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  1. Clown, Wrasse and Xenias are still available The live rock is gone but I have a few large empty conchs in there you can take, I can also give my extra fish food and a few extra things like buffer and a little bit of salt I have laying around all for free. Once livestock is gone also selling some equipment.. (Or if you are the one there to take the last critter) Giving away my sand for free (covers about an inch or two off the bottom on a 55 gal) Hydor Koralias Evos 750 - work fine but in need of a vinegar cleaning. I have two, $10 each I also have two older Koralia Evo 750s that either stopped working or started rattling that you can take for free and maybe try to fix. Large heater - I'm not sure what it's rated but it kept the 55 gallon tank at 82 degrees consistently. $5 Aqueon versa-top hinged glass cover- (24 model) I have two, I cut into the glass on one of them and it has a crack. The other one is intact but about half the vinyl strip is cut into. You can take both for $5. Lights- Older model of the marineland reef capable led lights 48". Compact and good for softies or as a supplemental light. Manual switch to actinics. $75 I do OBO
  2. Would like to have 50lbs of the rock..


  3. I have had this tank for about 8 years but sadly it is time to do the right thing and let my fish and stuff go to better homes as I don't have the time to maintain it anymore and am looking to move soon. I will part out the other stuff once the rock and livestock is gone. I live in Vancouver WA, close to the mall. Pick ups only Live rock: $1/lb. Having some algae issues since I never got around to replacing the clean up crew recently, but has been in an established tank for years and has some sponges and feather dusters under it, and small starfish, few copepods that the wrasse hasn't already gotten to, etc. If you flip them or leave them in your refuge lights off for a while you shouldn't have issues. I don't know how much I have but I have plenty, probably around 75 lbs. Size varies from fist-sized to football sized. SOLD \ Blue Snowflake Anthelia Xenia colony: about fist-sized on its own rock $20 Fish I have a lot of rock in my tank so you will probably have to wait for me to sell some rocks to get the fish, unless you want to stand around for a long time for me to catch a stressed out fish. I can put you on a waiting list for them. Rock is gone so not a problem anymore. Never had ich or any other diseases as far as I know. I have not introduced anything into my tank in a long while. Clownfish: eats everything, have had for 6+ years. Very friendly and goofy fish. 2.5-3 inches $5 SOLD Yellowtail damsel: have had since I started the tank. (8 yrs) Inquisitive lil guy, eats everything. 2 inches or so. Free to a good home with another purchase. SOLD Lemonpeel Angel: love this guy! Definitely my favorite fish. He is sassy and makes funny little grunting noises when another fish swims into his home behind the rocks. Have never seen him pick at the soft corals I've had. Very picky with dry food, but he eats nori and frozen foods without issues. About 4 inches. Have had for 5+ years. $25 SOLD Christmas Wrasse (indo pacific): Pretty much your typical wrasse, voracious eater that eats everything especially meaty stuff. He sleeps in the sand so you will need some. About 4 inches or so. Have had for 5+ years. $20 SOLD Check follow up post below for more stuff.
  4. icel

    New goodies for 55g corner tank

    love that ricordia!
  5. icel

    Distiller recommendations

    I know most people use RO/DI but from my understanding distilled water is pretty much the same thing. My family was looking for a distiller for both drinking water and for the reef tank. If anyone can shed some light on which ones are better or want to give their opinion on RO/DI systems vs. distillers I would appreciate it Thanks
  6. icel

    Is this aiptasia?

  7. icel

    Is this aiptasia?

    I bought a rock with yellow polyps and purple xenia around a month ago, the xenia was doing great, it was even spreading..that is until yesterday, when it completely disappeared off the rock out of nowhere. It was a pretty good sized patch, maybe like 3-4 inches across and now it's completely gone. Last week I noticed this small weird pinkish-brownish thing on the same rock, and three days later a same one two feet away in a place with strong current appeared: Kind of has a lotus flower shape to it w/ triangular-ish tentacles. Is this aiptasia? If not what else could it be. Thanks.
  8. icel

    Normal behavior?

    When i got my wrasse it dove into the sand and was gone for a good week, hiding in the sand doing nothing. Then one day I woke up and he was cruising around the tank looking for pods like if nothing had happened. So I wouldnt worry just yet.
  9. icel

    Colt vs. Leather

    I will try that sometime! Seems a little barbaric though LOL
  10. icel

    Colt vs. Leather

    So less than a week ago i got this rock about the size of two golf balls with both medium sized colt coral and a leather coral. I didn't notice any problems with them even though they seemed to be pretty close to each other. I've moved it around several times to try to find a good spot for it with med flow. Well now they have both opened up and I think the leather twisted itself somehow and the head is closer to the colt coral. No matter how i position the rock, they both end up near each other. I have no idea how they weren't touching each other at the LFS. The colt looks fine, but i noticed that the part of the leather that are brushing up against the colt are swollen and closed up. Do I have no choice but to break the rock in two and separate them? Any suggestions on how to do that without damaging either? Or what else can i do. Thanks
  11. icel

    Justice For Caylee

    "Innocent unless proven guilty."
  12. icel

    Anyone kept a marine beta?

    I just got mine the day before yesterday. They are absolutely stunning. While I obviously can't tell you much since I've only had mine for a short time, the main thing is that before buying one make sure that it is eating. They can be very hard to get to eat. But once they are, they are a very hardy fish. Also make sure that you have several caves in your tank where it can hide it. They are slow moving, so if you have a lot of flow in your tank they won't like it, and due to that you might need to spot feed it. They also have very good eyesight. They will notice your face and turn to look at you directly. Here's mine: Good luck!
  13. icel

    Get well soon Patrick

    I went by today and it seems like the store is almost done. They are technically open, but most of the tanks are empty and they are still working on it. The store looks really nice, it is about double the size as the old one! And I was told that Patrick will still be out for another month, and that he is going to do physical therapy.
  14. icel

    Get well soon Patrick

    When will/Is the move over yet? And is Patrick better? I keep on trying to call in but it seems like the phone is disconnected.
  15. I just got my lights today! They are the 48" long ones. I am really impressed with them. They bring out the colors of the fish and live rock nicely. There is a really cool shimmering effect. I think one fixture is enough for a 55 gallon because they are pretty narrow, but you might need 2 or more if you have a bigger tank. About them being "Reef Capable," I don't think they're enough for SPS. But that doesn't matter to me since I like LPS more, and these lights are enough for them. Right now I only have a couple of mushrooms and they seem happier already. I'm going to upgrade my ph's and get different LPS and see how they do. Actinic lights are on right now. Wrasse is hiding because he is confused by the blue lights, but looks cool under them.