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  1. larrybeck

    8 Gallon Cube Attempt

    Nice little tank. Love how clean it looks, hope you keep it that way as you fill it. Very zen.
  2. Are you still trying to sell the other tanks in the thread?
  3. larrybeck

    Larrybecks new tank stand in progress

    Looking great, Taylor! Can't wait to get this over the finish line.
  4. larrybeck

    BRS group buy time!!!

    Please add me to the list, Beth. Thanks!
  5. larrybeck

    Coral Photos

    (drooler) 'nuff said.
  6. larrybeck

    Howdy ~ Jozee from Maple Valley, WA

    Welcome aboard Jozee. Good to see another Washingtonian on here. I've been learning from these folks for the past 2 or so years, definitely one of the best communities I've run into. I'm located over in Poulsbo, by the way, but used to live in the Renton Highlands before moving to the peninsula.
  7. The vague hint made me think Envision, but everything I hear about this poster makes me question everything they say.
  8. larrybeck

    Power strips

    And yes, you can usually find them in 4 and 8 outlet configurations. Occasionally you'll see them with 6. I order mine through Amazon.
  9. larrybeck


    So the consistent message I'm hearing is that I shouldn't need 2000 watts, and that Finnex titanium heaters are a good performer for units over 500 watts. I think I'm going to go with a pair, and then add as necessary. I'm a big believer in not overdoing the heat capacity due to the risk of boiling the tank (hence my use of Ranco controllers on my other big tanks along with multiple smaller heaters) but also know that the 16 degrees that I'm asking them to raise the temps every night is larger than the norm, so my requirement may also be bigger that most. Thanks everyone for the insights and help!
  10. larrybeck


    You must be running MH on your tank... either that or you have the room temp up in the low- to mid-70's right?
  11. larrybeck


    What's your lowest ambient room temperature? I suspect the reason I'm being guided toward more wattage is the large temperature differential I have (16 degrees).
  12. larrybeck


    Finnex appears to be the leader amongst this small sampling group - that's great to know. I didn't realize the BRS was carrying heaters, but I'm glad to hear they are as I need to get some other supplies from them as well and always appreciate jumping on our group guys to make good prices even better. Thanks guys!
  13. larrybeck


    Pictures are certainly worth 1000 words - thanks! So it appears the units do actually come with 3 prong cables as well as the (proprietary?) controller cable.
  14. larrybeck


    I ran my setup through 3 of the online calculators and was getting back 2000+ watts on each one. The setup is a 60x48x24 tank, 1/2" acrylic, open top. The sump is 36x48x16, 3/8" acrylic, open top. I would have expected to need 1000w at first guess and was also somewhat surprised at the calculator results. If you have a calculator you recommend I'll plug it in and see what it says. Overnight room temps are 62 in winter and I need the tank to remain at 78. I think that's what's driving the higher demand. I have 2 300w units with a Ranco controller on my AGA 125g and they work fairly hard to maintain the temp. Most likely I'll go with 500w units, start with 2, and add a 3rd (and 4th) if needed to maintain overnight temps. Did you have a brand you like, MVP?
  15. larrybeck


    From what I've seen online it appears that these require the Finnex temperature controller, and they don't seem to have standard 3-prong plugs. Are the photos misleading? If not, can you describe how you've got yours wired in?