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  1. Basement/Garage Sumps and Construction

    It’s incredibly satisfying to build it yourself. Really gives a sense of ownership! just watch how to videos and read the builds on reef websites. Lots of good tips of how to avoid mistakes like my drywall example and how not to splay wires(hint. Pull to the sides, not towards your face)
  2. Basement/Garage Sumps and Construction

    Check out my basement build thread. Haven’t updated in awhile but the construction is all done my biggest concern was humidity and rot caused by all the water in the room. When doing the walls I️ highly recommend FRP instead of paint. It’s corrosion resistance and waterproof! You can seal every joint and seam with silicone to make a truly waterproof room. you will need electrical! A sub panel is a great idea, have at least two 20 amp circuits. I️ would recommend 4plexes as opposed to the regular 2receptacle outlets and have them at least every other stud....you can never have too many. Ceiling outlets are also very useful! Thankfully fish rooms rarely require anything but 90 degree angles so any DIYer can do it themselves. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time planning and messing up. my biggest mistake was using a circular saw to cut Sheetrock as opposed to scoring and snapping it. Covered my house in dust on every floor even through I️ did it in the basement. My wife was ecstatic and I️ dusted daily for a week to get it all cleaned.
  3. Pumps needed

    What kind of balboa. Looks like there are several varieties.
  4. Pumps needed

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha that’s hilarious, I can’t believe it auto corrected to bras Let me make sure it’s clear in case it’s not at this point, I’m looking for pump that can handle at least 25 feet of head pressure. Although, if you have a pump that could handle 25 feet of bras it probably could also handle 25 feet of water
  5. Pumps needed

    Hi all. Im looking for a high head capable pump. Needs to be able to pump at least 25’ of bras in order to give the water flow I need at the tanks height level. Anyone have one they want to sell? Thanks!
  6. 1000 gallon system!

    Ah! Need some acrylic advice. I got my system running and when filling the quarantine system I noticed there was a small leak coming from the base of my acrylic sump. If I run some acrylic welding solvent along the edge will that fill in the pinhole? Or better to just get a 40 breeder and use that?
  7. 1000 gallon system!

    I was looking for afci breakers while building! Couldn't find them at Home Depot nor lowes and online they seemed overly expensive.... i have gfci installed in all three circuits, would you and why would you reccomend the afci as well. I heard there were dual gfci/afci breakers coming out, but they were over $100 each!
  8. 1000 gallon system!

    Thanks! I'm very happy with how it's coming out, now I just need to get some salt in the system and clean up the 150 gallon to complete the system. Can you plumb the main tank and the sump/system together through the wall or floor? the pic below are the pipes doing just that. It took a bit of putty work to get the wall around them right after I cut out the access to put the pipes in, but not too bad! theres plenty of pumps that could get water to your tank on the main floor. I'm sure your wife wouldn't mind 😉
  9. 1000 gallon system!

    Totally get what your saying! Thankfully I thought of that and have noninsulation against the concrete. I was worried of water or humidity would get back there it would mold and i would have to redo everything. Good call on the foam in the outlet gaps. I will definitely be doing that. Heres an update. QT system is up, rodi is up and I've got water going to to the hopefully short term sump and frag tank. my favorite part....I don't have to carry water anywhere!
  10. Title says it all. Mine broke and I'm looking for a replacement. Please pm me if you have a pump around that style you want to sell! thanks, aaron
  11. 1000 gallon system!

    And for the final update so far! With this it's all caught up! after all the paint and silicone had dried I started on the stands. built the double 40 gallon tank stand for water changes. The top tank will be freshwater and the bottom will be salt. Both tanks have been drilled so I have to a valve to fill/empty the tanks. NO carrying water! the single 40 gallon stand will be for a quarantine system. It will be plumbed so I can add water from the main system and again turn a valve to pump it out into a drain. I hate carrying water. the frag/filtration tank stand is 7' on top and 9' on bottom. The frag tank will be 7'x3'x10" and the bottom will house two 4'x3'x20" tanks. The first filtration tank will be for bio filtration and the second will be for mechanical. ALMOST READY FOR TANKS! if you know anyone who has tanks of the dimensions above and want to sell them let me know!
  12. 1000 gallon system!

    I was originally going to paint the room but found this material called frp which I thought would work much better. it is Fiberglass reinforced plastic, waterproof, chemical resistant, non corrosive, won't flake off over time and gives the room an incredibly clean look. it was easy to cut with some metal shears and very easy to get on the walls. It was NOT easy to get on the ceiling. After cutting the FRP I used liquid nails to get it on the walls and a carpet roller to press it firmly against and get a good seal. The ceilings took a long time. I could not get the 7'x4' sheets to seal against the ceiling. They just kept falling down, very frustrating. I cut them down to 4x4 sheets that worked ok, still couldn't get them to seal well across the entire area and finally decided that fastening them with stainless steal screws and washers would work well. They went up fast after that. For the corners i put up plastic pices sealed with clear silicone. Same for the junction between the frp sheets. They are cheap and easy. after the frp was totally up I painted the floor with epoxy marine paint. 2 coats gave it a nice smooth finish that will be good for dragging tank stands over it. After that I sealed the space between the floor and the walls with a heavy coat of silicone sealant. to ensure the entire room is waterproof I put a si gel piece of rubber cove moulding around the base and sealed the top and bottom and the one seam with two heavy coats of silicone. The rooms floor itself can now hold nearly 200 gallons of water in case it spills. finally came the waterproof electrical covers. Now it's ready for some stands!
  13. 1000 gallon system!

    alrighty. It's been a month since I posted, but lots of progress! A couple posts coming in succession just to keep it organized! finished insulation and added a vapor barrier. Connected the 6 mil sheets with tyvek house tape...not the prettiest of jobs but it will work. Figured out that when working with tyvek tape make sure you put it exactly where you want as that stuff STICKS! Figured out some stuff with drywall too! Score and snap that stuff. If you use a circular saw it will cover everything in a 100' radius is white dust. i used 5/8" green board just to make myself feel better about drywall in a humid area. Due to high humidity expectations I used stainless steel screws and then mud and taped it.
  14. 1000 gallon system!

    And of course I can't forget to show off the new puppy that arrived a few weeks ago! Baby Matilda and big brother Bowie. Of course I choose the most aesthetically pleasing photos?
  15. 1000 gallon system!

    It's been a little while since I updated. Been a crazy two months and as such haven't updated the page like I wanted. But now I am! lots of progress. I had no idea how long this would take, but am glad I'm doing the work and getting the experience. i decided I wanted some electrical outlets on the ceiling, so added three of those...that brings the total outlets in this room to thirteen. Twelve of them 120v 20amp and one 250v 20amp. 120's are split between two circuits. My wife is very excited about all this electricity around water ?. the new puppy bought me some leeway though, hope I dont have to get another! To reinforce the flooring below the main display tank area I sistered the floor joists (added an additional 2x10 pressure treated board to both sides of every existing floor joist) basically making 7 6x10 crossbeams....I think that will hold the lateral load. then the real fun began....adding the additional vertical support of two 4x6 vertical posts anchored into the cement foundation and two 2x10 lamboards for horizontal support. Rented two jacks, cut some support and ratcheted them up until I had ~1/4" to play with and "slide" (more like sledgehammer) in the lamboards. Whole process took about three hours, during which I'm pretty sure I lost what was left of my hair with images of my whole house collapsing in on top of me. I think I will hire out for that from now on. Now the area directly underneath the main display tank space is completely supported on all sides by a cement wall, a steel I-beam, two 4x6x7' vertical posts all connected with horizontal tripled 2x10 beams and an additional doubled 2x10 horizontal lamboard. I added R-30 attic rating insulation around all interior walls and the ceiling. Had no idea the batting came in two different widths and of course got the wrong one. Caused more cutting, but actually worked out in the end as the spacing between the sistered joists took up the extra insulation perfectly. I took out the two lightbulbs lighting the room and replaced with 4 recessed waterproof can lighting receptacles. finally I got tired of building so went with my wife to pick up a tub to hold all the rock I have collected over the last three years. there's a picture of her crouching in the tub and one of it filled with rock. thanks for reading, next steps are to add vapor barrier, seal up the framing in case of a spill and then drywall!