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  1. I wouldn't chase numbers, its not an exact science in the glass (or acrylic) box we call our ocean Nice pickup on the meter!!@TheClark
  2. Mines alive and well but I'm gracefully conceding I need to pick a new winner since my last pick looks to have lost theirs, who wants my lucky vote
  3. Anybody have a couple of the large tabs they are not needing? I thought I would ask before ordering off of 800 Pet-Meds At least you can buy it online these days TIA
  4. I don’t think there was one I’m believing if I had feelings that post would more than likely make me feel remorse/bad/evil/hateful Glad I don’t In all honesty you’re killin it and I don’t mean in the literal sense, whatever has caused you trouble in the past seems to have met it’s match Juat keeping a maricultured piece living can be a feat in itself- great work on the growth, best I’ve seen! All hail the Acro Queen
  5. I’d be interested and you can even keep the remote May even have some corals to trade if there is any interest. PM on its way
  6. I’m predicting Holly wins this- probably fitting maybe some form of redemption since she usually kills all the other acros she’s ever grown- not quickly mind you so there is time for her This is so unprecedented I expected her to keep the status quo and kill it like normal- strange times...... strange times Woot woot for Holly
  7. Fully encrusted the epoxy and starting to encrust the plug not a lot of polyp extension on the deck tho- this is my daylight pic Hey Jorge- how come you haven’t booted anyone yet for not following the directions- just curious and not minding these days, I’m just getting old I guess
  8. I would have to agree with everything I’ve read with 2 exceptions @albertareef I do not have a colony- some day 🙏 This piece is no longer mine 😎
  9. eBay is where you’ll be scammed IMO- small group of scrupulous buyers The market is tiny in Portland, maybe a tiny handful of collectors this wouldn’t have lasted 30 minutes on R2R -IME FWIW, it’s over an inch
  10. No offense taken @SuncrestReef I don’t bother trying to understand, I simply accept it is what it is and people pay what they do. I’m a collector of over priced pieces, there is quite a few other people (crazy like me) that buy/collect them too- not so much in the Oregon market tho This piece will take a special kind of crazy, I may be the only local like that and I’m ok with that 🤣
  11. 1800.00 And this is where I mention that’s a bargain LOL Google supports that claim IMG_3426.mov
  12. Looks like it’s moved on to the calcium reactor media stage of its life 😭
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