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  1. I know Drew and I have not been present these past few months, but we'd still love to come! What is the date of the meeting?
  2. Added our fish today!! After the tank crash last month, we only have minimal coral... but it's a start!!
  3. Finally have our 110 set up (been cycling for quite some time) and got everything moved over. Saw these on the glass... any idea?
  4. I'm not 100% sure? Maybe when Drew was getting water from the RO on tuesday he bumped it from the wall (where it's plugged in)?
  5. I don't run a heater in the summer, but it's been in the 20's-30's here at night, and the heater has been off for approx 5 days, fluctuating each day. It's really cold in the Garage. We'll see, I can only hope!
  6. Drew's been out of town since Thursday and will be home on Wednesday. I checked on the tank Friday and fed them, and made sure everything was ok. Last night I went out to the Garage (where the tank is for a few more weeks until our 110 is cycled) and noticed a layer of brown algae on everything, and my beautiful huge rbta was way smaller, and brighter pink than normal. I checked the temp and it was in the 60's!!! I checked the heater and it had came unplugged. I plugged it back in. I just rechecked the tank and none of the corals are out/open, the algae was covering everything, and the tank looked bad. I am not sure how long the heater had been unplugged, and how many times the temp had fluctuated and gotten lower! I am pretty sure I lost pretty much everything, including our huge green pipe organ. I am so upset!! Drew is going to be furious with me! Looks like we'll be starting from scratch with our new tank, except fish. grr! (flame) Moral of the story; CHECK YOUR TANK EVERY DAY!! (sad)(sad)(sad)
  7. Welcome!! I'd love to take the zoa's off your hands if you still have the rock!
  8. Dangit, we just set our 110 up and will need a cuc too lol
  9. Holy cow!! Amazing!! Any chance you'd want to come to CG and do my rockwork? lol!
  10. Drew and I could probably snag another bucket
  11. It's alive!!! After much deliberation, we decided to paint the stand black. We sanded it down and applied about 5 coats of paint, and then sealed the inside with a outdoor deck paint with mildewacide added to it, for added protection. The doors have also been painted, however, we need new hinges, as the others were corroded. We will get the hood painted this week. We didn't realize we had so much sand sitting in buckets, so we have a nice sand bed going on already! Sneak peak! Sorry for the not-so-great pictures, they were taken with my iPhone. Please don't look at the messy house
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