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  1. I will bring some beer for myself and some for others.
  2. Should I vote twice if I am bringing my wife?
  3. I have some bio-balls that I will bring tomorrow.
  4. Congratulations and see you Friday.
  5. I have a used Jebao 40 extra.
  6. Give it time. Coraline algae will grow on the rock and the anemone will move to sting the coral again.
  7. I only need the trough for 2 weeks. A 55 gallon garbage can (25" diameter) would also work. I don't want to buy a $62 can for just 2 weeks. Mark
  8. I want to borrow or rent a trough to clean a few pieces of dry live rock. Please PM me if you can help. Mark
  9. I bought a number of huge beautiful acro colonies from Jon. All great local buys! Jon was also great to work with. Mark
  10. I have a Panworld and some Iwakis that I want to sell. I'll be back in Portland late Wednesday and can get you pictures then if you want.
  11. This time, Jeff Slemp is famous, not just CNC. Congratulations to Jeff!
  12. markvo

    105g build

    Jorge, how much does your light unit weigh? My 36" ATI hybrid unit weighs about 50 pounds with a big power/control cable attached and I don't trust sheetrock anchors for that. I assumed I would have to attach some 1x3 boards solidly to the ceiling and hang my light from them. Your way would be a lot easier for me if it would hold safely. - Mark
  13. I read somewhere that the "Redfield" ratio should have been 117:14:1 (C:N:P). In any case, the Nitrate to Phosphate ratio in a reef aquarium should approximate 15:1. Too far out of whack can cause potential problems.
  14. If I had the room, I would jump on this tank.
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