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  1. maxicurls

    Cherub angelfish

    They are very much known for their aggression. I used to consider getting one occasionally, but every thread I ever found pointed to them being psychopathic.
  2. This is a favia. If you feed it, it will grow much faster. And too much light might make it appear pale or washed out, if that’s what you mean.
  3. I love all the jawfish. The building of the cave & the hoarding of objects cracks me up. The frowny face & nonviolent grumpiness are pretty solid as well. A perennial favorite at the bar. I don’t do blue spot jawfish anymore because my tanks are too warm for them to thrive. We have a dusky one now, & a couple yellow heads in QT, all fantastic fish. If I could have only one fish, it might be a jawfish.
  4. Man a hardcore aquarium aficionado has moved back to halide in the last few years. I believe that’s what Jason Fox still uses.
  5. Y’all are even more popular than usual today! Well deserved!
  6. If you put it in a tank with a whole bunch of damsels, I wonder how long it’d take to clear it? Could be a dope display.
  7. I never test par. I just blast them with tons of blue light from every source I can stuff in there & maybe 15% white for 7 hours. I used to use much more white - higher intensity & more time. I haven’t done a scientific test, but my colors are definitely way better. Growth may have slowed a little, but I can’t be sure.
  8. Hi everybody, All my pink birdsnest died mysteriously awhile back. I need some for a project, hopefully a nice little pile. Looking for the fine-branched pink stuff. Will trade coral or credit from Moloko!
  9. Buy mine. Basically unused. I believe it’s a 150 gallon. Can meet you in NoPo. $50
  10. Might they get along, perhaps, both being pectinias? I’ve never had a pectinia either.
  11. I do believe Robert badaxgillen has some on hand.
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