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  1. BTA Acclimating and Feeding

    I am so sorry to hear this ....

    Yea but I bought it with out the display working . So I can’t even get a new token .. or get the wireless set up.. if you know how to do it with out ,, I am open to sudgestions ..

    Anyone have a APEX Classic Black display they could part with? maybe a system that died but still has working display? I am looking for one.... I purchased one with a Bad display... I knew it was broke , but thought maybe I could get it up and running with Tablet or something. But seems to be a lot of things need the display.. So I purchased a Display but it was a newer silver one that now I found out is not compatible. I just keep making bad decisions. If you have one please let me know.. I can not find one anywhere or I would buy it.. I already spent 100.00 on one that cant work on it :(
  4. Thanks , I’ll text you tomorrow. Working today Ugh!!!
  5. Does anyone have a Apex Classic Display that they can loan for a few days. I purchased a APEX Classic used, and Although the person I purchased it from did help me get on the Fusion website, there are a Number of things I can not do , and I am not able to get in through the APEX Flash utility to Update firmware or anything.. I purchased a New display but it was the silver one, and Its not working, it flashes orange then goes out then flashes orange then goes out again. , I have since read that it may not be compatible with the Classic. UGH! So I am looking fort advise, I got a Good deal , but with out being able to fully use the device .. I am frustrated. Thanks.
  6. Methods for moving Large Tank

    This will for sure be a weekend deal..
  7. Methods for moving Large Tank

    Yea I hired a moving company to get it from Canby to my home here in Cornelius! Lets say it was not cheap...5 guys , 2 hrs.💰 💴 💰 ... its also 3/4inch glass with 1inch rim on top.
  8. Methods for moving Large Tank

    That’s great news ,, thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Methods for moving Large Tank

    Lol.... that’s awesome! I’ll tell you , if that is what it comes too z I would much rather get some good people over and have a good time at the same time with some food and drink!! I love this group of people,,,can’t wait to see you all later today at CnC. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Methods for moving Large Tank

    Thanks everyone, I am not ready to move it yet. Probly a month out still. Just putting feelers out..👐
  11. Meeting is tomorrow !!

    I am excited....😃
  12. Methods for moving Large Tank

    Cornelius, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Methods for moving Large Tank

    Hahahahahahahahahaha That’s what I am afraid of.[emoji30] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Methods for moving Large Tank

    Well that wasn’t my intention! I really am just looking to find if anyone knows where to rent a hydrolic lift like used on the show TANKED. Or something similar . 🧐
  15. So I am looking at a Move of my 300gl into my house from the Garage to in the house. i can get it in the house since it is on rollers. But how in the heck are you guys lifting these massive 500lb to 1000lb Tanks i know there lifting parties 🎉!!! Food, Drink, make a day of it..... but what if you live remotely and need to do it yourself.??? your input is greatly appreciated.