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  1. Man a hardcore aquarium aficionado has moved back to halide in the last few years. I believe that’s what Jason Fox still uses.
  2. Y’all are even more popular than usual today! Well deserved!
  3. If you put it in a tank with a whole bunch of damsels, I wonder how long it’d take to clear it? Could be a dope display.
  4. I never test par. I just blast them with tons of blue light from every source I can stuff in there & maybe 15% white for 7 hours. I used to use much more white - higher intensity & more time. I haven’t done a scientific test, but my colors are definitely way better. Growth may have slowed a little, but I can’t be sure.
  5. Hi everybody, All my pink birdsnest died mysteriously awhile back. I need some for a project, hopefully a nice little pile. Looking for the fine-branched pink stuff. Will trade coral or credit from Moloko!
  6. Buy mine. Basically unused. I believe it’s a 150 gallon. Can meet you in NoPo. $50
  7. Might they get along, perhaps, both being pectinias? I’ve never had a pectinia either.
  8. I do believe Robert badaxgillen has some on hand.
  9. Sbreef is way better for basic led boxes imo. $145 shipped for their most simple one. The blues on OR lights fade dramatically after about a year with normal use & often fail completely by the end of the second year & the fans go out quick too. The power supplies fail at around the same time. It used to be ok because they would sell you new parts fairly cheap, but they don’t seem to want to do that anymore.
  10. I have a few of these. Could do trade. Acro frag maybe?
  11. I’ve got at least 2 species of isopod creeping around. I think many isopods are just scavengers or detrivores. The ones I’ve seen in my tank are pretty slow-moving. Those parasitic ones that eat the fish’s tongue so they can live in the fish’s mouth though... nightmarish. Did you see that movie, The Bay, I think it’s called? 😬😱
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