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  1. I love camping but as I get older the idea of sleeping in a tent on a air mattress no longer appeals to me. I have a Chevy Colorado diesel with a tow capacity of 7700. In the past I had a Terry trailer and a Keystone. The Keystone was poorly made in my opinion. I would rather spend more and have a quality RV that is going to last a while then get a poorly made trailer with all the bells and whistles. I was looking at the Forest River Rpods. Looks like a decent size and seems to be nicely made. I could also purchase a vintage one cheaply as it is sitting in my brother's driveway and have it fixed up. Any thoughts ? Also does anyone know if there is a class I can take to actually learn how to pull and hook up a trailer because I know NOTHING about any of this but am wiling to learn. (As in FYI @Sirena is the handier more mechanical minded one of the group here. I just get by with my charm...)
  2. Well considering Jeff said he could get a thousand I think there is plenty and these are the hand picked gems! I want to get in on this myself !
  3. This is one of many group buys that will be happening at the April meeting at Cuttle fish and Coral!! Jeff will score us rock flower anemones similar to these beauties above and below ! These are the ultra grade which normally retail for 60 to 80 dollars each! You can now score one on this group by for... Only 25 dollars !!!! They are easy to care for and unlike other anemones, you set them where you want them and they tend to stay put !! Heres how this group buy works: 1. Payment goes to Paypal@pnwmas.org. I need payment by Friday April 6 or you’re not in the group buy. You can get as many as you want! Please put your forum name on PayPal when you order. please gift the PayPal fees so the club doesn’t incur the fees! 2. You have until March 30 to say you want in and how many you want. 3. As part of the group buy we will donate one rock flower anemone to be auctioned later with all proceeds going to Tanks for Teachers. 4. You or a friend will need to pick yours up at the meeting April 15 at Cuttlefish if you fail to pick yours up by the end of the day April 15, you have just donated your anemone to go to Tanks for Teachers. That’s very generous of you ! 5. Names will be randomly drawn to see who goes first ,second , third etc. If you buy more than one , your name will go in as many times as you buy. Who wants in?!!! 1. Ron 8 2. Mrk 13p 3or 4 paid 3 3. Kingfisher 1 4. Youcallmenny 2 5. Pdxreeftank 2 paid 6. Beard up 1 paid 7. Sroberts 4 8. Pdxmonkeyboy 1 paid 9. Rdavis 1 paid 10. Sakky 1 11. Paratore 4 12. Jarmitage 1 paid 13. Cjmdh 4 paid 14. Kai 1 paid 15. Sharklover 4 16. Jeremevans 3
  4. You got it! And that puts us over the 40 anemone mark!
  5. Oregon Mummy Eye

    Why thank you...
  6. Oregon Mummy Eye

    Don’t Paypal me PayPal the club paypal@pnwmas.org I do but I’m keeping it ! I love OME! This one was given to me and I don’t believe in profiting of a gifts.😀 I do have a gorgeous pink boobies chalice but that would cost you 75 dollars for me to part with.
  7. Oregon Mummy Eye

    I have one Chris. Yours for a 15 dollar donation to the club. Paypal@pnwmas.org
  8. Looking for a skeleton

    You ask for the strangest things Jack...
  9. CNC Auction # 6 RMF Acid Trip .5"

    It really is stunning !
  10. Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    Thanks for the offer! One of the things I love about this place is there are so many people willing to help. In buying this trailer things wouldn’t have gone nearly as smoothly without all of your help. We did get a trailer to practice with and it helped ! Sirena backed up the trailer in one try!! Your motor home sounds awesome . Do you have pictures ?
  11. Back in...in Bend OR

    Welcome to Oregon and warmer weather ! I was rooting for the Vikings to win their first Super Bowl! Glad you got a tank up again! I know there are a few of reefers in the Medford area but not sure about Bend.
  12. CNC Auction # 10 green Red Mushroom

    Shhhh I was gonna swoop in....😳
  13. Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    It really does make it so much bigger . We already love it!!
  14. Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    My plan all along was to get an RV which is why I bought the diesel truck! So excited !!
  15. Okay I have you down! 😀 I believe that makes the count 38 !!
  16. Looking for advice on RVs Who has them?

    And yes you did!! We looked at a lot of trailers and did a lot of research. At first we were looking at the Rpods but fell in love with the Micro Minnie’s. We got the 2108 DS model with the Murphy bed and we love it! In doing research these are fairly well made compared to some other trailers. So excited !!! Thanks for all the great advice !! Who wants to go camping ?!!!
  17. CNC Auction # 6 RMF Acid Trip .5"

    This is an amazing piece ! 40 dollars
  18. So the April meeting will be at Cuttlefish and Coral and Jeff would like to do something special. We can either get a zoa colony for another growout contest and you pick up your frags that day or we could do a group buy. Some of the buy in goes to prizes for the person who grows the most zoas. A group buy is where a group of people go all in on a big premium colony or corals and we get a group discount. We usually then draw numbers for who gets first pick. Typically we keep one frag to raffle off to TFT) (we have done chalices, acros, maxi minis, in the past) Which would you prefer to do and I will work on the details later?
  19. Oh nice I don’t have the same excuse !
  20. You’re up early. I guess so am I ! 😀
  21. Oh and I forgot to mention when you PayPal please gift it so the club doesn’t incur any fees. You can trust the club!😀 List updated! Thanks all you early payers!
  22. CNC Auction # 6 RMF Acid Trip .5"