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  1. newfisher

    Any one with banded pipe fish

    Contact Garrett, he had a guy that was breeding them a couple years ago when I got my dragon face and banded pipe pairs. I had bandeds for about a year and a half with seahorses. Saw them breeding in captivity at the SanDiego Birch aquarium with seadragons.
  2. newfisher

    snowboard bench

    Can you send some closer pics? Uprights, board graphics etc? Thanks
  3. newfisher

    What happened to new post pages?

    Yes, it's been awhile......like dating an old girlfiend, some things are the same and some....well different
  4. edit: found it under whats new, just takes forever to load (scratch)
  5. newfisher

    Car Thread!! post your cars

    A horse of course I added another horse to the stable. I didn't need another car, but didn't need the quad that I had either. Former owner was the second owner and approached me with a trade. Started restoration 8 months ago, have no idea if I'm going to drive it daily, park it for weekends or sell it. Here is the 1955 low milage chevy 210 wagon. Added HEI ignition, split the manifold and running duals, repaired/replaced several panels due to rust, went through the mechanical systems and tossed a ton of new glass,chrome,stainless,tires and by Feb 1st will have all new uphoulstry. . . to this. . .
  6. newfisher

    I need your prayers please...

    Will pray for him!
  7. (holding pinky to corner of mouth) 1 Meeeeeeeeeilon Doll Hairs
  8. newfisher

    Roger Dancing!

    That was a Video? I thought Miles was live briadcasting from his neighborhood?
  9. newfisher

    Thanks to all Veterans!!

    Thank You for Serving On your hardest day and coldest night While lying there before the fight Let us be your guiding light Thank You for Serving For all the fallen and all the rest Know in your heart you are the best In the struggle for freedoms plight Thank You for Serving From valleys and hills across the land We stand proud to sing this song In our hearts we believe in you Thank You for Serving All that have served they understand Honor and duty is the strength of a man Protecting freedom and our land Thank You for Serving While all alone on the darkest night. A band of brothers caught in the fight In our prayers that’s where you’ll be Thank You for Serving They serve our county for you and me Fighting terror and tyranny Made of iron with golden hearts Thank You for Serving By Michael Yaccarino
  10. newfisher

    Rubicon; anyone going in September?

    It is what you make of it. Some stick in packs, other wander off and play. There are hundreds of vehicles passing you going the other direction on the weekends. I couldn't believe how many cool rigs we saw and the terrain is breathtaking.
  11. newfisher

    Rubicon; anyone going in September?

    Here's a few: Loaded up for 3 people for 4 days Letting 20 new 2012 Rubicon Jeeps pass full of folks from Columbia flown in for the weekend. Taking a break, looking for the hidden stone cabin found it Scenery is GREAT and tough to mess up a cell phone photo It's not all open all of the time A nearly stock T100 and the owner who was living on borrowed time fighting cancer, was pushing it through slowly but eventually made it. We caught up to him a few times while running back and forth through the trail. It was something he had only ever dreamed of doing and the smile on his face was as wide as his bumper! A liitle off-camber wooded section just past the T100 Had a great trip and looking forward to going back with my wife next year!
  12. newfisher

    This is a cruel hobby

    I had similar thing happen once in the beginning. I put mine in a low flow, good light area, spot fed it and crossed mt fingers. It re-attatched and was fine after a week I think, mabey two.
  13. newfisher

    fish hook?

    Cut the top of the bottle 2" under the cap. remove the cap and invert the top piece and push back into the bottle. Insert garlic laced food and wait.
  14. Your welcome and anytime. Hope the wife's recovery is speedy! Thanks Gman for the salty hookup!