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  1. need a bigger tank

    I am looking for a 72" long tank around 130-150gal let me know what you got you can text or call me at 503 890 2662 Thanks Tom
  2. Volitan Lion Fish w/Tank and Extras

    lowered the price I need to move this
  3. Lucinda the Lion Fish (that's what our 3-year old named it) is a very healthy, gorgeous fish. He (she?) is about 9 inches long with gorgeous fins and spikes. 40-gallon tank, sump, skimmer (homemade, but works awesome), live rock, crushed coral/sand mixed substrate, and a bunch of silversides (food) all included. There's even a shore crab or two rumblin' around the tank! We love the fish but already have our main 90gal reef tank set up and we just need the extra cash. $150/OBO Call with any questions or to set up a time to come see it! 503.890.2662 [ATTACH]11380[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]11381[/ATTACH]
  4. Align Trex 450 R/C heli

    I would be interested I already have one and 6 other big heli's drop me a line with your number.
  5. Anyone have...

    it is 21 inches and 6700k 65 watt
  6. Anyone have...

    ...a couple of bulbs I could borrow for a couple of weeks? We just moved to Salem and during the tank move I broke my refugium lights. I attached a couple of pictures of what they need to fit into, but until I can get some bought, I'd really appreciate any help you could give. Or, if you have a couple of bulbs for sale (cheap), I'd be happy to do that too! Thanks!
  7. Share the love, the second generation

    share the love those are nice
  8. Need help!!!

    I really want to avoid a tank cycle if possible so if I keep my sandbed undisturbed and my small sump tank undisturbed will that help in minimizing a re-cycle?
  9. Need help!!!

    I was planning on saving all the sand. I was thinking of trying to not remove it from the tank. I am also planning on keeping all the water for the move with about a 10% water change in the process of the move. Ideally I am looking to transfer all the rock to a storage container with tank water that I will have on a dolly for transport and the fish in a cooler and the coral in bags in a cooler.
  10. Need help!!!

    I would love to borrow that please pm me with your number so we can get together.
  11. Need help!!!

    We are moving into SE Salem right off of I-5 and 22 three doors down from Santana County park. I am stoked to be getting my own place, but I am stressing on moving the tank.
  12. Need help!!!

    I just bought a house down in Salem I am expecting the keys this week. (rock2) Now I am going to need help on how to move my tank without killing everything. I should be moving this weekend. I could leave the tank in my old place until the following weekend. I would like to see if anyone that has done a live move before could help out with advice or in the actual move.