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  1. fishoutawater

    Fellow reefer who needs our help

    Sorry, Holly! Wrong key punch Congrats.
  2. fishoutawater

    Fellow reefer who needs our help

    Awesome photo Molly.
  3. fishoutawater

    WTS - Aquarium Equipment

    Pm me please if you do. Thanks.
  4. fishoutawater

    WTS - Aquarium Equipment

    Do you have an overflow box for sale?
  5. fishoutawater

    WTB overflow box

    I am interested in an overflow box for my 20 gallon bowfront.
  6. Great behind the scenes tour. I learned a lot. Some really smart set- ups in the labs. We have an awesome club. Our Prez is a man of conviction. The VP is always there to get the shot, and get the job done. Emerald brought some really good and healthy treats to the BBQ. Nice meeting you. Eclipse thank you for the love cakes. Holly makes these chocolate chip cookies that are delicious. What a great day.
  7. fishoutawater

    Another post about HMSC & Potluck/BBQ

    Thank you for the info.
  8. I am going to bring something to eat just don't know what.
  9. My wife and I will be going. Thanks for organizing this.
  10. fishoutawater

    Announcing PNWMAS New Vice President

    Awesome!!! Congratulations.
  11. fishoutawater

    Share the love - 1p+ GB Yowser's

    share the love
  12. fishoutawater

    Warm Welcome to Our New Sponsor

    I try to go once a week. Welcome Christian!!!
  13. fishoutawater

    Which looks better.

    I think 3 looks best.
  14. fishoutawater

    Crazy tanks

  15. fishoutawater

    7 pounds of brand new sand FREE

    I am interested
  16. fishoutawater

    Free damsels need a new home

    Hey, how big are they?
  17. fishoutawater

    hello! & hi to all friends!

    Welcome Lex!
  18. fishoutawater

    April Meeting 2015 Bob Fenner Presentation

    Thanks for everything Robert.
  19. All I know is that I will never be late to a meeting again! The raffle was going when I arrived. It was the best raffle yet! Good to see Robert. Nice seeing Holly.
  20. fishoutawater

    Andy's 10 Gallon Experiment

    This a great thread.
  21. fishoutawater

    TECO Zoa\Paly Grow Out 2015

    I will be at the meeting
  22. fishoutawater

    TECO Zoa\Paly Grow Out 2015

    Thanks for doing all this Robert,
  23. fishoutawater

    TECO Zoa\Paly Grow Out 2015

    Yes I am still in.
  24. fishoutawater

    TECO Zoa\Paly Grow Out 2015

    I want in.
  25. fishoutawater

    Red head solor fairy wrasse

    I will call Jeff soon. Pictures are not done yet. Will try on tonight.