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  1. Looks like it’s moved on to the calcium reactor media stage of its life 😭
  2. Well not much happening with my micro colony just about has the epoxy encrusted but I moved it out of display since Im tired of tiles and discs in there so it was banished to the frag tank under 8 bulb T5 Its all tied together so the biggest difference is flow and lighting (hows that for a run on sentence ) On a side note that super glue trick is working on my carpet nem-
  3. It’s Lightroom thank you- you must be referring to the green carpet nem I’m passing off as Red I try emulate CornBred now that guy True Jedi Master at the art of deception That frag is doing very well (this is my serious side) it looks very happy and healthy.....You’ll want to remember these days to reflect back on, you will know them as “the good ol days”
  4. If a fish touched/hit this thing I’m sure it would be over- It amazes me how they seem to know to stay away all the while swimming closer than I’d like to see. Heres to hoping the super glue works so I can keep it- Quick people...... the clocks ticking, I may end up not needing to sell it but for now it’s on the block
  5. Probably was in the first pic that was day 1. Since then it’s had a couple cleaner shrimp I think and a nice sized orange skunk clown- Noteworthy - don’t force a clown into a carpet nem to host, let it happen naturally 😖 This thing is like fly paper- I may be able to keep it, I’ll know in about 72 hours- trying something new (I super glued its foot to the bottom of the tank
  6. 745.00 more and you got a deal it wants to live in your new tank its not really in the tank, I super imposed the nem into the tank.- Or more believable is it was my phones poor editing software Are you wanting to purchase my sand? Probably an editing snafu We can set up the installment plan 375 equal payments
  7. You actually have a great amount of new growth, even if you use the magic eraser. I understand that your acros usually die so actual growth may be tough to discern given your level , but its there, trust. Nice!
  8. This beauty has been captive kept for about 9 months so the risk for shipping death has passed as well as it not getting established in a closed environment- In other words, the gamble has been taken care of by someone else 😉 I thought it would be a good addition but it just won’t find a place it likes (and I like) but when your tank (my tank) is 90 percent or more Acropora I was delusional thinking it would work 750.00 this is a show piece and is hard to get rid of with all the risk involved when initially trying to acquire one but I’m a stick head I can break out the DSLR if needed/requested I just had this pic on my cell
  9. Sorry for the delay, I'm just not that active on any forums anymore-It'll change but not for awhile Ive not ran those numbers in the past- The past was an ULNS with undetectable levels in both PO4 and NO3 but I was also throwing a lot of "food" in for my acros and the KH was around 8.2 Since the reboot I run my KH closer to 11-11.5 and have to keep PO4 and NO3 higher or else I'll burn the tips on all my acros. HTH
  10. PO4 and NO3 are dosed daily to maintain .16-.25 PO4 4-6 NO3 both food grade purchased off of Amazon http://www.theplantedtank.co.uk/calculator.htm
  11. did you buy or build this? Great job on the build ( Im a little behind here) ?
  12. Looking good Micah! FWIW I dont even see the wires- I guess I just miss the finer details, but it looks perfectly fine from here Heres my early DIY days when I had 1/3rd the wires I do now- I at least did a drip loop (right into that power strip) Dont judge on the gas can that doubles as the collection container-re-purposing at its best
  13. Upscales Micro in the 2nd to last pic or maybe reef ready grape juice? I always liked both those pieces- looking good!
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