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  1. Dry coral ~40lbs

  2. Nova Extreme T5 - 36" Lights

  3. 60G Cube, Stand & Sump

  4. SWC Xtreme 150 BMK Skimmer

    PM me River City.
  5. Nova Extreme T5 - 36" Lights

    Lights are sold
  6. 60G Cube, Stand & Sump

    Tank is tentatively sold.
  7. I have no idea if anyone still used T5's but these were a very good line of lights. I purchased for a breeder tank but never installed them. 36"- 6 x 39W New in box. Asking $25
  8. SWC Xtreme 150 BMK Skimmer

    I'm in NE PDX I can't tell you specifically how big a tank other than Luke at Reef Filtration told me it would do the 60G without any issues.
  9. SWC Xtreme 150 BMK Skimmer

    New in Box - SWC Xtreme 150 BMK skimmer. A little old but lots of good reviews on out there on this unit. Purchased for my 60G cube project I was never able to start. Asking $50
  10. New Reactor

    BRS Deluxe Reactor - Never Used $65 New - Pretty Sure this is the link to the same Deluxe Reactor Asking $20
  11. Dry coral ~40lbs

    Dry coral. Two types/shapes. Never used for my 60G project. ~40lbs but might a little more/less. Rubbermaid included. $20
  12. 60G Cube, Stand & Sump

    Bought this tank several years ago and never finished setting it up. Filled it to check for leaks (none) and bought some plumbing parts but then the project stalled out. 60G Cube (24x24x24) - everything in the picture included. $100 takes it all
  13. Leaving the hobby for now.......... :(

    Specs/Details on the LEDs?
  14. wtt/wts envision cube

    Got any pics? How is the condition?