still try not to break them in the tank just to be on the safe side and it’s certainly easier to remove intact if you can.
  2. Emerald525

    Dwarf Sea Horse births...

    That’s amazing !! Dwarf sea horses available soon !!
  3. Emerald525

    See Success at Every Level with Dr. Tim's

    I think as more people are seeing the results and better safety profile of other methods it’s really taking off. I have heard really good things about Vibrant as was going to try it on my stepdaughter’s Nuvo 25 that is overrun with bubble algae. She’s feeding lightly. Using chemipure and doing every other week water changes and still can’t get on top of it.
  4. Emerald525

    See Success at Every Level with Dr. Tim's

    I agree Brightwell makes good quality products. I have used their calcium , alk and mg. To be honesr I haven’t tried Prodibio but will certainly look into them. Thanks for the link. I will definitely try to check it out. I’m not as familiar with his other products but remember how skeptical people were about his denitrifying bacteria when it first came out on the market.
  5. Emerald525

    See Success at Every Level with Dr. Tim's

    I have had great success with the nitrifying bacteria. There are other brands out there that I have tried but this one has worked the best for me.
  6. Emerald525

    $10 Early Bird tickets for Frag Fest!

    Not me ! I can scoop up all the gems in that time. It would be like Supermarket sweepstakes coral style !! https://goo.gl/images/pQ4pnm
  7. A lit bit of denial goes a long way in having a great tank and besides it’s cheaper , legal, and healthier than some other addictions!😀 Hmmmm is there such thing as a “healthy addiction “ 🤔 or is that like saying “jumbo shrimp”
  8. Emerald525

    $10 Early Bird tickets for Frag Fest!

    Five extra dollars to be the first in the show to beat the crowds and get first crack to cherry pick ! I would be all over this if I actually had a tank up!Seems like a no brainer to me!😀
  9. So true ! I think many of us try to fool ourselves on the cost .
  10. @Gumby @Flashy Fins I sent an email to Rod’s food updating him on the tank and this was his response back. Let me know when the tank is cycled and up and running and he will he happy to provide the food. What a truly generous guy!
  11. Emerald525

    Barrier Reef's 12th Anniversary Sale

    Barrier reef has a great group of people and it’s a fun road trip. It’s in Renton so you fortunately don’t hit the major traffic spots in Seattle. Check them out at the frag show this Saturday!
  12. Emerald525

    Grafted Monti Caps

    My experience with grafted pieces (which admittedly is minimal-2) was that one species would take over. It’s kind of like those evil twin movies ...
  13. Emerald525

    Gold torch group buy from May meeting

    I believe they were from Indo. Looking good !
  14. Emerald525

    Fragfest Oct 27th Raffle Prizes

    Also a shout out to Rods Food! Great food! Great guy too! He’s been a long term sponsor here and as busy as he is , I can always reach him by email and he’s always willing to donate !!
  15. Emerald525

    Please vote! Mr. Saltwater Tank to speak about...

    I don’t think that will take an hour to talk about. I’m assuming either his dad’s last name was Saltwater so he was forever committed to being in the hobby or perhaps his Mom was Ms Salt and dad was Mr, Water and it’s really a hyphenated name. Mr. Salt-Water.🤔
  16. Emerald525

    Great day at the coast

    October is one of my favorite times on the coast. It’s usually less crowded and there tends to be a lot of sun and less rain. Great shots and cute dog!
  17. Emerald525

    Please vote! Mr. Saltwater Tank to speak about...

    There was an option for cheeseburger ?😳
  18. Emerald525

    Please vote! Mr. Saltwater Tank to speak about...

    Cheeseburger over pizza any day
  19. Emerald525

    Where do I post coral for sale?

    You guessed correctly.
  20. Emerald525

    PNWMAS website instability

    I have not been on much either but just now when I tried to post a response I got an error code. I will screenshot it next time .
  21. Emerald525

    Cyano? Dinos? Or something else?

    Dinos is a possibility particularly as chemiclean did not work. I had something i a 10g Nuvo that looked just like that and I thought it was cyano but didn’t respond to typical treatments for cyano so I suspected Dinos. I successfully treated with no harm to the corals with 1ml per gallon of water of hydrogen peroxide.
  22. Emerald525

    Show me your mushrooms

    I did viewings now available at Cuttlefish!
  23. Emerald525

    Getting back into the Hobby

    Welcome back to the hobby! Nice little cube!
  24. @BabelFish per classified rules you need to post a price or your post will be removed. It sounds like a nice tank by the way. I love Oceanic starfires. 😀 Pictures are also very helpful.