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  1. maxicurls

    Ocean Revive

    Sbreef is way better for basic led boxes imo. $145 shipped for their most simple one. The blues on OR lights fade dramatically after about a year with normal use & often fail completely by the end of the second year & the fans go out quick too. The power supplies fail at around the same time. It used to be ok because they would sell you new parts fairly cheap, but they don’t seem to want to do that anymore.
  2. maxicurls

    WTB Older Vortech MP40 Dry Side/Motor

    I have a few of these. Could do trade. Acro frag maybe?
  3. maxicurls

    FS: frag tank, hydra 26 non HD pair, coral

    Pm sent on torch! In you neighborhood!
  4. maxicurls

    Isopod or amphipod?

    I’ve got at least 2 species of isopod creeping around. I think many isopods are just scavengers or detrivores. The ones I’ve seen in my tank are pretty slow-moving. Those parasitic ones that eat the fish’s tongue so they can live in the fish’s mouth though... nightmarish. Did you see that movie, The Bay, I think it’s called? 😬😱
  5. maxicurls

    Grafted Monti Caps

    That is totally unacceptable! I thought "grafted" in this case meant they were fused right down to their very soul. I have corals that grow together & tolerate each other, but I don't go around saying their "grafted. Hmph
  6. maxicurls

    Grafted Monti Caps

    Nothin eh? Looks like I should bring some into the community then, I guess.
  7. maxicurls

    WTB Legs for Ocean Revive T247 lights

    I believe I just have one. I'll check this afternoon & get back to you.
  8. maxicurls

    Grafted Monti Caps

    Who's got some? I will trade liquor, coral, grilled tuna sandwiches, or money for some of these. Extra points for the sunfire or whatever you call them with the contrasting sparkly polyps!
  9. maxicurls

    WTB Legs for Ocean Revive T247 lights

    I have some way up here in Portland. No charge
  10. maxicurls

    September Meeting Frag Swap 2018

    I've got some flourescent orange discosoma, green/orange/multicolor yumas, a huge (FREE!) rock of florescent green rhodactis, tons of devil's hand leathers, ORA pink photosynthetic gorgonians, green sinularia, nuclear green polyps, purple death, gorilla nips, everlasting gobstoppers, sunset sakuras...
  11. maxicurls

    September Meet and Greet at Molokos

    Believe it or not, that awful pun about the Nintendo being a "game-changer" was totally unintentional.
  12. maxicurls

    September Meeting Frag Swap 2018

    Super excited about this! I'll have a whole bunch of stuff available for trade, including but not limited to: Upscales Rose Stylophora ORA purple Stylophora Jason Fox Hulk Leptoseris JF Jackolantern Lepto JF Moonstruck psammacora Golden basket watermelon psammacora Golden Basket Pot of Gold (name?) Lepto red/purple green eyed war coral LA lakers turbinaria RR Nauti Spiral Monti (lil frag) JF highlighter orange pavona and many more... For trades, I'm hoping for equivalentish items. These days, I'm leaning mostly toward corals I can see from across the room, as my friend Kate would say. These will all be available for sale as well. And I've got loads of free softies for everyone!! Please try to bring your own reusable container, if possible. Sorry about my lack of photos. I keep forgetting to bring my camera into the bar. I'll attempt to get a few up tomorrow.
  13. maxicurls

    September Meet and Greet at Molokos

    Ah. I just saw there's another post about the swap! Anyway. We're stoked to be having all our aquarium friends coming over! We also have classic Nintendo & Super Nintendo available for your enjoyment, which might be a new addition since your last visit. It's a real game-changer. See you Saturday!
  14. maxicurls

    Wtt green bta for another nem

    I have lots of red/green "rainbow" rbta's that I'd trade to add some variety. 2 for 2, if you like. I don't have a photo right now. They're nice
  15. maxicurls

    ICP Analysis

    Insane Clown Posse Analysis