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  1. orion

    need a bigger tank

    I am looking for a 72" long tank around 130-150gal let me know what you got you can text or call me at 503 890 2662 Thanks Tom
  2. orion

    Volitan Lion Fish w/Tank and Extras

    lowered the price I need to move this
  3. Lucinda the Lion Fish (that's what our 3-year old named it) is a very healthy, gorgeous fish. He (she?) is about 9 inches long with gorgeous fins and spikes. 40-gallon tank, sump, skimmer (homemade, but works awesome), live rock, crushed coral/sand mixed substrate, and a bunch of silversides (food) all included. There's even a shore crab or two rumblin' around the tank! We love the fish but already have our main 90gal reef tank set up and we just need the extra cash. $150/OBO Call with any questions or to set up a time to come see it! 503.890.2662 [ATTACH]11380[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]11381[/ATTACH]
  4. orion

    Align Trex 450 R/C heli

    I would be interested I already have one and 6 other big heli's drop me a line with your number.
  5. orion

    Anyone have...

    it is 21 inches and 6700k 65 watt
  6. orion

    Anyone have...

    ...a couple of bulbs I could borrow for a couple of weeks? We just moved to Salem and during the tank move I broke my refugium lights. I attached a couple of pictures of what they need to fit into, but until I can get some bought, I'd really appreciate any help you could give. Or, if you have a couple of bulbs for sale (cheap), I'd be happy to do that too! Thanks!
  7. orion

    Share the love, the second generation

    share the love those are nice
  8. orion

    Need help!!!

    I really want to avoid a tank cycle if possible so if I keep my sandbed undisturbed and my small sump tank undisturbed will that help in minimizing a re-cycle?
  9. orion

    Need help!!!

    I was planning on saving all the sand. I was thinking of trying to not remove it from the tank. I am also planning on keeping all the water for the move with about a 10% water change in the process of the move. Ideally I am looking to transfer all the rock to a storage container with tank water that I will have on a dolly for transport and the fish in a cooler and the coral in bags in a cooler.
  10. orion

    Need help!!!

    I would love to borrow that please pm me with your number so we can get together.
  11. orion

    Need help!!!

    We are moving into SE Salem right off of I-5 and 22 three doors down from Santana County park. I am stoked to be getting my own place, but I am stressing on moving the tank.
  12. orion

    Need help!!!

    I just bought a house down in Salem I am expecting the keys this week. (rock2) Now I am going to need help on how to move my tank without killing everything. I should be moving this weekend. I could leave the tank in my old place until the following weekend. I would like to see if anyone that has done a live move before could help out with advice or in the actual move.