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  1. Harlequin Shrimp & Asterina's

    Mine is singular. I had a pair a few years back. I think this is a matter of preference.
  2. Harlequin Shrimp & Asterina's

    I have one that is hanging out right next to a cleaner shrimp, fire shrimp, AND a pistol/gobie combo. Wide open 150 gallon tank & it's just chillin with all the other shrimp for some reason. So I report no problems there. They do a number on the asterinas for sure. Worth it? Definitely, IMO, and I love harlequin shrimp - the coolest small shrimp, if you ask me. Mine has pretty much cleaned one tank out. So I plan to catch it soon & move it to another tank. They will probably eat the brittle stars, but I dunno. Seems like brittle stars might be able to fight back. I don't think the harlequin shrimp have a whole lotta fight in them. They seem to rely on a sort of hypnosis technique. I have these tiny lavender asterinas that eat certain types of zoanthids, but I've never seen them eat sps. Doesn't mean they don't, of course. I find the larger white ones to be less problematic.
  3. Looking for stylo

    I have lots of pink, lots of purple. Would be up for a trade.
  4. (2) Ocean revive arctic t247

    Tried to send you a message, but it said you can’t receive them? Gimme a shout. I could pick one up tomorrow
  5. Happy Birthday Bicyclebill !!!!

    What a guy! Happy Birthday Bill!
  6. Leptoseris frags for sale or rent

    More frags available. Bump!
  7. Leptoseris frags for sale or rent

    We could work out some sort of Rent-a-Center type thing where instead of paying $50 outright, you sign your life over to me, ruin your credit, & pay $10/week for 5 years.
  8. Leptoseris frags for sale or rent

    Edited for repost, 3/17: Hi everybody! I've got a whole bunch more of these fully encrusted Jason Fox Jack-o-lantern Leptoseris frags for sale or trade. I've lowered the price to $40 because I have so many. These corals are beautiful & pretty much bulletproof. I love them. I'll be gone this weekend, so pickup will have to be tomorrow before 2:30 pm or by appointment any time next week. They are currently in the frag rack in the left side of the 130 behind the bar & in the back 150 gallon tank at Moloko in case you happen to come through for a drink & want to take a look. For trades I am looking for bright Bubbletip anemones of any colors that I don't have. (I have "rainbow" rose anemones with a pale green oral disc. I am also looking for a happy, healthy rabbitfish. Let me know what else you've got. I will not ship. Jack-o-lantern $40
  9. Oh. Looks like you may have figured all that out already...
  10. Not sure it's dead, but... You wouldn't be the first to have one of these die without ever fully acclimating. If this should go that way & you decide you want another sebae, one thing to be careful & avoid with those is any that look really white. Healthy photosynthetic anemones are not white. When they look like that, it's because they have lost their zooxanthellae & are very stressed. It's probably possible to bring them back from that state, but it's no sure thing. I think I saw that Bob Fenner mention once something about force feeding them to try to bring them back from that state. It's hard for them to recover from transplant & shipping stress when they have no symbiotic algae left to generate energy.
  11. I would trade you one or two. I have some that are "rainbow" colored. Mostly rose, but with a lot of green. I'll could let you know when one migrates to a smaller rock or moves to a place where I can collect it. They are all at Moloko, if you're in the neighborhood & want to take a look sometime.
  12. Look who I found

    It was creeping up the wall, so I turned off the vortech, figuring I'd peel it off the wall tomorrow. The next morning, there it was! Perfect placement. Having a bit of an STN problem on some of my SPS. Thanks for not calling attention to it! I'm thinking I need to replace the LED's as the blues have faded out.
  13. 2 FREE Acrylic tanks

    Excellent! I'll be ready for you.