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  1. I will call Jeff soon. Pictures are not done yet. Will try on tonight.
  2. I would like to get $35 dollars for this fish. Obo
  3. Thank you for the clarification. I remember Critter Cabana before the fire.
  4. Nice Job Robert. It was nice meeting you. Thank you for the corals. I actually talked with a lot of people that day.
  5. I have a bunch of baby leather corals ( devil's hand) that i would like to share. Anybody interested.
  6. I feel very lucky to have seen Holly's tanks. The display tank is pristine Her two anemone tanks are awesome. Holly's most amazing tank is her anenome tank. I could'nt even begin to count how many she has in there. She gave me a new perspective on where I can go with this hobby. ROCK ON HOLLY! .
  7. I'm proud to be part of this club. Good Job Everyone.
  8. Welcome back. I thought about getting out the other day, but I went and bought some acro frags instead.
  9. My wife and I arrived late. Had a great time. Metup with the group in the back room of the saltwater tank displays ( the big room).
  10. How awesome. I have been wanting to go to the Portland aquarium for awhile. Nice job!
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