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  1. I've got 2, one tiny, the size of a marble, and one about 2", 20 for the smaller one and 30 for the bigger one, let me know if you're interested, pm me, it's easier for me to check then to go through the threads.
  2. We'll pick it up kim whens good for you?
  3. Its time to sell the entire system. Full details are in the 40b link in my sig, asking 600 for everything. Email at jgf86123@yahoo.com for more details. Thanks
  4. Bumpin it up, i can deliver to portland
  5. Garrets the man, and ill try an get pics up tomorrow
  6. Im still trying to rip all of the leather corals outta my tank, sorry I could do a 15+ poly frag of seafoam palys for $15, itll be bigger trust me lol as well as green hairy mushrooms at $5 per shroom.
  7. Ive got a few zoos n some hairy mushrooms, bright green ones
  8. Might be able to talk jess into a trip to salem...think u could meet us in salem
  9. Bump it up, im open to trades...
  10. Ive got 2 mated pairs that are spawning but need to get the rest of our system up n running before attempting anything...
  11. I have 2 RBTA's that split off our main nem last week. Pics aren't happening cause they are under the rocks lol but if you are really interested, I'll get a pic for you. $30.00 each or $50.00 for the pair. I might have a third available, my nem, after weeks of daily feeding is paying off lol. Thanks Mic
  12. Ive lost fish to fireworms, and now thanks to the [language filter] things i have no normal bristleworms left lol pledo, got any advice on fireworms?
  13. Im in need of a big chunk, gqllon ziploc bag size, clump of chaeto if anyone has any available. Ive got hawaiian death frags for trade. Thanks
  14. Rick, same screenname, does an awesome job drilling and so does Dave, Barelycuda.
  15. Crap bandwith exceeded lol
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