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  1. Acro comeback

    Did you find a solution that actually killed the black bugs? It’s good to hear you can see the light at the end of the tunnel finally
  2. Coral dip

    Ive not hadn’t experience with black bugs thankfully but last I was reading on them there wasn’t anything that killed them (that didn’t kill the infected piece of course) . correct on NOTHING that kills the eggs to date that doesn’t kill the coral LOL, I’ve got a similar set of jewelers loupes, 15,20,25x magnification and a LED on each eye piece, BEST set I’ve ever found for hands free inspection. I’ve used the potassium chloride as a dip and as an in tank treatment (in a frag tank that’s coul be isolated and was bare bottom. KEY to this dip is you have to wait for the coral to slime otherwise it’s really not a sure thing. Also basting will really irritate the coral, sometimes killing it if it’s to aggressive of a basting. In tank treatment is a whole different “recipe”/ process For the dip I use(d) 1 tablespoon per gallon of tank water and soak 15 minutes ( or more, sliming be key), shake really well in dipping solution vs basting/powerhead then shake real well in tank water ( not in the tank, but water from the tank) to finish the dipping process. I honestly prefer Bayer for its mild affect it has on the acro, I’ve mistakingly left a frag in Bayer for 9 hours and it lived. Advantge the potassium has is it’s clear but not as much a “killing agent” as Bayer. Only disadvantage with Bayer is its cloudy, besides being a bad arse chemical that’s been banned in certain states. O.O ive used every dip known to kill pests I believe, Bayer is best in my book with the potassium being second since both are the most gentle dip I’ve ever used. Brandon Bayer (I use the concentrate) can be used 5-10 mls per cup soaking 15 mins, then I rinse 2-3x in tank water, each rinse is a different container of tank water so basically I set up 4 containers, 1 Bayer 3 rinse. HTH
  3. Red Sea - Check Out Our Staff Picks!

    I’ve been very impressed with everything Red Sea except that refactometer- Just something about having to calibrate every single time you use it (even if it’s within 15 minutes of each test) that just leaves you wondering how they make such great things and then there’s that “piece of ....... equipment” To be clear Red Sea great.....Marine Depot even greater Red Sea refractometer....worst piece of reefing equipment I’ve wasted my money on and it’s a higher priced meter for a hand held -Double whammy
  4. January 2018 TPA meeting Pics

    Ummm, not really.... I think he fish lasted at Jeff’s oh say, until I saw it. I guess I need to also thank Garrett for having such a nice Acan collection The fish will will be well cared for, I’ll even toss an Acan frag her way on special occasions. Great photo btw!
  5. Thank you Bicyclebill (and of course Cuttlefish)

    I’ll for sure post a gpfew pics, just need to clean the acrylic. I guess I forgot to mention the presumed “obvious” Bill’s Blue Face didn’t eat acros nor clams as I understood which is what gave me a glimmer of optimism that I too could be as fortunate. Well I wasn’t as I stated and then the good fortune happened. I also need to post some pics of quoyi parrotfish I added also compliments of CNC!!! (That’s Cuttlefish and Corals... CNC)
  6. Bill I’d like to thank you for choosing acans as your new coral for your tank!! As you may recall I tried a Blue Face in my tank but it ate acros all day long so after waiting months to add it, I had to rehome it :( #sosad Fortunate for me, your new sought out coral was I assume a weakness for your Blue Face and you opted ( (to my good fortune) for the acans and took it Jeff at Cuttlefish where I quickly sucked it up and it now happily is residing in 400 gallons of serenity If I got any part of that story incorrect my apologies, I thought that was how it played out but regardless, thank you for taking such great care of such a beautiful fish, I!m grateful to you AND Jeff for having the opportunity to add “her”
  7. Dosing: 2 Part or Calcium Reactor

    Calcium reactor over dosing IMO/E but intial strat up can be costly versus dosing. Sounds like you may have all that’s needed, unsure as to all the exact components you have. I would splurge and get a dual stage regulator ( not a fan of the “carbon dosing regulator” used by many and one planted tanks- they are NOT consistent on bubble size or rate-IMEx3 units Ive had my reactor which doesn’t sport a bubble counter dialed in for the last oh, 7 years LOL so all I do is look at my apex and if the probes in the 6.66 range +/- .02 my Alk is 8.75. Granted I push all the water I can thru the reactor so drip rate isn’t a term I relate to anymore,, it’s how fast a stream do I have hahaha I am a special case ( anyone who knows me ) in that I’ve close 650 gallons of acropora and you are 100% correct on any large tank coral filled tank should use a reactor, even more so for SPS dominant, it’s a money saver for sure. As usual Roy, you summarized it well- I only chimed in because of the connoissuer part ( now I need to thank BicycleBill which is next )
  8. Titration test for KH

    Worth a bump...
  9. WTB Apex AWM module for AI hydra

    I do happen to have one in pristine condition minus the aquabus is 60.00 or a brand new never used 15’ aquabus cable for total 75.00 PM me if interested or text 503-841-0212 Brad SE Portland Mall205 area
  10. WTB: Ocean Revive t247 or Similar. Have Cash

    These lights are prone to having the Blue diodes burn out if you’re not already aware of that. If your not all you have to do is look at the fixture with diodes off and look for dark circles in the blue optics. They can and will still light up so it’s not always evident that they are burned or are burning out. I’ve owned at least 20 of these fixtures and it’s happened to everyone I own, have owned or know people who fall in the those same groups great lights and easy repair tho GL
  11. Ocean Revive SO26 or T247

    These last 2 should do it, I sent you a text Roy
  12. Happy Birthday Gil&Fin

    Happy Bday Harmony, I've got free frags for you when you're ready just LMK
  13. Ocean Revive SO26 or T247

    Thanks Ron
  14. Ocean Revive SO26 or T247

    edit: T5 added
  15. Ocean Revive SO26 or T247

    Looking for up 6 lights, prefer the SO26 but not a huge deal- If the Blue Diodes are shot not a problem. PM or Text 503-841-0212 Ive got cash or corals to trade (Acropora only) Text is better, not around these parts much. TIA Also willing to trade one or more of my ATI T5 fixtures, all 4 about 1-2 year old, one 6 bulb and one 8 bulb non dimmable and 2- 8 bulb non dimmable- all 39watt fixtures