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  1. fishoutawater

    Meeting is tomorrow !!

  2. fishoutawater

    CNC Rock Flower Picking Order!

    I'm in a good spot. Awesome!
  3. fishoutawater

    Our staff is amazing! Welcome our newest member!

    How cool! What a great team!
  4. Two please. I’m the guy who has probs with PayPal.
  5. Please put me down on the list
  6. fishoutawater

    Free blue polyp montipora chunks

    Won’t be able to make it down there sorry about that.
  7. fishoutawater

    This fish needs a name...

    Johnny weir Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. fishoutawater

    Free blue polyp montipora chunks

    Where do you live? Going to the mountain today. Could stop by on the way home.
  9. fishoutawater

    Free blue polyp montipora chunks

    I would like a chunk
  10. fishoutawater


    What a beautiful tank!
  11. fishoutawater

    March meeting at Holly's!

    Really looking forward to this. I’ll be there.
  12. fishoutawater

    January 2018 Meeting at The Premium Aquarium

    I’ve never been. Looking forward to going!
  13. fishoutawater

    What do you do?

    I’ve been a chef for 23 yrs started in restaurants and hotels in San Francisco. When we moved here in 2005. I worked as a corporate chef for a food management company. As of two years ago I’m a chef for a local hospital.
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  15. fishoutawater

    Happy Birthday MattV and DanielLu!!

    Happy Birthday to you two!!!
  16. fishoutawater

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Holidays!!
  17. fishoutawater

    Happy Birthday Jeff!!

    Happy Birthday Jeff!!!
  18. fishoutawater

    Happy Birthday Gil&Fin

    Happy Birthday Holly,,,,🤗
  19. fishoutawater

    New to saltwater

    Welcome Manny! This is a great club and the forums are a great resource.
  20. fishoutawater

    December 2017 Holiday Meeting Pics

    I look forward to the next meeting. Awesome thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. fishoutawater

    December 2017 Holiday Meeting Pics

    I always enjoy seeing the photos from our meetings. Thank you Bert! What a great turnout. Great location too.
  22. fishoutawater

    Well I guess I'm back... Again haha

    Great pics
  23. fishoutawater

    Frags available at the holiday party tomorrow

    I would like the big digi and the mushroom please.
  24. fishoutawater

    Share the love: Idaho Grape Montipora

    I would like one.