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  1. Refractometer for sale

    Hello, I sent you a text with the pictures. Thanks!
  2. Refractometer for sale

    Hello, I sent you a text with the pictures. Thanks!
  3. Refractometer for sale

    I can't remember how to post pics. If you need to see a pic of a refractometer, I'm happy to text it to you, or its also on craigslist. :-) Thanks.
  4. Refractometer for sale

    Practically new refractometer with auto temperature adjust. I've been out of the game for a while now, yet keep finding tank stuff. Found this tucked back in my China cabinet. $30. I'm in West Linn. Thanks.
  5. Comes with Dual Galaxy Ballast, Ballast has had very little use as I have broke down the tank. The bulbs have about 8 months use on them. I had to dig around my bank statements to see when I bought them, though they have not been used since around June when I broke the tank down. This is a great fixture that has not caused me any issues. $225 Reasonable offers will be considered, but I will not be seperating the fixture and ballast, they go together. Thanks for looking.
  6. Happy Birthday Derbird and Sharoleb

    Thanks guys!! I'm hardly ever on this site, but am so bored at work today thought I would log on and see if there are any pictures to look at. What a nice surprise!
  7. Maristar 48" 250w Dual Halide Setup

    LOL - not meant to be harsh. Everyone has their opinions, which is why I was humble in stating mine. Since when is "pretty" NOT a selling point in this hobby? Case in point: IMHO, my tank was pretty, and pretty bada$$.
  8. Maristar 48" 250w Dual Halide Setup

    No worries, I get it. This hobby is constantly changing, as is the technology that goes with it. Of course you could DIY and jimmy rig a light set up for cheaper. You can DIY everything for cheaper. But, IMHO, this fixture is better because a) canopies are ugly, and b) most DIY jobs are ugly and c) this one is ready to go and looks great. I sent a PM saying I can be flexible on price.
  9. Maristar 48" 250w Dual Halide Setup

    Thanks Noob, I appreciate it. It's hard to decide on a price that is good for everyone. The fixture is still in great condition and is a nice piece, regardless of how many owners. I'm not taking a hit just because someone doesn't want part of it. I'm selling it all together, package deal.
  10. Rainbow yuma rock

    No new pics, I can't get the babies to show up well. The babies look just like the mother, just smaller. 3 babies on the rock, as stated.
  11. Rainbow yuma rock

    One small rock with mother yuma, which is not doing too great. It started declining after pooping out about 15 babies. The rock has 3 small babies on it that are doing great. $20 Here is a picture of the mother yuma when it was full and healthy, before it split.
  12. Maristar 48" 250w Dual Halide Setup

    After I sell the lights, I have my BEAUTIFUL Oceanic 90 gallon w/ starphire glass to sell, along with sump, pump, skimmer and controller. Working on this a bit at a time...
  13. Maristar 48" 250w Dual Halide Setup

    Yeah Noob this has been an awesome fixture, absolutely love it with no problems! The ballast I had previously actually went bad before the warranty was up so this is a newer ballast, same fixture.
  14. Maristar 48" 250w Dual Halide Setup

    Hi, I'm currently running the Phoenix 14K, I can't remember what T5's I bought. Love the Phoenix!! However, the bulbs are pretty close to a year old so yes, they come with, but probably need to be replaced.
  15. Comes with Dual Galaxy Ballast, Ballast has had very little use. This is an excellent fixture. Click the link for specs. $350