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  1. SPS For Sale! cut to order

    WOW, these are really fine corals. I love the polyp extension.
  2. WTB Dry Rock

    I have a bunch extra. you will need to look it over if interested.
  3. WTB: BRS dosing pump

    Did you read your PMs?
  4. Generator Sizing

    Google is your friend
  5. WTB: BRS dosing pump

    PM me about getting together this weekend for the doser.
  6. WTB: BRS dosing pump

    I have a BRS 1.1ml/min doser for $30.
  7. Pumps needed

    I have a couple of pumps to sell that should work for you. Mark
  8. WTB/wtt: for a curve 7 or vertex skimmer

    I have a Vertex Omega 150 I would sell.
  9. WTB XL-XXL Live or Dry rock

    Chris, I have a great piece of very large Tonga dry rock that I was saving, but I won't be using in my build. I have a picture of it that I can text you. Mark
  10. FS Hikari frozen food

    I have a number of Hikari frozen fish food 3.5oz packets of cubes for sale. Mini mysis or spirulina brine shrimp for $2.00 each.
  11. FS Hikari frozen food

    The fish food has all been sold.
  12. Need EB8.

    It is a classic black EB8.
  13. Need EB8.

    I have an extra EB8 to sell - $80 in Tigard
  14. WTB: eb8

    I have a few extra
  15. WTB Black Eggcrate

    If you can over to Tigard, I have some I'll give you.
  16. 2 Apex VDM FS $60

    I have 2 Apex VDM modules for sale $60 each.
  17. The only local source has moved. You need to buy them on-line.
  18. I have 4 Kessil LED lights for sale. They are model A360N with 18" coverage. They have approximately 1 year of usage. $200 each.
  19. Powerpocolapse 2017!

    I forgot to say that houses 1 block away had power restored yesterday evening.
  20. Powerpocolapse 2017!

    25 hours and still no power. PGE is still saying they don't know what caused it or when it will be fixed.
  21. You are turning into a discount frag supplier for the club. The frags look great for $10.
  22. Protein Skimmer

    PM sent
  23. How much for each if you split it?
  24. suggestions on equipment needed to have some sps?

    Some sps is very touchy and hard to keep. Other sps is much more forgiving. Try the easy to care for species and use a lot of automation. Get your brother to test for alkalinity and calcium weekly and send you the results. You will need to have some procedures pre-defined for your brother to make adjustments and others for an emergency aquarium doctor to visit and fix things if/when something goes wrong.