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  1. markvo

    SPS changes reveal chemistry imbalance

    I read somewhere that the "Redfield" ratio should have been 117:14:1 (C:N:P). In any case, the Nitrate to Phosphate ratio in a reef aquarium should approximate 15:1. Too far out of whack can cause potential problems.
  2. If I had the room, I would jump on this tank.
  3. I have a snapper and maybe a Dart that I am not using and will sell. PM me.
  4. markvo

    Looking for phosphate to dose

    I bought a bottle of NeoPhos from BRS. It only takes a few days to arrive. If you have an emergency, I can give you some. I am in South Tigard.
  5. markvo

    Looking for phosphate to dose

    Brightwell NeoPhos.
  6. markvo

    105g build

    Jorge, I couldn't find any details on the tank, like the dimensions. Lots of pictures of a moose antlers rock though.
  7. markvo

    Recommendations for 180 gallon aquarium lighting

    Jason Fox swears by Reefbrite blue LEDs with T5 UV bulbs added.
  8. I have a collection of uni seals that I bought and don't need. I'm almost positive I have 1". I will check.
  9. markvo

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    I will be there too, Wed thru Mon at the Westgate. I prefer Fremont, really good bands playing for free. Last time I was there, Corona was $7 on the strip and $3 on Fremont. I take a taxi to a Fremont hotel and back to our hotel after. Never met any of Kim's shady people but I don't leave Fremont.
  10. markvo

    Looking for a small-footprint calcium reactor

    Yes, use a kalk reactor/stirrer instead of the calcium reactor/CO2 setup. It will be limited by tank evaporation, but it also raises the tank pH instead of lowering it.
  11. markvo

    CNC is famous

    I just received the latest issue of Coral magazine and saw a picture of the gorgeous "CNC Splatterpaint Fungia". Awesome coral Jeff. Congratulations! Mark
  12. markvo

    SPS For Sale! cut to order

    WOW, these are really fine corals. I love the polyp extension.
  13. markvo

    WTB Dry Rock

    I have a bunch extra. you will need to look it over if interested.
  14. markvo

    WTB: BRS dosing pump

    Did you read your PMs?