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  1. Parzifal

    1000 gallon system!

    Well, its been months. The tanks are up and running, at least the temporary ones. I’m looking into getting either some acrylic tanks made or HDPE got some fish, got some rock, and building the cabinet that will hold the apex system. More to come in the next few weeks.
  2. Parzifal

    WTB Purple Tang

    Cuttlefish had several great looking ones over the weekend.
  3. Parzifal

    Dog trainer recommendations

    Omg. Great looking dog, but the cat in the last photo is awesome!
  4. Parzifal

    Large sump?

    Pm sent
  5. Parzifal

    4 Reefstar LED fixtures

    Do these come with a hanging kit? What year are they? Do you have pictures of them on and working?
  6. I’ll have one that is 3/4” thick acrylic. 60x24x 10 in a couple weeks. It it has a single center cross brace and an overflow. It is drilled. shoot me a pm if interested
  7. Parzifal

    Mechanical sump options

    Good morning! i’m debating between two sump designs and would greatly appreciate the forum’s opinions and experience. a few notes about the system: -150 gal display upstairs plumbed to basement fish room frag tank -130 gallon frag tank plumbed to refugium -185 gallon refugium plumbed to mechanical filtration sump. -110 gallon mechanical sump. The debate is over which of these two designs will work best (fewest bubbles) 1) baffles at the very end of the sump. This may limit the size protein skimmer I can build, but allows for slower flow into the return. 2) baffles at the beginning of the sump. This opens up for the size protein skimmer I really want to build and creates a 50 gallon “return” chamber. Have any of you seen issues with putting the baffles this far away from the return? what would your concerns be with the second layout?
  8. Parzifal

    building Protein skimmer help

    More power!
  9. Parzifal

    building Protein skimmer help

    What the heck is that thing? Need a big Alita air pump for that!
  10. Parzifal

    building Protein skimmer help

  11. Parzifal

    building Protein skimmer help

    Hello All! I want to build my own protein skimmer (60" tall x 12" body) and am looking for recommended books/websites to reference i order to figure out CFM air draw on venturi valves depending on pipe diameter and GPH water flow. I would appreciate any direction, most of what I have found so far is high level calculus and really only need something a little more simple than this: And on this note, anyone have any 12" diameter PVC they want to sell?
  12. Parzifal

    Whys my tank seems to be flushing?

    Sounds like an intermittent siphon is being created causing the tank to “flush” and then refill. To to make it silent and not flush would mean creating a stable siphon by limiting the flow through the return using a valve (preferable gate valve). With only a single overflow; restricting the flow so the overflow is silent can be very risky. If a snail or a piece of nori covers the opening you will flood the room! If the only option is a single return pipe then my recommendation would be add a gate valve between the return pump and the main display and “dial” it down until you reach that sweet spot where the siphon isn’t created. do you have any pictures to help us diagnose the issue and offer solutions?
  13. Parzifal

    This fish needs a name...

    Call him lasagne
  14. Parzifal

    Reef Room Wall Prep Advice / Experience

    I am loving the frp I put up. No risk of paint peeling and I can wipe them down easily if needed. Definitely more expensive but IMO worth it! Took me me one day to get frp on the walls and ceiling... about the same as it would be to do three coats of paint. If you have questions just shoot me a pm
  15. Parzifal

    This fish needs a name...

    It looks like a Chatsworth to me.