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  1. Happy Birthday Gil&Fin

    Many of you know her and love her !! She’s a great addition to the board and just fun to hang out with and talk to! She always makes a point of making people feel welcome and pointing them to this forum! And... she has a pretty amazing fish room!! Happy Birthday Holly!!
  2. Time to clear out the frag rack! I will donate 10 percent to the PNWMAS so we can have more raffles and great meetings ! The more you buy the better the discounts! If you spend 120 you get 10 percent off! If you spend 200 dollars 20 percent off! If you spend 300 I will be your new best friend and you get 30 percent off! Jawbreaker! First pic is the mother second pic is the baby I have for sell. It is dime sized. These are spendy but look at the color on the mother Second pic 100 dollars sold to Jorge smaller one third pic 80 dollars Sold Manny Tavan Utter chaos one of my all time favorite zoas! Definitey a top ten and will glow in your tank! These are just representative pictures I have several frags! 3 polyp 40 2 polyp 30 dollars 1 polyp 2 smaller polyps 30 1 polyp 15 Sold to Jorge 1 polyp 15 Sold Willapa 1 polyp 15 Sold Flash Oxides First pic 10 SOLD to Spectra second frag (B) 5 dollars SOLD To Manny Tavan Blue tubes frag C 5 dollars Sold to powderblue scrambled eggs frag A 10 dollars Sold spectra Mystic grape favia wysiwyg 20 dollars Sold Albertareef Incredible Hulk Lepto! This really glows ! One of the brightest things in tank! Picture is of main colony frag A Sold Willapa Frag B Sold Mchums Frag C is a little bigger 10 dollars Sold Cherany Pokerstar monti Second pic 10 dollars Sold Willapa Third pic either frag 5 dollars 5 dollar frag Sold Cherany Sunset Sakura! These are nice and bright! wysiwyg 15 dollars SOLD Mchums Hawaiian zoas 5 dollars Scrambled Eggs 10 dollars Sold Albertareef GOD of war Frag 10 dollars SOLD MCHUMS Garf bonsai top 10 Tricolor! First frag is about 3/4 inch 20 dollars Second frag over an inches 30 dollars Sold spectra Oregon blue tort these are a classic All Sold! These are slow growers so these are small frags about half inch First pic is 15 Sold Powderblue Second and third pic 10dollars second frag sold 10 dollars Cherany Third frag Oregon blue 10 dollars Sold Tinvn Cornbred Rainbow infusion without the Cornbred. Price ! These are really nice my picture doesn’t do it justice ! Single polyp 40 dollars 2 polyp I’m keeping ! 😀 Captain Americas 7 single polyps only 5 dollars! 2 polyp I have 2 10 dollars Sold Jackthereefer Sunset Tenius 20 dollars Sold Taylorhardy
  3. FS: 5 dollar frags and up! High end to low end!

    Thanks everyone !!!I’m going to close this thread. Paypal of 42.50 to the club!
  4. Davids Reefer 350 build.

    What do you think about it?
  5. Davids Reefer 350 build.

    Whoa !! Christmas came early for you! Very nice clean build and nice equipment! I love the Red Sea Tanks ! So are you planning on dosing trace elements and supplements too along with the calcium , alk and mag?
  6. Exodus Versa 42 Upgrade

    Very nice build I finally got a chance to read it all! Very clean looking too and great idea for hiding the reservoir for the ATO! You also did a very nice job with clean up. You made the tank look like it was brand new great job! I will hire you the next time I need to clean a tank LOL!
  7. Famous!

    You are too humble Rudy ! You’re The Godfather ! and yeah kinda goofy too!
  8. FS: 5 dollar frags and up! High end to low end!

    Yes it is would you like me add it to your frags?
  9. FS: 5 dollar frags and up! High end to low end!

    List updated all Hulk frags are sold, some utter chaos are left and a tenius , the Rainbow infusion and Captain Americas!
  10. FS: 5 dollar frags and up! High end to low end!

    Scrambled eggs are all sold sorry I didn’t mark it but I have a smaller frag I can sell for 5 dollars!
  11. FS: 5 dollar frags and up! High end to low end!

    Jawbreakers are all spoken for!
  12. FS: 5 dollar frags and up! High end to low end!

    Great choices Trevor! Are you going to the Jeff’s Anniversary sale Saturday ? I could meet you there . I will be there at 11.
  13. FS: 5 dollar frags and up! High end to low end!

    I should have you proofread everything before I post it !😀 The frags are yours !! All oregon blue torts are sold !
  14. Gold and green torch from Emerald525

    Looks good! It does grow fairly quickly which is why I needed to sell it as it was stinging things lol! Always nice to see where my frags go! Thanks for sharing !
  15. FS: 5 dollar frags and up! High end to low end!

    All yours Sean!! They will look fabulous in your tank!
  16. FS: 5 dollar frags and up! High end to low end!

    You got it Randall! I can hold them for you!
  17. FS: 5 dollar frags and up! High end to low end!

    I’m planning on being there I will see you then You got it and you get a discount!!
  18. FS: 5 dollar frags and up! High end to low end!

    Geez!! I just posted lol !! You got it !!
  19. 5th annual anniversary sale 12-16 and 12-17!

    Congratulations Jeff that truly is a major milestone! The saltwater business is NOT easy. There is so much upfront expense and one false move and you can lose half your inventory. Even when things are going well you can lose your inventory for no particular reason! You have been through it all and you have persevered! I remember when you first came over to my house with that boyish grin and you have never lost your passion. You started with a tiny shop that you could and now you have one of the largest nicest shops! Sirena and I will be there ! We have grandkids but I’m not missing the raffles and grab bags this time ! So proud of you !!
  20. Great shots from nanoreefer!

    Very good Paul! The first one is a Joker Favia. The second is a war Coral favite. It’s a little bleached out because I do t really have a lower light place for it right now. Ha ha sorry the cat is staying!
  21. Great shots from nanoreefer!

    Nanoreefer stopped by and we did some trades but he also brought us camera. Most of these pictures are just raw shots but he did tweak the pictures of Ollie! Thanks again the great pictures alone were worth the trade!