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  1. Free Birdsnest

    That is freaking awesome Roy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Help me decide!!!

    duh...both! Show tank upstairs, show refugium/frag tanks in basement. If it was me, I would go basement tank. Lot's of benefits to having that kind of space.
  3. 48" ATI Powermodule 8 bulb

    haha yep! If anyone is interested, check my tank thread pics...these lights are worth every nickel. Cheers Jorge!
  4. 48" ATI Powermodule 8 bulb

    Thinking about buying this as an atrium light for my house
  5. ATO......how do you do yours

    not very well! My ATO's(jbj) always seem to need to be reset manually...jiggled.
  6. Only the prettiest urchin will do!

    Thats a true beauty! I had a similar one in my reef for a couple months...i believe it was classified as a fire urchin. Be super careful as those spines are supposed to be quite painful and poisonous. The only problem I had was that mine scratched the acrylic up pretty bad when he cleaned the front/sides. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Whats that digitata called?

    Forest fire.especially under t5's:) Definitely a top 5 monti! Though i guess some people call forest fire bubble gum? Its called rebranding:) nice coral! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. My weight loss story

    You look amazing Kim, I am SO SO HAPPY for you! You are an inspiration to lots of people!!! WTG girl! Though I still hope my bucs beat your boys this weekend:)
  9. Tank and equipment sale

    I used it for about 18 months and it ran like a champ. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Tank and equipment sale

    Well, we are finally moving and the new place looks like I will need a whole new dimension of tank. This tank worked amazingly well for SPS, LPS, zoas and fish! Really easy to operate, reliable, and beautiful. Tank Sold Light ATI 48" 8 bulb non-dimmable powermodule-sold Return Pump: Jebao DC12000 - $50 pending JBJ ATO: $50 pending Miscellaneous heaters, powerheads, nets and more available for free if you buy tank;)
  11. Bryopsis help.

    upgrade your cleanup crew. add small army.... Check your RODI water...old filters? If you are able to harvest algae elsewhere, that is a great way to get rid of excess nutrients...aka the refugium, algae scrubber etc. I grew hair algae in my sump on purpose...I had it going super thick in the refugium/sump for a few years, and never saw one spec of it in my120 SPS tank...though I did have a posse of tangs too:) Tech M works...sometimes:) But it's active ingredient I'm not a big fan of....so...yeah...lots of options, good luck! The more natural you can go, the better...IMO.
  12. 2016 Fantasy Football

    Keeper league...??? Im with dragon that makes no sense...and my payments were sent
  13. FISH FS

    Fish are all gone...please close. Thanks to everyone who gave them good homes!
  14. Moving sale

    Everything is gone, please close