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  1. maxicurls

    ICP Analysis

    Insane Clown Posse Analysis
  2. maxicurls


    All good! Beautiful pieces Gumby! PMmmming now
  3. maxicurls


    I believe classified posts still need prices, correct?
  4. maxicurls


    And high flow is no problem. They are strong swimmers
  5. maxicurls


    I've kept them for a long time. Mine have always picked at duncans, acans, clams, trachyphillias, chalice, etc. They have never gone after my big pearl bubble coral. I wouldn't trust them with most really fleshy corals & they might or might not eat your zoanthids. Favias have generally been ok. Eventually they will nip at your clams if they don't do so immediately. I really really like them in sps tanks. They are neat fish to watch. I have had about 5 over the last ten years & currently have 2. I have one that I move from tank to tank & pull once she starts really damaging the lps which hopefully happens after she has cleaned out most of the aptaisia. I have a tank that has none of the corals they like in it, so that tank has one in permanent residence. Cuttlefish should have one, I imagine. I know Seahorse had one recently.
  6. maxicurls

    Is there anything else I can do to fight aefw?

    The main points I took away from it were: 1. If you dial the white/multicolor array down on cheapish LED's, they don't produce the right color spectrum. So you have to run them almost full blast. 2. You should have the white/multicolor array on for only 6-8 hours each day. (Jason Fox does 6) I'm sure there's more, but those were notable changes from what I'd been doing before.
  7. maxicurls

    Is there anything else I can do to fight aefw?

    This was the most valuable advice I've heard in years. I immediately changed my settings. Thanks Rudy!
  8. maxicurls

    Is there anything else I can do to fight aefw?

    I think many people have aefw in their systems without realizing it. It's so easy for some flatworms or eggs to find their way in on a rock, frag plug, even if the rock isn't attached to an acro. I think everybody should take a Maxijet & blow off their acros every so often. Many would be surprised, I suspect. This guy who had a tank of the month on Reef Central awhile back swears by this method. He says he's fallowed & dipped & "eliminated' aefw a few different times, but they always make it back in. So he just blows them off periodically & keeps a lot of wrasses & everything grows well & stays healthy. https://reefbum.com/pests/dealing-with-red-bugs-and-aefw/
  9. I’ll take a Funny Farm lepto!
  10. maxicurls

    Corals for Sale!SE Portland

    It is! No worries about the exp date.
  11. maxicurls

    Corals for Sale!SE Portland

    Hi Kim! I'll take frag C of the mystic grape favia
  12. Hi everybody! Been a minute since I've posted. As the title indicates, I am looking for some interesting corals that encrust without a lot of stucture - plates, columns, etc. For trade, I have tons of pieces of: LA Lakers turbinaria Jack o lantern lepto rose stylophora purple stylophora Idaho grape monti rainbowish rbta's seafoam green & orange multicolor yumas photosynthetic pink gorgonians pink Sakura zoanthids various softies I'm sure I'm forgetting some. I can also buy things from you... or pay you in bar credit. Sorry I have no photos of these at my fingertips at the moment. Let me know what you've got. As always, my stuff is at moloko for your perusal over a cocktail, Shirley Temple, or ice water.
  13. maxicurls

    Harlequin Shrimp & Asterina's

    Mine is singular. I had a pair a few years back. I think this is a matter of preference.
  14. maxicurls

    Harlequin Shrimp & Asterina's

    I have one that is hanging out right next to a cleaner shrimp, fire shrimp, AND a pistol/gobie combo. Wide open 150 gallon tank & it's just chillin with all the other shrimp for some reason. So I report no problems there. They do a number on the asterinas for sure. Worth it? Definitely, IMO, and I love harlequin shrimp - the coolest small shrimp, if you ask me. Mine has pretty much cleaned one tank out. So I plan to catch it soon & move it to another tank. They will probably eat the brittle stars, but I dunno. Seems like brittle stars might be able to fight back. I don't think the harlequin shrimp have a whole lotta fight in them. They seem to rely on a sort of hypnosis technique. I have these tiny lavender asterinas that eat certain types of zoanthids, but I've never seen them eat sps. Doesn't mean they don't, of course. I find the larger white ones to be less problematic.
  15. maxicurls

    Looking for stylo

    I have lots of pink, lots of purple. Would be up for a trade.