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    Wiki Page

    I am interested in adding and/or starting a Wiki Page for the tanks for teachers program. I know there used to be one, however dont know if there is a current one running? Does anyone know if there currently is a TFT Wiki Page? It seems like there should be...
  2. Ms.K

    Wiki Page

    Is it still be used? I was thinking it would be a process where teacher would add to it, but it doesn't seem like teacher are???
  3. Ms.K

    TFT question

    I just wanted to chime and and suggest looking into some on Portland's "alternative" schools. Schools like Sunnyside or Greenthumb focus on alternative approaches to learning to motivate students- these might be great school options for tanks!
  4. Ms.K

    YO Teachers

    My Tank I need to take some of the rock out and reorganize a bit, but here is my tank. http://i1024.photobucket.com/albums/y303/ksuihkonen/P6120062.jpg
  5. Ms.K

    Ta Da!

    My tank is going great. Thank you to everyone who has made donations to the Tanks for Teachers program- my students come in morning to "check" on things.
  6. Thank you for letting me clear you out of live rock. The tank looks great.
  7. Now that it is after Spring Break, I am looking at getting more life in my tank! I still need to acquire live rock, and a cleaning crew. Then, come the fish!(plotting)
  8. Ms.K

    Filling the empty tank

    Cool zoas I would love to add some cool zoas. I am waiting to get the second light bulb for my tank (it is being ordered, I think??). After that, I will pm you! Thank you for all the support!!!
  9. The new tank will be sitting here...
  10. Ms.K

    The location...

    Alright. The tank is up and running. (well, it's got water, sand, and salt in it) We are on our way...
  11. Ms.K

    The location...

    Our day has cleared up a little bit, and we will be able to make the meeting today to pick up the tank if it is possible.
  12. Ms.K

    The location...

    I wont. I can arrange to meet you somewhere in the area tomorrow evening or sometime this week, if that would be helpful.
  13. Ms.K

    The location...

    Is there anything I should be doing??
  14. Ms.K

    School and Teacher Info

    Thank you everyone. We are really excited to get the tank in the room, and begin our work.
  15. Hello everyone!!!! I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I teach middle school in Portland Public and have been accepted to the tanks for teachers program. I look forward to such a great opportunity to share with my students, and know that all those in the forum world will help to support me while we go through the setting up process. Once things start to get rolling, I will be more than happy to post any pictures or lessons!!!
  16. Yay, and thank you. I have cleared a space in my room. We (my students and the other two adults in the room) have been looking forward to getting it set up.
  17. Thanks everyone. It is my understanding that the program is helping me with the tank set-up, and once that happens I will start reaching out for additional donations and helpful advice.