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  1. jackaninny

    Dry coral ~40lbs

  2. jackaninny

    Dry coral ~40lbs

    Dry coral. Two types/shapes. Never used for my 60G project. ~40lbs but might a little more/less. Rubbermaid included. $20
  3. jackaninny

    SWC Xtreme 150 BMK Skimmer

    New in Box - SWC Xtreme 150 BMK skimmer. A little old but lots of good reviews on out there on this unit. Purchased for my 60G cube project I was never able to start. Asking $50
  4. jackaninny

    Nova Extreme T5 - 36" Lights

  5. I have no idea if anyone still used T5's but these were a very good line of lights. I purchased for a breeder tank but never installed them. 36"- 6 x 39W New in box. Asking $25
  6. jackaninny

    60G Cube, Stand & Sump

  7. jackaninny

    60G Cube, Stand & Sump

    Bought this tank several years ago and never finished setting it up. Filled it to check for leaks (none) and bought some plumbing parts but then the project stalled out. 60G Cube (24x24x24) - everything in the picture included. $100 takes it all
  8. jackaninny

    SWC Xtreme 150 BMK Skimmer

    PM me River City.
  9. jackaninny

    New Reactor

    BRS Deluxe Reactor - Never Used $65 New - Pretty Sure this is the link to the same Deluxe Reactor Asking $20
  10. jackaninny

    Nova Extreme T5 - 36" Lights

    Lights are sold
  11. jackaninny

    60G Cube, Stand & Sump

    Tank is tentatively sold.
  12. jackaninny

    SWC Xtreme 150 BMK Skimmer

    I'm in NE PDX I can't tell you specifically how big a tank other than Luke at Reef Filtration told me it would do the 60G without any issues.
  13. jackaninny

    Leaving the hobby for now.......... :(

    Specs/Details on the LEDs?
  14. jackaninny

    wtt/wts envision cube

    Got any pics? How is the condition?
  15. jackaninny

    wtt/wts envision cube

    Size? Pics?
  16. jackaninny


    40,000?!? What the what the?!?!?!?
  17. jackaninny

    LED DIY just got easier

    New project on Kickstarter.com to sell fixture kits - just add LEDs and a controller. The kits will be sold by the foot. Pledge now and get a discount. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/makersled/makersled-diy-high-power-led-fixtures-0
  18. jackaninny

    LEDS.....What to choose

    2 ft of these and then dump the LEDs you want into them with just a little bit of soldering: http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/showthread.php?t=31573
  19. jackaninny

    BRS group buy time!!!

    I'm not dead So I suppose I should get in on this
  20. jackaninny

    ipad vs asus transformer vs xoom

    iPad at this point IS the market - all rest are picking at the scraps and will be doing the same for the next 12-18 months. Android fanboys save your breath - you are wrong - period - end of discussion. The Amazon Fire is interesting and may fit the bill if you only want to consume media sold through Amazon but the reviews are overwhelmingly 'closer but still not an option unless $200 is your max budget and you have to have something now'. Fire suffers from slow interface and typical first generation issues which I'm sure will get fixed over time.
  21. jackaninny

    Carbon ......Mixed Reviews

    Here's a link about using carbon in your reef system http://joejaworski.wordpress.com/2008/05/09/does-a-reef-tank-need-carbon/
  22. jackaninny

    Club Par meter OFFICIAL booking thread

    I apologize for not checking the thread - thought I had auto email notification turned on - I have the meter and it's safe and sound. I tried to connect with Grassi so he could take it down South for the reefers there right before labor day but our schedules didn't match up. I've sent him another message and will get him the meter to take down South for the members down there to use for a bit but I will update the list with current requests so when it comes back you don't lose your place.
  23. jackaninny

    Club Par meter OFFICIAL booking thread

    kshack is not ready this week for the meter so it's 'junks turn
  24. jackaninny

    Club Par meter OFFICIAL booking thread

    Alright moovinfast had his turn and now we've got kshack back up to bat - you've got a PM