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  1. markvo

    Looking for a small-footprint calcium reactor

    Yes, use a kalk reactor/stirrer instead of the calcium reactor/CO2 setup. It will be limited by tank evaporation, but it also raises the tank pH instead of lowering it.
  2. markvo

    CNC is famous

    I just received the latest issue of Coral magazine and saw a picture of the gorgeous "CNC Splatterpaint Fungia". Awesome coral Jeff. Congratulations! Mark
  3. markvo

    SPS For Sale! cut to order

    WOW, these are really fine corals. I love the polyp extension.
  4. markvo

    WTB Dry Rock

    I have a bunch extra. you will need to look it over if interested.
  5. markvo

    WTB: BRS dosing pump

    Did you read your PMs?
  6. markvo

    Generator Sizing

    Google is your friend
  7. markvo

    WTB: BRS dosing pump

    PM me about getting together this weekend for the doser.
  8. markvo

    WTB: BRS dosing pump

    I have a BRS 1.1ml/min doser for $30.
  9. markvo

    Pumps needed

    I have a couple of pumps to sell that should work for you. Mark
  10. markvo

    WTB/wtt: for a curve 7 or vertex skimmer

    I have a Vertex Omega 150 I would sell.
  11. markvo

    WTB XL-XXL Live or Dry rock

    Chris, I have a great piece of very large Tonga dry rock that I was saving, but I won't be using in my build. I have a picture of it that I can text you. Mark
  12. markvo

    FS Hikari frozen food

    The fish food has all been sold.
  13. markvo

    FS Hikari frozen food

    I have a number of Hikari frozen fish food 3.5oz packets of cubes for sale. Mini mysis or spirulina brine shrimp for $2.00 each.
  14. markvo

    Need EB8.

    It is a classic black EB8.