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  1. This fish needs a name...

    It looks like a Chatsworth to me.
  2. Light fixture

  3. Light fixture

    Halides are 250 watt price change: I will pay you $1 to take this light. 😋 ill be be available to meet in the sellwood area anytime tomorrow after 630pm
  4. Light fixture

    SE Portland. Sellwood area.
  5. Light fixture

    Yep has a hanging kit included. Fixture is 3’ long by about 12” wide not looking to make any money on this guy, just getting it out of the house. OBO includes an offer of free. somebody please just come take it 😉
  6. Light fixture

    Bought this several years ago and never used it. With the advancement in LED lighting I will be using those instead. make me an offer
  7. want to borrow rubbermaid stock tank

    I’ve got one in se portland you can use
  8. Hi all, do any of you have an apex base unit (new one with Wi-Fi capability) you would like to sell? I have the classic but would really like the Wi-Fi access without spending $800 for a bunch of redundant equipment
  9. 1000 gallon system!

    Hi all! Sorry for the long delay! I took a new position and it’s certainly taken it’s toll on my free time. Pictures and detailed update coming later this week! do any of you have an apex base unit (new one with Wi-Fi capability) you would like to sell? I have the classic but would really like the Wi-Fi access without spending $800 for a bunch of redundant equipment.
  10. Free sump

    it Was going to be the quarantine system sump, but went with a 40 breeder instead. Got no use for it, but if there are others out there interested in a free sump that can be resealed I would much rather it go to them. Thanks all for the repair encouragement. Someone must wanna free piece of equipment!
  11. Free sump

    Leaks sadly. 36x14x16. No chips or cracks. Just an edge that’s leaking free if you want it. Just let me know
  12. Basement/Garage Sumps and Construction

    It’s incredibly satisfying to build it yourself. Really gives a sense of ownership! just watch how to videos and read the builds on reef websites. Lots of good tips of how to avoid mistakes like my drywall example and how not to splay wires(hint. Pull to the sides, not towards your face)
  13. Basement/Garage Sumps and Construction

    Check out my basement build thread. Haven’t updated in awhile but the construction is all done my biggest concern was humidity and rot caused by all the water in the room. When doing the walls I️ highly recommend FRP instead of paint. It’s corrosion resistance and waterproof! You can seal every joint and seam with silicone to make a truly waterproof room. you will need electrical! A sub panel is a great idea, have at least two 20 amp circuits. I️ would recommend 4plexes as opposed to the regular 2receptacle outlets and have them at least every other stud....you can never have too many. Ceiling outlets are also very useful! Thankfully fish rooms rarely require anything but 90 degree angles so any DIYer can do it themselves. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time planning and messing up. my biggest mistake was using a circular saw to cut Sheetrock as opposed to scoring and snapping it. Covered my house in dust on every floor even through I️ did it in the basement. My wife was ecstatic and I️ dusted daily for a week to get it all cleaned.
  14. Pumps needed

    What kind of balboa. Looks like there are several varieties.
  15. Pumps needed

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha that’s hilarious, I can’t believe it auto corrected to bras Let me make sure it’s clear in case it’s not at this point, I’m looking for pump that can handle at least 25 feet of head pressure. Although, if you have a pump that could handle 25 feet of bras it probably could also handle 25 feet of water