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  1. pnkrcklives

    Raising Steel Stand 6" Or So

    Weld in risers. I can handle it for you.
  2. pnkrcklives

    Large zoa live rock

    Approx how big is the rock ?
  3. pnkrcklives

    anyone do construction ? or plumbing a new tank?

    To bad you don't need it in the field of auto repair, welding, or fabrication. I have some jobs coming up I could use a spare set of hands for...
  4. pnkrcklives

    Black sand?

    I did a black sand tank once. It was great. Just watch for highly magnetic sand. The sand I got from wet spot in Portland. It was called Tahitian moon. Mixed with a bit of white sand to seed the tank. Worked out great.
  5. pnkrcklives


    Topping off with saltwater
  6. pnkrcklives

    WTB odd size tank.

    Looking for a tank 52-55 inches long(preferably 55) by 24 tall by 24 deep. It doesn't have to even be water tight or strong. I am going to set up a vivarium in an old surround I have and that is the dimensions I have to work with. I may try making one myself since it doesn't need to hold water. Just checking whats out there first.
  7. pnkrcklives

    Wanted: Fabricator for Steel stand

    Yes I do build steel stands... I will be working on one hear in a few minutes just waiting for my garage to warm up a little. I will post some progress picks as I go along.
  8. pnkrcklives

    SAD DAY!!!

    Special thanks to Frankb for his donation. Thanks all for the support.
  9. pnkrcklives

    SAD DAY!!!

    There has also been an account setup. Its to help us with funeral expenses, private investigation fees, and transportation costs for court hearings. Message me if you want the details.
  10. pnkrcklives

    SAD DAY!!!

    Here is a link to My friends facebook. He is the one putting on the show. https://www.facebook.com/shaun.toman
  11. pnkrcklives

    SAD DAY!!!

    This is copied off my Facebook. My good friend is the one putting on the benefit. I would love if some of my fish friends could also come show us support in these difficult times. I will also be putting together an auction on here to support the same cause. I just gotta get a few more things worked out before I will have time to put it together. Thanks in advance Sunday Nov 18th 5-10pm at The New Copper Penny Ballroom. Attention friends, family and bands. A good friend of ours and one of my wife's bridesmaids has come into a horrible situation and I am working on a benefit show for Sunday Nov 18th. Don’t want to go into too much detail but her 17 year son was found murdered last week in Olympia, WA. As you can imagine her and her family are completely devastated, she just got engaged and planned on having an engagement party this last weekend. Now she has to plan for her sons funeral on-top of dealing with the people that are in custody for the murder. Its a horrible thing to happen especially this close to home. I’ve known her fiancee since we were 15 years old and he was also one of my groomsmen at our wedding back in July. I’m planning on putting together a benefit concert for the family to raise money for funeral costs. Her son was a huge fan of Johnny Cash so we’ve got that part covered. The Twangshifters will playing as well as Johnny Credit and The Cash Machine. If you or your band would be interested in helping out please private message Shaun Toman. Her friends and family are asking for an all ages venue so if you can think of anything locally please let me know. Also this will be on a Sunday evening. Thank you all and I look forward to putting this benefit together. Sunday Nov 18th 5-10pm at The New Copper Penny Ballroom. There will be backline and PA.
  12. pnkrcklives

    Way to go Emerald525!!! Check this out!

    Very Nice!!!!
  13. pnkrcklives

    30g Tank Auction

    I have not checked this thread in a bit... Was I the closest number? Did I win something. If so please send me a PM with pickup info.
  14. pnkrcklives

    Korallin calcium reactor with bubble counter

    Just reactor and pump??
  15. pnkrcklives

    Custom Metal Art

    What is the size of your oven? I need to Find a powder coater to do my fish tanks stands.