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  1. You do realize that there are other uses for vinegar, right? To the literal minded, no need to actually throw it away. 😀
  2. That’s a lovely PJ. I have one whose mate bit all his fins off. I put him in a nice retirement tank with no aggressive females beating him up. We owe him a decent life during his golden years.
  3. maxicurls

    Defeated by SPS

    I could be wrong, of course! I’m wrong with such frequency that I’ve learned to be sure & add “in my estimation” to most declarative statements.
  4. maxicurls

    Defeated by SPS

    Metal contamination from a steel hose clamp is likely not the issue here, in my estimation.
  5. maxicurls


    Ah. That must be what I saw. I assumed it was you because you’re using the same photos & it has all the same equipment. I’m not one of those who thinks there’s anything wrong with flipping a setup like this for a little profit, btw. Stuff is worth whatever people will pay. It’s unusual though, to see something advertised at a higher price on PNWMAS than for the general public on Craigslist. Most people go the other way around. It’s a free country though. GLWS.
  6. maxicurls


    It did a couple months ago on fb for 500. Then it was gone, & back up for 500 without the stuff. Many of us scrappy reefers watch the classifieds like a hawk. 😉
  7. maxicurls


    Was 500 on OfferUp awhile back
  8. I’ve also seen frozen cockles at Pets on Broadway.
  9. Be sure & add lots of live rock. Your mandarin will appreciate it.
  10. My first tank was “pre-enlightenment” as well. More of a Dark Ages style tank that ended with a nasty Spanish Inquisition type situation.
  11. The yellow coris do great pest work when they’re small. When they’re bigger, they look cool, but won’t be too interested in really small prey.
  12. I Probably won’t be here, but will keep them at temp & the bartender will grab them for you. We got 5 freebies. So all the 10’s get 11!
  13. The slugs have arrived at Moloko...
  14. And I have not heard from Gumby, so those 10 are for you. Are you able to come by on Tuesday?
  15. I’ve received your PayPal y’all. I believe all are spoken for, but it sounds like enough people still want some, you could probably put another order together. Then more will chime in, & they’ll do yet another order, & so on.
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