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  1. markvo

    Cuttlefish and Corals makes the big time !!

    This time, Jeff Slemp is famous, not just CNC. Congratulations to Jeff!
  2. markvo

    105g build

    Jorge, how much does your light unit weigh? My 36" ATI hybrid unit weighs about 50 pounds with a big power/control cable attached and I don't trust sheetrock anchors for that. I assumed I would have to attach some 1x3 boards solidly to the ceiling and hang my light from them. Your way would be a lot easier for me if it would hold safely. - Mark
  3. markvo

    SPS changes reveal chemistry imbalance

    I read somewhere that the "Redfield" ratio should have been 117:14:1 (C:N:P). In any case, the Nitrate to Phosphate ratio in a reef aquarium should approximate 15:1. Too far out of whack can cause potential problems.
  4. If I had the room, I would jump on this tank.
  5. I have a snapper and maybe a Dart that I am not using and will sell. PM me.
  6. markvo

    Looking for phosphate to dose

    I bought a bottle of NeoPhos from BRS. It only takes a few days to arrive. If you have an emergency, I can give you some. I am in South Tigard.
  7. markvo

    Looking for phosphate to dose

    Brightwell NeoPhos.
  8. markvo

    105g build

    Jorge, I couldn't find any details on the tank, like the dimensions. Lots of pictures of a moose antlers rock though.
  9. markvo

    Recommendations for 180 gallon aquarium lighting

    Jason Fox swears by Reefbrite blue LEDs with T5 UV bulbs added.
  10. I have a collection of uni seals that I bought and don't need. I'm almost positive I have 1". I will check.
  11. markvo

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    I will be there too, Wed thru Mon at the Westgate. I prefer Fremont, really good bands playing for free. Last time I was there, Corona was $7 on the strip and $3 on Fremont. I take a taxi to a Fremont hotel and back to our hotel after. Never met any of Kim's shady people but I don't leave Fremont.
  12. markvo

    Looking for a small-footprint calcium reactor

    Yes, use a kalk reactor/stirrer instead of the calcium reactor/CO2 setup. It will be limited by tank evaporation, but it also raises the tank pH instead of lowering it.
  13. markvo

    CNC is famous

    I just received the latest issue of Coral magazine and saw a picture of the gorgeous "CNC Splatterpaint Fungia". Awesome coral Jeff. Congratulations! Mark
  14. markvo

    SPS For Sale! cut to order

    WOW, these are really fine corals. I love the polyp extension.