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  1. ReefStar

    Large Tank.............

    Check your PM.....
  2. ReefStar

    WTB heater, maxijet, nano heater

    Hi Kim; glad to see you are back!Let me know if you need anything; I got bunch of stuff laying around. Kenny REEFSTAR L.E.D
  3. ReefStar

    Chinese LED group buy

    Well said!
  4. sale pending on the complete setup
  5. Buyer backed out, back up for sale!
  6. ReefStar

    MJ 1200 or 900 Impeller

    I should have one. Let me know. Kenny
  7. ReefStar

    equipment & tank FS Trade

    Re-run clear your pm box or Give me a call Kenny 503-998-6999
  8. ReefStar

    Finally...a little success!

    Congrat! I love the PB tang also but unsuccessful. I just got another one; cross my finger!!
  9. ReefStar

    REEFSTAR 315g build

    Thanks for the comments guys! LOL, I thought of that metal band clamp when I put it onDOH!. I did not have any plastic ones to that fit the hose. Would the plastic one hold fine? I only hope my tank would be as nice as your!(drooler)
  10. ReefStar

    REEFSTAR 315g build

    Thanks Mike for the info! I was looking more for a wiring pulley system. I will keep on looking. UPDATE TIME!! Been pretty busy setting up the tank and waiting for the water to fill!! Finally, got it filled and did some rock scape and did a temp light fixture. Enjoy the pictures!!(clap) Full tank shot Left side Right side and... 2x MP 60 = bada$$; I haven't hooked up the mp40 yet!(nutty)
  11. ReefStar

    30ish gal plastic container.

    got one for you Jeramy
  12. ReefStar

    Anyone had success with diy live rock?

    I have extra live rock if you are interested
  13. ReefStar

    SPS & (1 ) Watt LED's

    Been busy with the family and working on the new tank!(clap)(clap) I just saw this thread so I thought I would chime in. If you want to see just Reefstar led only growth; look at frankb's tank. He can attest the growth on led only. Actually 1w cost more to manufacturer than 3w. Comparing 1w and 3w with the same wattage, it cost less to make a 3w unit. 1w and 3w cost almost the same per led. For example 120w light; 1w=120 leds, 3w= 40 leds. It would cost more for labor cost on the 1w because it has more leds to put together. That is why a lot of manufacturer moved to the 3w leds; by moving to less leds per unit will sacrafice the the color blending. That is why you see color separation on rocks and sand. My theory for using 1w: 1- Comparing same wattage unit, there are more led per sq inch on the 1w than the 3w units. 1w: 120 leds, 3w: 40 leds, 3x as much leds on the 1w! The more leds per sq inch; you get better color blending, better and even par number throughout the tank, more lighting surface. For example AI sol. 3w x 24 leds= 72 total watts. With only 24 leds for one unit, it has to be placed further apart. That is why you see the color separation on rocks and sand. Also you need more units to cover a tank. Check the par on the AI sol. Yes it has high par right under the 3w led, but if you go over a little bit in any directions; the par drops. With the leds place too far apart, you don't get even par throughout the tank. Most tank that is running 3w leds are only running at 50-70% anyways. 2- As for par. Check out the you tube clip I did at the beginning of my development par testing on my prototype unit. Most sps will survive about 240 par. I was getting 320 par at the sand bed. About 2000 at water surface, 1200 at 12". Remember this is a 24" deep tank. 3- The spectrum graph of the Reefstar led is almost the like the spectrum graph of the 400w Radium 20k. I copied the spectrum of the 400w radium 20k is because I like the color and growth. There is a led discussion thread on this forum I post both graph. I can go on and on, but if anyone that has any questions on leds; I am more than happy to chat!(clap) Pm me or give me a call. 503-998-6999- Kenny Anyone that are interested the the 3w units, I can make one for you. I use a variety of optics degree to get the optimal spread and par.
  14. ReefStar

    300 Cube the new tank.

    Nice growth pictures Frank! Pictures does not do this tank justice!!